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This moisture analyzer is widely used in food research facilities. Typically, moisture deteriorates foods and having a better understanding of the moisture content is critical for quality control purposes. Moisture levels are also critical for animal feed and dog food producers to maintain quality control. Additional applications would be to determine the amount of moisture in seafood such as scallops, ensuring that customers are paying for scallops that are not saturated in water. USDC inspectors sometimes inspect scallops and require you to classify if less than 80% as "dry", 80% to 84% as water was added to scallop product, or greater than 84% cannot be marketed.

Moisture content is important and there is a Federal Statute of Identity for food products that requires specific levels of moisture for example to be called macaroni. The finished macaroni product must contain not less than 87% solids. Most macaroni manufacturers shoot for 11% moisture since if the product is 13% moisture it will be refused. Many pasta companies buy the MA35 FDA version and set the moisture analyzer in Auto Mode at 125°C and the test takes between 10-15 minutes depending on the sample size. If the pasta is too dry then you are giving away product and if it is too wet the product is too fragile and breaks plus the shelf life is a lot less. The ability to determine moisture content is critical and allows you to make a consistent quality product..

MA35-FDA moisture balance has all the features of the Sartorius MA35 moisture balance except the glass window in the hood of the moisture balance has been replaced with aluminum blanks. Most people purchase the standard MA35 with the glass window since it allows them to watch the drying process but glass is not allowed on the production floor of most food plants. This MA35-FDA version meets the strict guidelines of the FDA and HACCP in the cases where glass is prohibited. If you can have glass in your food lab then the standard MA35 will cost you less money.

For most applications the Sartorius MA35 moisture balance is the best moisture analyzer when considering all the factors. The only exception that comes to mind would be for plastic applications or other substances where the moisture content readability of less than 0.01% is required. For moisture content test requiring readability to 0.001% we would recommend the MS70. PET plastic pellet measurement typically have very low percent moisture less than 0.300% moisture and needing readability to 0.001% and the MA35 moisture balance displays moisture content to only 0.01%.

Determining moisture in: powders used in some manufacturing process; the food industry for ingredients like flour, powdered milk, corn meal; ingredients for ice cream; the wastewater industry for percent solids in primary and secondary sludge then the MA35 moisture balance is a great choice.

The Sartorius MA35 moisture analyzer uses the latest weighing technology - the patented Double Lever System, or DLS, for short and is a magnetic force restoration weigh cell. The exclusive weigh sensor is only found in Sartorius balances and offers superior accuracy and repeatable weighing records with practically zero hystersis. Over the last few years we have seen many no name brands enter the moisture balance market and most are built with cheap strain gauge loadcells that are total JUNK.

Sartorius is a global leader in weighing instrumentation and has been building balances since 1871. The MA35 moisture analyzer uses a metal tubular heat source verses a halogen heating element found on most other brand moisture balances. Metal tubular offers a more gradual and even ramp up temperature in the heating chamber. On the other hand halogen offer fast ramp up temperature, but it is more prone to burning and degrading your sample thus provide inconsistent and false moisture content results.

Although the metal tubular design isn't the fastest design for drying to run the percent moisture test since metal tubular takes longer to heat up over halogen we feel it is the best method to determine moisture. Many people call and ask "how fast can I determine the moisture" when really they should be asking "how consistent and accurate are the results with this moisture analyzer over the competitor's moisture analyzer and our answer is always buy the Sartorius MA35 moisture balance.

Halogen is the cheapest heating element to manufacturer and the halogen bulbs burn out - thus generating service revenues. On many models you have to send the moisture balance to the manufacturer for a costly replacement. The metal tubular never really burn out or at least we have never had a customer call saying they needed to replace the Sartorius MA35 heating element. Since halogen cost less these moisture analyzers are typically less than the Sartorius, but in the long run for downtime and repair cost to replace the heating element the Sartorius will cost you less to operate.

Also halogen consistently overshoots the temperature. If you set the temperature to 110°C the heat on the sample might spike to 120°C or 130°C and then stabilize back to the actual setting of 110°C. These over shots and excessive temperature on your sample may result in burning of organics and incorrect moisture results.

The metal tubular might take 120 seconds to heat to 110°C but it really is 110°C ± 1°C. So sure halogen might go to 110°C in 30 seconds but what good is it if your sample is degraded in the process.

Need an idea what temperature to set the MA35 moisture analyzer, how long will the test takes, should I run in manual or auto? Find your particular sample in this database to give you an idea of the setup perimeters, sample prep and running time.

See additional images and more information & available accessories on the Sartorius MA35 HERE.

