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digital scales
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Only GP-30KS, GP32KS, GP60KS, GP61KS and GP-100KS features a detachable weigh indicator display. The standard display cable from where it exits the base of the scale platform is 3 meters. If you need a longer display cable you can also purchase the factory installed GP-07 option extending the display cable an additional 5 meters. This feature makes the GP-30KS the perfect choice when you need to have the display positioned remotely from the weighing platform. Review the packing diagram for further details here.

A&D claims their GP washdown industrial precision balances are the world's most user-friendly industrial balances. Resistant to dust, water, and moisture, AND GP Bench Scales are IP65 compliant. Choose between the swing arm indicator or the detachable display platform scale models.

A&D GP Series offer: Accumulation of weighing results - function adds the weighing data and displays the total value. Display the weighing data and the total value alternating each time the MODE key is pressed; Internal Calibration - GP has a built-in internal calibration mass; Display Auto Power ON & OFF - Display turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity (this feature can be turned off when desired); Data Memory - Standard Time & Date Function complies with GLP and Interval Weighing in the Data Memory function. Compare all the features and you agree the GP is the right choice for your next high capacity precision balance.

Save money with A&D industrial lab scale's full digital calibration. An expensive calibration weight is not required with AND's digital internal calibration. When the balance detects ambient temperature changes, it self-calibrates, giving you precision readings you can trust every time. You may also calibrate the scale on-demand simply by pushing a button. GP Series shipping scales incorporate A&D's enhanced weighing sensor, the Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS). Building on the basic SHS features of speed and stabilization, AND's enhanced SHS technology brings the most accurate weighing results to industrial balances in the 12 kilogram to 101 kilogram capacities class (see all the different models HERE).

A&D's optional AD-8121B scale printer offers GLP, GMP, and ISO compliance by outputting the date, time, balance ID number, serial number, and calibration data.

Connect this high precision balance to your computer using WinCT Software. Connect the RS232 interface to either your computer's serial port, or purchase the optional USB to RS-232 adapter. Using WinCT balance communication software, automatically log your bench scale's readings on your computer.

A&D lab balances are accompanied by the industry leading five-year warranty, assuring long lasting quality and performance. Compare all the features, standard accessories, and price and you'll see it's tough to pass up purchasing any of the A&D Weighing laboratory balances for your precision measurement tests.

Never heard of A&D?  A&D is currently the world's third largest manufacturer of laboratory and industrial balances with 20% of the world market share.  Established in 1977, A&D Weighing has offices in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Korea, Taiwan and Russia, and as a world leader in measurement equipment. 

We understand purchasing a high capacity precision balance is a major capital expense and if you have any questions give us a call and one of our weighing experts can discuss your weighing application and get you the most affordable balance for your weighing needs.

Free shipping UPS Ground in the lower 48 states on all GP industrial precision balances at

A&D Weighing GP-30KS industrial scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing GP-30KS industrial scale 31000 g 0.1 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • KiloGrams
  • Parts Counting
  • RS-232c
  • Internal Calibration
  • Washdown
  • Below Weighing
Comparable Scales

Scientech SHC30 high capacity scale - $3595.00

A&D Weighing industrial scale GP-60KS - $4012.50

Sartorius CPA34000 asphalt testing scale - $3244.00

A&D Weighing GP-30K aggregate scale - $3435.00

Sartorius Signum SIWADCP-V6 Scale - $2799.00

Sartorius CPA34001P differential weighing - $3632.00

Sartorius CPA34001S Super Range - $4224.00

A&D Weighing GX-30K high capacity balance - $3115.00

A&D Weighing GF-30K Electronic Scale - $2926.00

Sartorius SIWRDCP-V14 Signum - $1889.00

Sartorius Signum Scale SIWRDCP-V9 - $1750.00

Sartorius Soil Scale LA64001S - $8585.00

Mettler Toledo SB16001 Legal for Trade - $2899.99

Mettler Toledo JP32001G/A Troy Ounce Weighing - $4895.00
MSRP: $4825.00
YOU PAY $3618.75
Industrial scales - high capacity precision balances
Bench Scales

