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digital scale

digital scales
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digital scales
lab scales

Portable digital scale is battery operated and NTEP approved - ideal for use as a food scale or for legal for trade retail weighing. This electronic scale is attractive and functional for kitchen and food labs. The compact footprint accommodates a variety of counter sizes and the digital scale is lightweight and easy to use.

The CAS SW Series legal for trade and portion control electronic digital scales are recommended by food service equipment dealer and scale companies for their excellent dependability, quality, performance and value. Whether you need a legal for trade scale, class III electronic scale, NTEP approved balance, portion control scale, deli scale, fish scale, electronic food scale, food service scale, prep kitchen scale the CAS SW Series fits the bill.

CAS SW-1-5LB offers 5 lb weighing capacity and increments in 0.002 lb intervals. Additional weighing units include: kilograms 2 kg x 0.001 kg; grams 2000g x 1g or in ounces 80 oz x 0.05 oz.

This digital electronic scale comes with the AC Adapter for continuous use in your kitchen or for the outdoors operation like the roadside stand where power is not available the SW Series operates on six(6) D size batteries making it a versatile "weigh anywhere counter electronic scale".

Additional features include:

  • Weigh modes include lb/kg/g/oz switchable with front panel key.
  • Soft touch keys for ON/OFF, ZERO, TARE, UNIT.
  • Large 1" LCD display.
  • Indicators for ZERO, NET, STABLE, LOW BATTERY.
If you work in a food test kitchen consistency is the secret to a good recipe. Measuring by weight provides greater accuracy verses recipes outlined volumetrically in most situations for the kitchen. Humidity can affect volume; on a humid day, a cup of flour can weigh substantially more than on a dry day. A cup of nuts loosely poured compared to a cup tightly packed results in variations. That's why weighing ingredients can make a real difference in the outcome of your recipes.

Business owners can control costs and improve customer satisfaction. Sandwich shop owners can weigh out the meats so a customer can ever tell you the last sandwich had a lot more roast beef. The pizza shop and control cheese and topping cost plus make a consistent pizza customers can never feel short changed. Even ice-cream stands can weigh hand packed containers delivering equal amounts to all customers.

When implemented correctly a scale with pay for itself in no time improving the bottom line and customer satisfaction delivering a uniform product.

CAS 5 Pound NTEP Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
CAS 5 Pound NTEP Scale 5 lb 0.002 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Grams
  • KiloGrams
  • Legal For Trade
  • NTEP Class III
Comparable Scales

A&D Weighing SK-2000 deli scale - $228.75

A&D Weighing SK-5001 digital gram scale - $228.75

Ohaus Trooper TR3RS digital scale - $485.60

A&D Weighing EJ3000 digital scale - $301.00

Ohaus BW6TUS Dual display digital scale - $359.20

A&D Weighing SK-2000WP Stainless Steel - $399.99

A&D Weighing SK-5000WP Check Weighing - $399.99

Ohaus NTEP Approved CofC Scales - $358.40
MSRP: $225.00
YOU PAY $199.00
precision balance

CAS SW-1-5LB (SW-5) Legal for Trade Food Service Scale
PWB Discount Price CAS SW1 NTEP Scales $199.00
S&H via UPS ground $35.00
Capacity x Readability (lb) 5 lb x 0.002 lb
Capacity x Readability(kg) 2 kg x 0.001 kg
Capacity x Readability (g) 2000 g x 1 g
Capacity x Readability(oz) 80 oz x 0.05 oz
Weigh modes 4 weigh modes: pounds (lb), Kilogram (kg), grams (g), & ounces (oz)
Legal For Trade NTEP # Approval #99-002A1
NTEP Approved Class III Scale
Tare Tare full capacity
Auto-Power Feature Yes - 4 selections: Disable for continuous operation, power down 10 minutes no activity, 20 minutes or 30 minutes.
Operation temperature -10°C~40°C (14°F~104°F)
RH less than 85%
Scale Dimensions 10.23 (W) x 11.29 (D) x 5.39(H) (inches)
Weighing Platform 9.05" x 7.48" removable stainless steel pan
Weigh Sensor Load Cell
Display Liquid Crystal Display 5 digit, 1" height
Display Indicators Stable, Zero, Net, Battery
Power 6 D size batteries (not included) or
AC Adapter (included)
Battery Life (approx) Alkaline Dry Battery : 1000 hr
Manganese Battery : 500 hr
Power Consumption 0.25 Watts
Included Accessories AC adapter, manual
Optional Accessories Optional Rear Display is available for an additional $40.  If you want this option please order from our other web site
Warranty 12 months limited manufacturer warranty.
Warranty return to base - repair facility is in New Jersey
Net Weight 7.0 lbs
Shipping Weight 10 lbs
Place of Origin Korea
approved scale Brochure class 3 scale Download the brochure loaded with tons of information.
legal for trade scale User Manual portable scale Download the Instruction Manual loaded with tons of information.


legal for trade scale
Zero key, used to manually set the scale to 0.0
Tare key, used to enter or clear tare weight.
Unit key, used to convert the unit of weight
On/Off key, turn ON and Off the scale
Simple and easy to use.  The tactile switch keypads are raised so you'll know when you press the keypad and it pushes in.  Wearing gloves the tactile keypad allows you to feel the keys.

class 3 scale, legal for trade
Large display is easy to see and the digits are 1 inch in height.
deli scale
The 9.05" x 7.48" stainless steel pan is perfect for weighing produce, vegetables, candy, coffee, deli meats, seafood and more.
electronic digital scale
The CAS SW Series are made in Korea and during production the scale is calibrated in Korea, although no calibration report is included with the scale. Your acceleration of gravity with altitude and latitude is probably different than Korea and this effect weight measurement. So your scale may need to be calibrated to weigh accurately.

Also most Weights & Measures Inspectors or inspectors with the Department of Agriculture require the scale be calibrated before you can use the scale for commercial weighing. Their principle goal is to make sure your scale is reliable, accurate, and do not assist with fraud. The operator should be paid for what is sold and the buyer should  receive what they paid for. Some states will allow you to calibrate your own scale if you have the required calibration weights while other states require only a licensed scale company can perform calibration.

You want to investigate this before you purchase a scale and the specific requirements placing the scale in service. We recommend you contact your Weights & Measures Inspector and request the placed in service report (PISR) form to see the exact requirements.

Calibration weights are expensive and having a scale company perform calibration can easily cost over $100 and this is an expense you are completely responsible to pay out of your own pocket. CAS made a YouTube video on how to calibrate the CAS SW Series Portion Control Scale you can see HERE.

Select from 4 different models to meet your specific weighing needs


Ounces Grams Price

5 x 0.002 lb

80 x 0.05 oz 2000 x 1 g $199.00

10 x 0.005 lb

160 x 0.1 oz 5000 x 2 g $199.00

20 x 0.01 lb

400 x 0.2 oz 10000 x 5 g $199.00

50 x 0.02 lb

800 x 0.5 oz 20000 x 10 g $199.00

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