Sartorius Moisture Balance MA35-FDA

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Sartorius Moisture Balance MA35-FDA 35 g 0.001 g
Add. Features
  • Grams
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

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Ohaus Moisture analyzer MB25 - $3284.00

Ohaus MB23 Moisture Tester - $2550.00

Sartorius moisture balance MA150FDA - $4199.00

A&D Weighing ML50 Moisture Analyzer - $1999.00

Sartorius MA35 Moisture Analyzer - $2150.00

Ohaus MB35 moisture measurement - $3824.00

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Mettler Toledo HG63 Halogen Moisture - $5675.00

Mettler Toledo HR83 moisture analyzer - $7113.00

Mettler Toledo HR83P Moisture Balance - $7678.00

Sartorius YDP20-0CE Data Printer - $1099.00

Adam Equipment PMB53 moisture tester - $2205.75

Adam Equipment PMB202 moisture analyzer - $2290.75

Sartorius Cal-pak calibration weight set 20g, 2g, 20mg - $356.70
MSRP: $2945.00
YOU PAY $2450.00
Moisture tester Sartorius MA35 moisture analyzer
moisture content analyzer
solids determination machine

The moisture pans are from oil free weighing aluminum pans and provide even temperature across the pan.

Some people believe that they can reuse the pans but this is never recommended.  Although you might clean off the pan the stains leave material from your last test or even moisture when you attempted to clean the pan.  Others believe they can use a piece of aluminum foil paper but this isn't always smooth and creates crinkles and thus uneven drying.  Always, always, always use a new moisture pan for each test.

Glass fiber pads distribute the heat better, prevents skinning over (this is when bubbles form).

The fiber pads are binder-free borosilicate glass fiber and therefore contain no binders (no foreign materials) or inert.

Slurry samples or when test times are long the sample skins over, bubbles up or splatters when the moisture testing is running, we recommend using filter pads with the moisture pans.

For testing liquids the pads are a must.  Place the moisture pan and pad on the moisture balance, adjust the setting time to zero so the Sartorius MA35 moisture analyzer is in auto mode and run the test with no sample on the pad.  Many times the fiber pads can hold up to 2% moisture and this preps the pan and fiber pad to be moisture free and only takes typically 1 minute with the MA35 moisture analyzer.

Now with the dry filter pads if you are working with a liquidity substance 70% water or more place the sample with an eye dropper, syringe or pipette is a spiral pattern and then cover with the filter pad.

For slurries and anything with bumps and chucks like corn slurry we recommend using two pads making like a sandwich (bottom pad - test sample - top pad).  Place the pan on the moisture balance and then place one pad on your table and then using a syringe or spoon apply the sample to the pad in a spiral pattern and now cover with a second pad.  Slightly squish the sandwich you just made to break up any chucks and the filter pads will absorb the moisture.  Now place the two pads with your sample sandwiched in-between and run your test.  You'll find more consistent and repeatable rest using the two pads.

Sartorius MA35-FDA Moisture Balance - HACCP
You Pay Sartorius Moisture Balance $2450.00
Sartorius has relaunched the MA35 as of August 2016 after it was discontinued and replaced with the Sartorius MA37. The original model was MA35M-000115V2 and the relaunched model is "MA35M-1US WITH OPTIONAL METAL PANELS". The relaunched model has all the same features and specifications as the original model. The MA35 is Sartorius' entry level moisture analyzer for simple moisture determinations applications of sludges and foods products. "MA35M-1US WITH OPTIONAL METAL PANELS" offers tactile keypads and LCD and a great low price while the Sartorius MA-37 features a more expensive touchscreen display.
S&H via UPS Ground FREE in the lower 48 states of USA
Weighing Capacity 35 g
Accuracy of weighing system 1 mg
Readability 1 mg / 0.01 %
Repeatability (reproducibility)
avg. (%) initial sample weight ± 1 g
± 0.2 %
Repeatability (reproducibility)
avg. (%) initial sample weight ± 5 g
± 0.05 %
Drying Temperature 104 - 320 °F / 40 - 160 °C
Temperature control (±°C) °C increments
Heat source Metal tubular-shaped heating elements (IR dark radiator)
Timer settings 1 x 0.1- 99 minutes
Analysis modes Fully automatic, Timer settings
Access to sample chamber Hinged cover
Program Memories 1
Display modes % moisture, % dry weight (solids), % RATIO , g residue
Data Interface RS-232C, for data transmission to a printer or a computer
Data Printer Optional external Sartorius YDP20-0CE available
External Calibration 30 g Optional  
Meets FDA and HACCP regulations for no glass YES
Pan Size (inches/mm) Ø 3.5" / 90 mm
Housing Dimensions
(W x D x H),inches
8.8" x 14.4" x 7.5" inches
224 x 366 x 191 mm
Optional Accessories Glass fiber filter, Moisture pans, Standard operation procedures, External calibration weight, External data printer.

