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digital scales
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This is a workhorse of an analytical balance for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, and water treatment markets. Being easy to use while possessing excellent specifications, you cannot go wrong with this model. It gives fast, stable readings which will allow you to process more weight readings in any given period of time. All this and it is 100% Made in the USA, not China, like most all of our competitors' products.

Scientech Zeta Series offers a revolutionary weighing technology with a patent pending that no other balance manufacturer can match. This weigh sensor found only in the Zeta Series offers a very fast response time with excellent repeatability and linearity weighing results. Many of our customers say that the Zeta models are quicker and far more stable than other brand competitor's models implementing a lever designed weigh cell.

Many people call us with the question - what is the best balance to buy? This is so simple now with the Zeta Series since it is all in the weighing sensor design and the company that builds the balance.

Another deciding factor on selecting a balance to buy is the issue of repairability. Many of the balances on the market can't be repaired if you put an excessive load on the weighing pan, but you can with Scientech and at a REASONABLE price. High quality, high performance, and low cost, are the issues that make us say Scientech offers truly a real value over all other brands.

Here are some additional reasons why Scientech is your Measure of Confidence:

  • 100% American owned and operated for over 4 decades
  • All products 100% Made in the USA
  • Patent pending on our Zeta weighing technology that is repairable.
  • Very robust weighing sensor with, Excellent linearity and Superior repeatability
  • New 5-year North American warranty on Zeta models
  • Compact foot print
  • Very large LCD display with larger numerals
  • State-of-the-art (ISO9001) registered manufacturing plant in Boulder, Colorado
  • TQC (Total Quality Control) manufacturing
  • Five-day turnaround for factory service. When you call Scientech at 303-444-1361 within 1 phone call you'll speak with the people who made your balance.
  • Various voltage configurations available for no extra charge
  • All models manufactured to UL/CSA/CE conformity standards
  • Expansive list of standard features
  • We feel Scientech offer the best customer & product support in the industry. Customer satisfaction is their primary goal.
  • Scientech will listen to the customer's needs especially for OEM applications. If you're looking for just the weigh cell without the case for a custom application give us a call at 978-521-7095 and we can quote you at affordable prices.
Scientech is synonymous with high quality, accuracy, durability, and user-friendly standard features. All models possess Scientech's exclusive real time temperature compensation software, enabling the scale to yield accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrate the scale as the ambient temperature varies.

Click here to see comparisons of all ZSA Series models.

Scientech Zeta ZSA120 Balance

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Scientech Zeta ZSA120 Balance 120 g 0.0001 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Milligrams
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • KiloGrams
  • Parts Counting
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

Scientech lab balance SA-120 - $2350.25

A&D Weighing GH-120 analytical balance - $2832.00

A&D Weighing lab balance HR120 - $1863.00

Ohaus DV114C lab balance - $3672.85

Sartorius cubis analytical MSE124S-100-DU - $4909.50

Sartorius Secura124-1S analytical - $2806.95

Adam Equipment PW124 Lab Balance - $1645.00

Sartorius ENTRIS124-1S Lab Balance - $1462.40

Other Brands 21 Pc Weight Set Class 1 - $2059.00

A&D Weighing HR100AZ 4 Decimal Balance - $1725.00

A&D Weighing HR-150A scientific balance - $1478.00

A&D Weighing HR-250A analytical lab - $1605.00

A&D Weighing AD1683 Static Eliminator - $1095.00

Sartorius Practum 124-1S analytical - $1638.93

Ohaus analytical balance EX124 - $3528.35

Sartorius Quintix 124-1S analytical lab balance - $2501.21

Ohaus PA224 Pioneer Lab Balance - $1959.25

Sartorius Cal-pak calibration weight set 100g, 10g, 20mg - $331.00
MSRP: $1895.00
YOU PAY $1795.00
Please note that the Zeta Series exclusively from Scientech has a weighing sensor with a suspension system which cannot be broken by customer abuse or by dropping a weight onto the weighing pan. As you might know, the highest failure mode for any analytical balance (0.1mg) is a broken suspension system due to them having fragile pivots, pullers, flexures, or bearings. Then when any weight is dropped on the weighing pan (this is called shock loading) or by user misuse, these fragile pivots, pullers, flexures, bearing will break. The way competitor brands try to handle this concern is to state that they have "overload" protections. However, overload protection does not protect against shock loading or customer abuse. Therefore, the damaged scale is not covered under warranty and you are forced to pay high repair charges.

Click the play button below and the streaming video sells the balance itself. 
The closest we have seen to an Unbreakable Balance.  Please don't try this with your Mettler Balance or Ohaus Balance since we think it might break. The performance depicted in the video can only be achieved when you choose the Scientech Zeta Series for your next lab balance. This is the ZETA Series and this demonstration was shown at Pittcon 2006.

