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digital scales
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500KL Digital Fitness Scale resembles the mechanical physician scales, but offers digital technology and additional functions. It features a strong aluminum column & large, low-profile non-skid platform making it a strong and durable fitness scale. Health O Meter 500 KL fitness scales also feature a user-friendly interface with Body Mass Index (BMI), Hold/Release, Zero, KG/LB, Clear, and Enter functions for additional functionality that a mechanical fitness scale can't offer.

Health O Meter 500 KL electronic fitness scales weigh up to 500 pounds and increment 0.2 pounds (220 kg x 0.1 kg). This digital medical scale also is equipped with wheels making the scale more portable than similar scales currently on the market. This digital fitness scale runs on 6 AA cell batteries (not included) or an AC adapter(scroll down the web page and you'll be able to order the adapter).

Health-O-Meter brand medical scales are top of the line scales widely used by professionals in the health care industry. Be careful of inexpensive generic models because when parts break, or an AC adapter is lost, you will need to throw them away due to lack of product support. Caveat emptor, cheap, generic, medical scales do not offer all the functions included in Health-O-Meter's 500KL digital fitness scale, such as BMI or EMR.

Health O Meter is the first physician scale manufacturer to provide an easy and complete solution for EMR developers and providers to integrate patient scales into their systems. This innovative software tool provides seamless communication between EMR applications and industry leading Health o meter Professional Medical Scales. Please scroll further down the web page to see the available OPTIONAL connectivity kits available at an additional cost for connection to certain Welch Allyn medical monitors.

EMR Integration Kit is easy to use by both clinician and developer. Seamlessly launched directly from an EMR system, this program adds weight to the list of critical vital signs available for automatic acquisition. This helps close a potential source of medication errors caused by incorrectly recording weight.

Healthometer 500KL electronic stand-on scale with eye level weigh indicator and features a USB interface for EMR connectivity. Since the 500KL comes standard with the height built into the column calculating and BMI (body mass index) is simple to perform.

You might have noticed the 500KL looks similar to the Healthometer 499KL and 498KL so let the scale experts at tell you the differences.

Healthometer 500KL has an eye level weigh indicator (floor to top of indicator is 53.6") and has built-in height rod in the scale column.

Healthometer 499KL has an waist high weigh indicator (floor to top of indicator is 43") and no height rod.

Healthometer 498KL has remote weigh indicator on a 6 foot cord that can be wall or desk mounted. There is no height rod included with the 498KL.

Health O Meter backs this fitness scale with has a 2 year limited manufacturer warranty. Some assembly is required and we highly recommend you download the user manual below to see the steps required to assemble the digital scale.

Healthometer 500KL Medical Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Healthometer 500KL Medical Scale 500 lb 0.2 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • USB
Comparable Scales