Note: A Temperature adjustment kit IS NOT available for the MA35.
Power 120V AC - Direct power cord to moisture balance.  Power supply is built into the balance.
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Shipping Weight 17 Lbs
Weight of Moisture Balance 12.8 Lbs
balance Data Sheet
moisture scale Download the brochure loaded with tons of information.
moisture User Manual
Sartorius moistures Download the user manual. If you have a question how it works it is in the manual.
moisture tester Learn about moisture
moisture tester Download this document explaining how a moisture balance works and the time & money it can save you.

Sartorius Moisture Analyzer Highlights include:

  • Choice of temperature settings from 104° F to 320° F.
  • High-contrast black on white display for easy viewing in any environment.
  • Icon-driven user interface.
  • Reduction of seldom-used programming options.
  • Elimination of Program selection menu.
  • Fast and reliable moisture analysis
  • Dark Metal Weighing Element
  • Choice of modes for end point determination
  • Available in glass-free version for food production areas
moisture analysis
All information is available at a single glance, Icon-Driven interface reducing risk of operating errors, program selection menu eliminated.
Moisture Analysis in Minutes Not Hours.

MA35 Moisture Analyzer sets a new benchmark in compact moisture analysis at a budget price.  Designed as an entry level unit for customers demanding a robust unit at a low price.  Sartorius MA35 moisture balance offers a maximum weighing capacity of 35g with 1mg or 0.01% resolution.  Ideal for quality control applications, the MA35 moisture analyzer produces GLP compliant printouts and can easily be connected to a PC for data collection.

The compact, space saving design is complemented by an easy to read backlit display and a manual flip up cover which opens wide for easy access to the chamber.  Performance functions and operating concept are geared toward a daily routine process such as repetitive QC monitoring of samples, as performed during in-process control and incoming goods inspection.

Made even more user-friendly by removing seldom used programming options without compromising flexibility or measurement accuracy.

Sartorius MA35 conforms to FDA requirements when optional metal panels are in place of glass window panels.  If you're working in the food processing industry the FDA/ HACCP regulations do not want instrumentation with glass in the production area for food, since if glass breaks it would create a hazard and could fall into the food.

Typical applications for this moisture analyzer include regular random sampling and incoming inspection in the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and building materials industries as well as in environmental monitoring.   You name it, the MA35 will analyze it - wherever you need to obtain fast and reliable moisture analysis results.

moisture determination
[Click for Hi-Res Image]
moisture balance heat source
[Click for Hi-Res Image]
Opens wide for excellent access and is also easy to clean. Equipped with two powerful metal tubular-shaped heating elements (providing 360 watts of power).
moisture meter
[Click for Hi-Res Image]
moisture in food
[Click for Hi-Res Image]
Sartorius MA35 moisture analyzer with glass panels shown above and image to the right shows Sartorius MA35 with metal panels. Conforms to FDA requirements with metal panels in place of glass window panels.  Unit with metal panels meets FDA/ HACCP regulations (no glass allowed in production)

[Click for Hi-Res Image]

solid testing scale
[Click for Hi-Res Image]

process control moisture analyzer
[Click for Hi-Res Image]
ma35 display
[Click for Hi-Res Image]

Sartorius MA35 Moisture Balances
Download the User Manual

(select the model & any of the options to the right and then the "BUY HERE" image)
Sartorius Moisture Determination
Sartorius Filter glass fiber pad, box of 200 pads $44.10
Sartorius Filter glass fiber pad, [Case of 4000] $582.06
Sartorius Aluminum moisture pan, 1 box of 50 pans $32.00
Sartorius Aluminum moisture pan, [Case of 500] $164.84
sartorius AGOptions (S&H additional for accessories)
9 pc. Weight Set (100 g - 1 g.) Class 1 with NVLAP $1095.00
1mg-100g 21 Piece Class 1 Weight Set with NVLAP Cert $2059.00
30g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 0.074 mg) $133.00
YDP20-OCE Printer with statistics & time-date function $999.99
5 rolls of paper $51.00
Ink ribbon cassette $54.00
RS232 Cable 9 pin and 25 pin, 5 ft, IBM type $105.00
Sartorius YCC01-USBM2 cable (25-pin to USB type A) $145.00
Granite Isolator 13 x 15 inch $655.00


Warning - Moisture balances should not be used on any volatile organic sample with flash points.  Even a MSDS rating of 1.  Samples with low flask points like Acetaldehyde -38°C or MEK -4°C should not be used with the Sartorius MA35 Moisture Scale and maybe you should look at Karl Fisher as an alternative.

Although you might presently perform analysis with an oven on these samples the ovens typically have ventilation and a much larger cavity than the typical moisture balance that operates on the principles of TGA.  In addition, with most moisture balances there is no ventilation so all the fumes remain inside the hood of the moisture balance.  We strongly recommend you consult with a safety specialist always prior to using any moisture balances for your safety.


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