A&D GP-30KS Industrial Bench Scales
Your Cost AND Weighing Industrial Bench Scales $3618.75
S&H via UPS Ground FREE in the lower 48 states of USA
Weighing Capacity 31000 g
Resolution 0.1 g
(Std. Deviation)
0.1 g
Linearity ± 0.2 g
Stabilization Time 1.5 seconds (TYP at FAST mode)
Sensitivity Drift
(50F - 86F)
± 3 ppm / C
Operating Temperature 5C to 40C (41F to 104F)
85% relative humidity or less
Sensing Method Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)
Display Type Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
Display Refresh rates 5 times/second or 10 times/second
Weighing units and modes g, kg, lb, lb:oz, ct, dwt, ozt, mm, TL, Ms, t, DS and percent % and counting PCS
Counting Mode Minimum unit mass 0.1 g
Number of samples 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
Percent Mode Mini. 100% reference mass 10 g
Min. 100% display 0.01%, 0.1%, 1% (can be automatically switched depending on the reference mass stored)
Standard interface RS-232C Serial interface with Windows Communication Tools (WinCT)
Recommended External
Calibrating Weight
20 kg
30 kg
Water & Dust proof level Compliance with IP-65 covers the entire device
Weighing Pan Stainless steel weighing pan
344 mm x 442 mm x 130 / 15.1" x 13.5"
Calibration Motor-driven internal calibration with SHS (internal mass approximately 300 g)
External Dimensions 344(W) x 422(D) x 130(H) mm
AC adapter 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC (AC adapter) 50/60 Hz All balances shipped with 120V AC Adapter.
For other voltages add $25.00
Power Consumption Approximately 11VA (supplied by AC adapter)
Warranty 5 years manufacturer's warranty
Net Weight Approximately 17 kg
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A&D Industrial ScalesManual digital lab scales Click here for operating instructions
Checkweighing ScalesBrochure Industrial Platform Scales Click here for more information
A&D Digital ScalesData Sheet A&D Platform Scales Click here to download for product details

AND Weighing GP industrial balance with Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology providing unsurpassed performance, speed and durability.  Improvements versus the HP predecessor with super fast response and robust durability using A&D’s patented SHS Technology, IP-65 rating, convenient automatic self-calibration with internal calibration mass and detached display (GP-KS models only).

For users on a budget that require high resolution over a limited range, A&D introduces SmartRange on the GP-32K, GP-32KS & GP-102K models.  SmartRange allows the operator to select a movable fine range throughout the entire weighing range of the balance.

The GP features a rugged die cast aluminum alloy/stainless steel construction, making it the strongest and longest lived industrial balance in its class.  A&D dominates the high capacity, high precision market especially in the asphalt and aggregate marketplace because they're built to survive.  From California to Florida we have been supplying the ever popular HP-20K to state Department of Transportation Offices throughout America and now we can offer the GP-Series to meet many of your AASHTO testing applications. 

Washdown ScalesThe GP Series offers the ability to set the function parameters to inhibit the automatic calibration feature.  In the automatic calibration mode, calibration may be initiated when ambient temperatures change.  This may hamper your measurement process when warm aggregate is being weighed.  Other balances on the market sometimes perform auto calibration if the aggregate is warm enough to trigger the internal sensors, just when you want to use the balance.

A&D GP Series offers the fastest weighing technology and didn't stop here.  Now all GP-Series come standard with internal calibration and the RS-232 interface.  The internal calibration makes calibrating your GP Balance easy when you relocate or bump your balance.  Just push a button!  The GP will even perform Automatic Self-Calibration, calibrating the balance when it detects changes in the ambient temperature.

The GP is Rugged
The GP series is constructed of a die-cast aluminum body and stainless steel weighing pan, assuring safe operation in demanding applications.  Low maintenance costs and longer product life make the GP Series the premiere high capacity toploading balance on the market today.

Washdown Floor Scales

IP-65/NEMA4 Compliant
The GP Balance is protected from dust and spills up to IP-65/NEMA4 levels.

GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant
Allows GLP or LIMS balance management by outputting the Balance ID number and data used to calibrate the balance.  The data can be output to A&D's AD-8121 printer or a PC, indicating date, time, Balance ID number, serial number and calibration data.

