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digital scales
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The SK-1000WP offers weighing capacity up to 2.2 pounds and increments in 0.001 lb intervals.  At a press of the button the scale also weighs in grams up to 1000 grams in 0.5g divisions.  That's basically the sensitivity for the scale to pick up the weight for a standard paper clip.  The scale only weighs in grams and decimal pounds and does not weigh in ounces.

This is the perfect scale for weighing spices or use it for grading shrimp.  The Titan SK1000-WP is ideal for harsh environments such as food processing, meat and fish markets, chemical and outdoor use.  Washable and corrosion free has always been a challenge culinary market and the Titan SK-WP has conquered this obstacle.  In the past food and fishing industries had mechanical scales that looked dirty and corroded.

The trend is to use digital scales to replace mechanical dial scales for accurate and faster weighing not only for food industries but also for all other industries all over the world.


  • Full Washdown IP-65/NEMA4 rated
  • Stainless Steel Body and Weighing Pan
  • 1/2500 Resolution
  • Large 1 inch, 7 segment LCD display
  • Large removable square weighing pan - 9" x 7.5" (W x D)
  • Rugged construction
  • Proven, accurate strain gauge loadcell technology
  • Overload stops located in all four corners to help avoid damage due to compression and tension.
  • Portable - uses 6 "D" batteries [not included or optional AC Adapter (power transformer is not waterproof)]
  • Net weight & Stability Indicator
  • Separate Keys for Power and Re-Zero
  • Auto Power Off (5 min.) to preserve battery life
  • Low Battery Indicator (advance notice to change batteries)
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) certified
  • NTEP / Type Approved / Legal for Trade
  • Temperature Compensated (for use near ovens or in refrigerated areas)
  • Full Scale Push button Tare/Zero
  • Separate Keys for Power and Re-Zero

A&D Weighing SK-1000WP Washdown Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing SK-1000WP Washdown Scale 2 lb 0.001 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • Grams
  • Legal For Trade
  • Washdown
  • NTEP Class III
  • NSF Approved
Comparable Scales

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A&D Weighing HL-3000WPN waterproof scale - $336.00

A&D Weighing SK-1000 herb weighing scale - $228.75

A&D Weighing SK-1000D coffee scale - $256.95

A&D Weighing SF-6KB Type Approved - $367.95

A&D Weighing SG-6KA Coldcuts Scale - $367.95

Ohaus Legal for Trade Scales - $317.10

Ohaus BW6TUS Dual display digital scale - $359.20

A&D Weighing SK-2000WP Stainless Steel - $399.99

A&D Weighing SK-5000WP Check Weighing - $399.99

A&D Weighing SK10KWP Class III Scale - $399.99

A&D Weighing SK20KWP Waterproof Scale - $399.99

Ohaus D51XW100HL2 Defender NTEP Scale - $1587.20

Ohaus RA6US Retail Scale LFT - $289.80
MSRP: $475.00
YOU PAY $399.99
A&D Electronic Portable Washdown Scales
Digital Portable Scales
TITAN SK-WP is a breakthrough in design in all aspects.  Best of all it looks great and stylish.  It can sit comfortably next to stainless steel kitchenware or silverware.  No one would hesitate to use this scale in a fashionable, first class restaurant or coffee shop sitting next to a fancy espresso machine. 

The SK-WP is a washdown scale from head-to-toe when operated on batteries.  The scale can also be operated on an optional AC adapter, but the transformers is not waterproof.  A&D will not warranty scales damaged due to water getting into the AC adapter terminal if the grommet is not installed properly when the AC Adapter is plugged into the scale.
Checkweighing Scales
Deli Scales