(Std Dev)
WEIGHING MODES grams(g), kilograms(kg), milligrams(mg), pounds(lb), carats(ct), pennyweights(dwt), troy ounces(ozt), and ounces(oz) and a custom weight register (programmed when you buy the balance)
DATA INTERFACE Standard RS232C bi-directional interface.  Baud rates of 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
PAN SIZE Circular 3.5" Diameter
POWER SUPPLY 100-240 VAC (47-63Hz) with 115 volt wall connector linecord
WINDSCREEN (inches) Standard rectangular (7.5W x 8.25D x 9.5H) Entire draft shield can be removed by simply removing 4 screws.
HOUSING (inches) 7.5W x 11.25D x 3.25H
Standard Accessories Manual, AC Adapter, RS-232C data interface
Optional Accessories Rechargeable battery kit, External Calibration mass, Printer
External Calibration Mass (optional) 100g
Warranty 5 year manufacturer limited warranty within North America from the date of delivery

Download the Instruction Manual (1.2 MB) now download manual  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

Scientech ZSA Analytical Balances

(select the model & any of the options to the right and then the "BUY HERE" image)

Optional Calibration Weights
  External Weights Weighing Mass Mass Weights External Calibration

100g ASTM Class 2 (± 0.50 mg) with NO Cert $72.00
100g ASTM Class 1 (± 0.25 mg) with NO Cert $92.00
100g ASTM Class 1 (± 0.25 mg) with NVLAP Cert $145.00
1mg-100g 21 Piece Class 1 Weight Set with NVLAP Cert $2059.00
9 pc. Weight Set (100 g - 1 g) Class 1 with NVLAP $1095.00
Cal-Paks 100g, 10g, and 20mg Class 1 with NVLAP $337.00
Cal-Paks 100g, 10g, and 200mg Class 1 with NVLAP $331.00
Cal-Paks 100g, 10g, 2g Class 1 with NVLAP $355.00

Add Motorized Internal Calibration for ease of calibration $500.00
Add Below Balance Weighing to conduct specific gravity and density measurements $200.00
Battery Kit, 115V Rechargeable (incl. charger, battery & inverter) $395.00
Foot Switch - TARE [factory installed] $250.00
Foot Switch - SEND DATA [factory installed] $250.00
Printer, dot matrix, RS232 with interconnecting cable $695.00
Custom weight register "A" (specify desired unit of measure) $40.00
density determination kit for balancesCable, 6' null modem, for connecting to PC's (DB9 male to DB9 female) $50.00
Cable, 6' null modem, for connecting RS232 serial printers (DB9 male to DB25 male) $50.00
Dust Cover for ZSA models $45.00
Low Cost Aftermarket Universal Specific Gravity Kit $139.95
AD-1683 - Static Eliminator $1095.00
WinWedge Std Software Wedge for Windows $259.00

What is so great about this weighing sensor?  Here is the explanation for how the Zeta Series sensor differs from all other balances on the market today.

Weighing cells use a parallel guidance system in conjunction with some type of detector, ie. an electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) detector or a strain gauge detector.  The advantage of the EMFR detectors is high resolution.  The disadvantages are its lever, couplers, and flexures that can be easily damaged or broken, which results in costly repairs.  The advantage of the strain gauge detectors is that they are rugged.  The disadvantages are its poor resolution. 

The Zeta Series bridges the gap between the EMFR detectors and the strain gauge detectors.  Each Zeta model has high resolution since is it an EMFR detector but also it is very rugged since it does not have a lever, couplers, or flexures.

The foundation for this new technology is based on a direct-loading weighing cell concept, which differs dramatically from a normal lever or mono block sensor design.  When used in combination with Scientech's unique and unequalled displacement detection system and digital servo, the result is a high quality, weighing sensor offering speed, accuracy and repeatability you demand for your weighing application.

The Zeta Series is one of the most robust balances on the market and will not normally suffer suspension damage during shipment like many other brand balance are exposed to especially with all the rough handling with the shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS.  Unlike other competitor brands Scientech balances can be repaired.  Typical turn around is within 5-business days.  We can't list that other brand name balance since they will file a lawsuit against us but ask them - can your balance be repaired if the weigh cell is damaged?  You'll be surprised when they tell you NO and you need to buy a new balance but that is not the case with Scientech.

Select from 5 different Zeta Analytical Balances to meet your specific weighing needs

Cap x Read (g)

Pan Size Power Price

80 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter AC Only $1695.00

120 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter AC Only $1795.00

210 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter AC Only $1845.00

100 x 0.0001
200 x 0.001

3.5" diameter AC Only $1795.00

50 x 0.00001

3.5" diameter AC Only $3849.95
Precision Weighing Balances is an Authorized Scientech Dealer.  All Scientech Balances are made in Boulder, Colorado.  Support American jobs an buy Scientech.  The beauty of buying Scientech is if you ever have a problem with your balance you can speak with the same people who built your balance.  In the unlikely event you need to repair your balance Scientech offers a Five-day turnaround for factory service.

lab balance
scientech lab balances

analytical balanceThe ON/OFF button is located in the upper left corner of the balance's front panel.  When the balance is ON the balance automatically runs a power-up self check.

analytical scaleThe RANGE/FUNCTION Button:
Single Range Balance Models:

