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digital scales
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Seca 374 baby weighing scale makes both accurate weighing and the means to send that information quickly possible via with wireless transmission. Transmit the weight measurement wirelessly if you have the Seca 360° wireless network at your medical practice. Weighing infants up to 44 lbs (20 kg), precision weighing is made possible with the HOLD and TARE functions that allow you to get accurate weighting before and after removing the baby from the scale. Solid surfaces prevent liquid penetration, eliminating cross contamination. Seca 360 degree wireless network makes it possible to transmit weight information quickly and securely. The press of a key on the Seca 374 can send every measurement to a optional Seca wireless printer or directly to your PC with the Seca's optional analytics 115 software.

Seca models 374 and 703 have the ability for Health Level Seven (HL7) applications in medical setting which require weight, height and BMI to be transmitted to their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) network. Seca medical knows that the future of the medical industry will require records to be kept on one national network transmitted with the HL7 protocol using Electronic Medical Record software, such as Allscripts, Medi-tech, Nexgen, Epic and E-clinical. Mechanical beam balances will soon be rendered obsolete as the next generation of smart scales like the Seca 374 and 703 have the capability to transmit weight, height and BMI measurements to the EMR network using HL7 protocol.

Health Level Seven (HL7) is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) committed to producing protocol specifications for health data interchange, integration, storage and retrieval among diverse data acquisition, processing, and handling systems. Seca 374 can be sold for HL7 application meaning the scale meets the protocol standards for data interchange, integration, storage and retrieval which is necessary for providing outstanding healthcare services to patients.

Seca Model 374 Electronic digital all-purpose baby scale offers the doctor or visiting nurse a high precision, yet portable baby child scale.

Seca Medical 374 Digital Baby Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Seca Medical 374 Digital Baby Scale 22 lb 0.2 oz
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
Comparable Scales

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My Weigh MBSC UltraScale U-2 Baby Scale - $214.95

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MSRP: $595.00
YOU PAY $525.00
Seca 374 Wireless baby scale with extra large weighing tray
wireless baby scale
Seca 374 Wireless baby scale with large weighing tray
Our Price: $525.00
S&H (Lower 48 States): $ 13.00
Capacity/Resolution: 0 - 22 lbs x 0.2 oz
22-44 lbs x 0.5 oz
Capacity/Resolution: 0-10 kg x 5 g
10-20 kg x 10 g
Functions: PRINT, Overload protection, Auto-PRINT, TARE, Auto-clear, BMIF, Auto-HOLD, kg/lbs switch-over, Automatic switch-off, Wireless interface, SEND, RESET, Acoustic signals can be activated, Damping, Auto-SEND
Modes: LBS and KGS
Type: Baby Scale
Mfg part#: 3741321004
Color: White
Display LCD
Power: AC Adapter (OPTIONAL. Purchase below.)
or Battery (Included)
Dimensions: 24.5" x 7.5" x 14" Inches
Tray Dimensions: 24.5" x 2.7" x 12" Inches
Warranty: 2 Year
Usually Ships In: Within 24-72 hours
Scale Weight: 7 lbs
Shipping Weight: 17 lbs
baby scale Data Sheet: digital scale Download Brochure
infant scale User Manual: seca balance Download User Manual
Returns / Restocking Charges - The restocking fee is 25% for all Seca Products. Prior to placing an order for any Seca products we highly recommend you download the user manual and READ IT so you understand the product you are ordering. The manual typically shows any assembly required and how to operate the product. If you have additional questions it is always best to call us at 978-521-7095 and get those questions answered before placing the order since Seca has very hefty restocking fees and only accept returns if in the original packaging and in brand new re-sellable conditions. If the item has been used and/or you do not have ALL the original packing they will not accept the return. The original freight is not refundable and all authorized returns must be shipped to Seca, insured and freight prepaid. The Return Authorization number must be clearly marked on the shipping label and not written on the cardboard box. The scale manufacturers impose costly and burdening policies on us along with all other dealers and we are just trying to be fully transparent.

Seca 374 Digital Baby Scale with Large Weighing Tray
select the package and any options below then the "BUY NOW" image
Optional Accessories:
Seca 400 AC Adapter $65.00
Seca 418 Head and Foot positioners for Seca 374 $130.00
Seca 233 Measuring rod for Seca 374 $285.00
Communication Interface:

Seca 456 Seca 360 wireless USB adapter for data reception on PC $85.00

Seca 115 Analytics Software for 3 workstations $1111.00

Seca 465 Seca 360 wireless digital printer with wireless reception and analysis of measurements on thermal paper $575.00

Seca 466 Seca 360 wireless digital printer with wireless reception and analysis of measurements on thermal paper or labels $735.00
Printer Supplies:

Seca 4850050009 Thermal paper for Seca 465 & 466 printer 50 Roll (450 Labels a roll) $325.00

Seca 4860024009 Thermal labels for Seca 466 printer 50 Roll (450 Labels a roll) $575.00

The shell-shaped tray guarantees safety. The seca 374 holds babies safely and comfortably in the shell-shaped weighing tray, whose ergonomic form was designed especially with the weighing of infants in mind. The slightly raised sides make the baby feel safe and secure while preventing the baby from slipping off the scale.

TARE, HOLD and BMIF speed up the weighing process. Net weight of a diapered baby? Choose TARE. The amount of milk breast-fed to a baby? Use the BMIF (Breast-Milk-Intake-Function). Read the results after tending to the baby? No problem, thanks to auto-HOLD.

Toddler scale 374 has an extra large tray lets you weigh a seated toddler of up to 20 kg, even if the child is fidgety. Precise weighing is achieved using the adjustable damping function combined with the HOLD key. Net weight of a diapered baby? Choose TARE. The amount of milk breast-fed to a baby? Use the BMIF (Breast-Milk-Intake Function). Although the 374 scale features breast milk consumption the manual states accuracy at ± 10 g or ± 0.3% of weight on platform which might not be accurate enough (We recommend the Seca 727 for determining breast milk intake).

Weigh and measure in just one step? With the optional measuring rod Seca 233. Transmit the weight measurement wirelessly to the Seca 360° wireless network? Just press SEND! And you can do it wherever you like because the Seca 374 is operated by battery, so there’s no need for electrical outlets.

Wireless baby scale Seca 374 has adjustable damping, BMIF and HOLD functions. Scale 374 by Seca can send weight measurements securely and quickly to the Seca 360° wireless network at just the touch of a key.

Seca 374 infant scale's shell-shaped design is consistent with the high demands made on its multiple functions: suitable for babies and infants weighing up to 44 pounds (20 kg). Infant scale Seca 374 has a large tray provides maximum safety against the baby falling from the scale. Scale indicator has clear controls on the user interface which are located on the slightly raised, ergonomically formed side of the scale facing the user.

Large LCD scale display makes it quick and easy to determine the weight. Seca 374 has a further advantage in that it can also be operated using batteries and thus be used anywhere. Infant scale 374 by Seca is extremely robust, hygienic surface of high-quality plastic is easily and quickly cleaned.

Optional Seca 232 Measuring Rod
medical measuring rod

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