A&D SK-1000WP Legal for Trade Portable Washdown Scale
Your Cost Stainless Steel Water Resistent Scale $399.99
S&H via UPS Ground $32.50
Gram (g)
1000 x 0.5g
Pounds (lb)
2.2 x 0.001 lb
1 g
Repeatability/Std. Dev.
0.5 g
Tare Range
To capacity by subtraction
Net Weight (Approx.)
Approx. 2.9 kg / 6.4 lb
Pan Size
232mm (W) x 192mm (D)
9.13" (W) x 7.56" (D)
25mm / 0.98 inches, 7 segment LCD
Legal for Trade
266mm (W) x 280mm (D) 150mm (H)
10.5" (W) x 11" (D) x 5.75" (H)
6 'D' size batteries (not included) or 110V AC Adapter (optional $49.00 - power transformer is not waterproof)
Battery Life Approx.
600 hours (manganese type)
1200 hours (alkaline at 20C / 68F)
Operating Temperature
-10C~40C / 14F~104F
RH less than 85%
Calibration Weight (optional)
Grocery ScalesBrochure Electronic Food Scales Click Here To Download For More Info
Digital Food ScalesData Brief Portable Washdown Scales Download For Additional Specifications
Download the SK-WP Series Instruction Manual (1.94 MB) now Electronic Washdown Scales 
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

A&D SK-WP/SK-WPZ Series Washdown Scales
Download the User Manual (2.0 MB)

(select the model & any of the options below and then click the "BUY HERE" image)
Stainless Steel Washdown Food Scales


AC Adapter 110 V (Sold Separately) $49.00

   Digital Washdown Scales Digital Scale Digital Scales Washdown Scales
This is just a partial listing of the cal masses we offer. See the full listing here.

1kg ASTM Class 1(± 2.5 mg) cal mass $185.00
2kg ASTM Class 1(± 5 mg) cal mass $230.00
5 kg ASTM Class 1 (± 12 mg) cal mass $385.00
1000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 100 mg) mass $40.00
2000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 200 mg) mass $60.00
5000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 500 mg) mass $100.00

Stainless Steel Scales   Water-Proof Scales
Confectionery companies use the TITAN HV/W-WP series and SK-WP series for their R&D, Production and QC applications, because the IP-65 rating for dust and waterproof application of these models is very important for the customer in keeping within HACCP limits for their safe food manufacturing purposes, since they work well even in environments with high powder and particle conditions.  Weighing raw materials such as flour, cacao, milk, sugar, butter, oil and so on, and the SK-WP for weighing contents and toppings to control the weight of the confectionery.

Food ScalesHACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is getting popular in the food industries as a means of hygienic quality control for safe food.  (If you have not heard of HACCP before, please visit for further information.)  Cleaning the SK-WP scale every day after use by alcohol to disinfect and protect the scale from contamination, as per HACCP rules.  For this reason, the stainless steel case body of the scales is ideal for their needs.  Some other portion control scales are constructed with a plastic housing and the quality of the plastic is rough and more prone to bacteria verses the smooth stainless steel housing of the AND SK-WP Series.

Outstanding dust and waterproof features which make them ideally suited for compliance with HACCP guidelines

Compare the competition.  Whether it's the Edlund EFS, Detecto AP, Doran or PPC Accu-Weigh by Yamato and we think you'll agree the A&D SK-WP offers more features for less money.  Maybe that is why A&D's motto is ...Clearly a Better value."
Kitchen Scales
Select the digital scale that meets your specific weighing needs

Capacity x Readability

NTEP Price

1000 g x 0.5 g | 2.2 lb x 0.001 lb

YES $399.99

2000 g x 1 g | 4.4 lb x 0.002 lb

YES $399.99

5000 g x 2 g | 11 lb x 0.005 lb

YES $399.99
SK-5001WP 5000 g x 1 g (Grams Only) NO $399.99
SK-10KWP 10 kg x 0.005 kg | 22 lb x 0.01 lb
YES $399.99
SK-20KWP 20 kg x 0.01 kg | 44 lb x 0.02 lb YES $399.99
SK-2000WPZ 2000 g x 1 g | 4.4 lb x 0.002 lb
4 lb 6 oz x 0.1 oz | 4 lb 6oz x 1/16 oz
NO $399.99
SK-5000WPZ 5000 g x 2 g | 11 lb x 0.005 lb
11 lb x 0.1 oz | 11 lb x 1/8 oz
NO $399.99
SK-20KWPZ 20 kg x 0.01kg | 44 lb x 0.02lb
44lb x 1oz
NO $399.99
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