Pressing the RANGE/FUNCTION button begins the following menus cycle:
PCS Front panel parts counting
HI OK LO Checkweighing
CAL 1 Auto calibration
CAL 2 Linearity
scientech Live animal weighing
% - percent weighing

To select the desired function, press the MODE switch when it appears on the display.
Note: Front panel parts counting is not available with bi-directional RS-232 enabled.

lab balance

The ZERO Buttons:

There are two (2) ZERO buttons.  Pressing either button at any time returns the display to zeros.  When a weighing that has been zeroed out is removed from the weighing pan, a negative reading is displayed.  To return the display to zeros, press one of the ZERO buttons.
high precision weighingThe MODE Button:

Pressing the MODE button starts the unit of weight cycle as follows: grams(g), kilograms(kg), milligrams(mg), pounds(lb), carats(ct), pennyweights(dwt), troy ounces(ozt), and ounces(oz).  When the desired unit of weight appears, press the MODE button a second time to select that unit of weight.

An optional, factory installed, user specified, custom unit of measure is available.  If you have this special unit of measure feature in your balance, (A) appears in the unit of weight cycle after ounces.  Press the MODE button to select this function.
zeta laboratory scaleThe SEND Button:

Pressing the SEND button sends the information on the balance's display to an external device via the RS-232 interface.

Note: Scientech balances are DTE (computer) devices.  If communicating to another DTE device (ie computer), a Scientech RS-232 cable, PN11897, or normal null modem cable is required.  If you are communicating to a DCE device (printer), a serial cable is required.  Scientech offers a serial cable for your convenience.

You may send the time and date along with the weight reading when you press the SEND button or you may send weight readings automatically at user specified time periods (see the Bi-directional RS-232 Command Set, Type 4 Commands section for details).  Weight readings may also be sent to a computer or printer continuously every 200 milliseconds (see the RS-232 Front Panel Configuration section for details).  Weight readings may be sent automatically when the balance reaches stability (see Selectable Filters section). An optional, factory installed, remote foot send switch is also available.
scientech zeta balance
Capacity Tracker
weighing capacity indicatorThis dynamic graphical display automatically depicts the used and unused portions of your weighing range.  The tracker is indispensable in taring out container weight and then weighing several components sequentially.  You always know how much capacity remains.

Each segment represents 10% of the balance's total capacity.  As 10% of the balance's capacity is used the first segment will illuminate.  As 20% of the balance's capacity is reached the second segment will light and so on.
Stability Indicator
scientech weighing balanceThe balance tells you when the reading is valid, insuring reliable results.  Stability sensitivity is user selectable which allows you to customize your balance setup.  You may disable the indicator at any time.
Check Weighing
checkweighing balanceHere is Scientech's answer to a go/no-go weight gauge.  The balance tells if your sample weight is too high, too low, or OK.  Interpretive error is eliminated.  This application is ideal for JIT environments where quality of each sample must be assured.
Percent Weighing
percent weighingBy quickly selecting the % mode, you are able to weigh a sample in percent in order to easily determine percent moisture loss, percent solids, or compounding by percent.
Parts Counting
parts counting scaleYou can even use a Scientech balance for piece counting.  Every model empowers you to count very small to large components quickly and accurately.  The minimum fixed sample number is ten with a user selectable larger sample size feature at your fingertips.
Vibration Filters
high accuracy balanceThis feature authorizes you to select a filter setting which is best suited to your task.  If your surroundings are vibration-free, set the filtering to low which yields results in the fastest possible time.  In more adverse conditions, select either the normal or high filter parameter.  These selections will insure reliable readings during your different weighing applications.
Units of Measure
These multifunctional balances present a choice of eight different standard units of measure: grams (g), carats (ct), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), pennyweight (dwt), milligrams (mg), kilograms (kg), and pounds (lb).  Just push the mode button to select your desired unit of measure.  Also available as an option is a custom weight register which allows any unit of measure you wish.
Live Animal Weighing
animal weighing balanceWeighing using the time averaging mode is ideal for live animal or severe environment weighing.  This feature also includes a reset function which allows you to arrive at the final weight reading in seconds rather than minutes with
density determination kit for balancesScientech does not offer a density determination kit, but we Precision Weighing Balances offers a very low cost aftermarket universal specific gravity kit for $139.95.  You can read more about this product here and how it works.

Scientech claims you don't need a specific gravity kit to determine density by following the steps outline below in the following paragraphs.  We recommend purchasing the aftermarket density determination since it is more accurate.  Density is mass (grams) per unit volume (cubic centimeters).

In order to determine density of a solid, place a graduated flask with a known volume of water on the pan of the balance, zero the balance, and then place the solid in the flask of water.  Divide the displayed weight in grams by the increased volume of water.  The result is the mass per unit volume of the solid in g/cc.

To determine the density of a liquid, place an empty graduated flask on the balance weighing pan, zero the balance, then pour the liquid into the graduated flask.  Divide the displayed weight in grams by the volume of the liquid.  The result is the mass per unit volume of the liquid in g/cc.
optional specific gravity kit

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