Healthometer ELEVATE-C EMRscale - $1012.00

Healthometer Low Cost 500 Pound Scale 498KL - $325.00

Healthometer 3001KL-AMUA Antimicrobial Scale - $2288.00

Healthometer 752KL Medical Scale - $495.00

Seca Medical 703 Digital Column Scale - $567.19

Seca Medical 763 Digital Medical Scale - $1156.55

Healthometer 1100KL Mobile Rail Scale - $1497.00

Healthometer 753 KL Legal for Trade Wrestling Scale - $695.00

Weigh South WSI-602 Doctor Scale - $299.99

Healthometer 597KL Physician Scale - $625.00

Healthometer 599KL Medical Scale - $535.00

Healthometer 600KL with Integral Digital Height Rod - $906.00
MSRP: $525.00
YOU PAY $425.00
Electronic Medical Scale
500KL Digital Fitness Scale, Eye Level Indicator with height rod
$425.00   electronic medical scale
S&H via Ground $40.00
Capacity x Readability 500 lb x 0.2 lb
Capacity x Readability 220 kg x 0.1 kg
Weigh Modes Pounds or Kilograms
Functions Body Mass Index (BMI), Hold/Release,Auto Zero, Auto Off, Clear, Enter
Height Rod Yes built into column. Measure heights 30-84 in 1/4 graduations
Display 1" LCD
Wheels Yes - equipped with 2 wheels to
move from room to room easily
Connectivity USB Only
EMR Connectivity Yes
Auto Off 2 minute auto-off (AC mode disabled)
Power 6 AA-cell batteries (included)
or 120V AC adapter ADPT31 (not included)
Platform Dimensions 13 3/4" (W) x 16 1/2" (D) x 2 3/8" (H)
with durable non-skid mat
Overall Dimensions 13.75" x 16.5" x 53.6"
Construction Strong Aluminum Column & Large, Low-Profile Non-Skid Platform
Warranty 2 Years Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight 25 lbs
Medical ScalesUser Manual Click here for manual. Contains operating instructions, assembly steps and parts list
doctor scalesProduct Brochure Click here for additional information
healthclub scalesEMR Systems Electronic Medical Record Systems
Healthometer Medical Scales CatalogHOM Scale Catalog Click here to see the complete line of Healthometer Healthclub Scales

Health-O-Meter 500KL Digital Fitness Scale

Check the optional accessories and then the "BUY NOW" image
electronic doctor scale
Optional Accessories:

AC Adapter $44.00
C-HOMWA-1 Connectivity Kit - to connect Healthometer digital scales to Welch Allyn Connex device $270.00
L-HOMWA-1 Connectivity Kit - to connect Healthometer digital scales to Welch Allyn Spot LXi Monitor $270.00

For additional information on connectivity for Allscripts, Midmark or Healthometers software development kit visit Healthometer's Connectivity Solutions

Healthometer Medical Scales

Health-O-Meter 500KL offers a new value in Professional Digital Scales.  Featuring the design profile of our classic beam scale, this new all-digital medical scale advances the Health o meter tradition of quality, reliability, and ease-of-use.  The 500KL electronic physician scale is full of features yet still offers an affordable price, meeting average consumers' budgets as well as doctors and physicians.

Features include:

  • Non-skid mat ensures safety
  • User friendly interface with full complement of digital functions including BMI
Digital personal weigher Health-O-Meter 500KL doctor scales are affordable medical scales full of features appealing to doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, acute-care and, long-term care facilities.

This digital physician scale offers a user-friendly digital interface which includes BMI (Body Mass Index), Hold/Release, Zero, KG/LB, Clear, and Enter functions.

Health-O-Meter's 500KL fitness scale operates on 6 AA batteries (included) or the OPTIONAL Healthometer ADPT31 AC Adapter

On the left, you can see the fitness scale's height rod (30”-84” x 1/4”) being raised as if it were about to be used to measure a person's height.

Fitness ScaleHealth O Meter 500KL Features:
  • 500 lb / 227 kg capacity, 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg increments
  • Large, low platform with non-skid mat for stability and easy access
  • Easy-read, 1" high LCD readout
  • User Friendly Interface Features:
    - BMI (easy scroll method)
    - Hold/Release, Zero, KG/LB, Clear, Enter functions
    - Auto-Zero, 2 minute auto-off (AC mode disabled), low battery indicator
  • Height rod (24”-84” x 1/4” / 76cm – 213cm x 1mm)
  • Overall Platform: 13 3/4"(W) x 16 1/2"(D)
  • Strong aluminium pillar
  • Upgradeable Firmware
  • EMR Connectivity via USB
  • 6 AA-cell batteries (included) or 120V AC adapter (not included)
Transferring the weight of the patient to a computer requires communications software that needs to be installed on a computer and does not come with the scale. For more information we recommend before you purchase the scale that you visit Healthometer's Connectivity Solutions for additional info on the available software development kit offered by Healthometer.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology is supported by 500KL medical scales from Healthometer, but the EMR software itself is not included, and requires a specialist to configure.  Precision Weighing Balances cannot offer these setup services.  It is the responsibility of your own facility to hire a 3rd party consultant, or have an in-house professional perform the installation.  Software setup is too complicated for the average computer user to install.

Close-up of the 500KL Fitness Scale's Indicator
Digital Health Scale

Health O Meter 500kl scale
obesity scale

In the video above learn more about Health o meter® Professional and the people behind the company. You'll see just some of the testing and design involved in making the Health o meter® Professional brand medical providers #1 choice.
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