ID Number
The balance ID number can be set.  It is used to identify the balance when GLP is used.  The ID number is memorized and maintained once it is fixed, even if the AC adapter is removed.

Density determination
GP is equipped with a density determination mode, which is accessible after changing the internal parameter settings.  Once the object's weight in the air, in the liquid and the liquid density are input, the solid density will be calculated.

HI, OK, LO Indicator
When the MODE key is pressed, the display is refreshed and the indicator changes from HI to HI.  The letters (HI, for example), can be enlarged.  This feature allows the user to set the HI and LO parameters and quickly determine if subsequent weighments are within the set tolerances.

Accumulation of weighing results
GP offers a built in accumulator and transaction counter.  Simply place the item to be weighed on the platform and push the print button, each weighment will be added and the accumulated value displayed.  Pushing the mode button will show the number of accumulated weights stored in the transaction counter.

Internal Calibration
GP balances have a motorized built in calibration weight.  The internal calibration weight is equivalent to a 50kg calibration mass.  Of course, the GP can be calibrated with optional external weights where calibration tractability may be required.

Digital Floor Scale

Display Auto Power ON & OFF
The display can be set to turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity, which can be disabled if not desired.  Without pressing ON/OFF key, plug it in and the balance will turn itself ON, once the internal setting is set.

Data Memory
Standard Time & Date Function complies with GLP and Interval Weighing in the Data Memory function.  The data memory can be formatted for:

Time & Date
Standard Time & Date Function complies with GLP and Interval Weighing in the Data Memory function.

Auto Self Checking
Automatically checks itself when setting the Automatic Adjustment Environment.

Optional Underhook
Ideal for density determination and weighing magnetic substances

Interval Time Setting
Weighing intervals of 2, 5, 10, 30 seconds and 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes using the Data Memory Function.

Auto Re-Zero
Re-Zeros automatically after data output

Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
384mm x 344mm for GP12K/20K/32K/32KS/30K/30KS/40K/60K/60KS/61K/61KS
386mm x 346mm for GP100K/100KS/102K

Multiple Weighing Units & Programmable Unit
Standard (selectable) units of measure include (g, kg, lb, lb/oz, oz, troy oz, carat, pennyweight, momme, tola, tael, percentage, density mode, and a user definable unit of measure).  In addition, the GP has an Animal Weighing program that freezes the display after a predetermined time allotment.

For more accurate weighing, SmartRange function is provided for the GP32K or GP32-KS (6.1kg x 0.1g/31kg x 1g) and GP-102K (61kg x 1g/101kg x 10g).  The precision range has a higher resolution and the standard one is normal resolution.  Pressing the RE-ZERO key allows weighing in the precision range, regardless to the tare value.  SmartRange function enables you to weigh or add samples in the precision range without removing the container and/or those objects that have been placed on the pan.

Portable Platform ScalesOptional AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Unit
Now you don't have to worry about finding a power line for those remote office trailer labs when performing weighing applications for highway or construction sites.  The AD-1682 can power the GP-Series for typically up to 7 hours of operations when the Ni-MH batteries are fully charged.

WinCTAll A&D's balances equipped with an RS-232c and can use the A&D WinCT balance communication software to interface your computer with your A&D balance.

Download the Instruction Manual (3.42 MB) now high precision balances  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding the counting mode, accumulation function, data memory, density measurement, RS-232C command list & more.
CLICK HERE FOR HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGE! The GP Series incorporates A&D's enhanced weighing sensor, Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS).
Building on the basic SHS features of speed and stabilization, the enhanced SHS technology brings the most accurate weighing results to industrial balances in 12kg to 101kg capacities.
Click Here For More on the weighing sensor ...

A&D GP Series Precision Industrial Balances
Download the User Manual (3.42 MB)

(select the model & any of the options below and then click the "BUY HERE" image)
A&D Weighing GP Series Industrial Balance
Options (S&H additional for accessories)

GP-04 Comparator Output with Buzzer $239.00
GP-06 Analog Output (limited to 1024d) $795.00
GP-07 GP Extension Cable (Factory Installed 5 meters) $295.00
GP-12 Animal Weighing Pan $1675.00
GP-20 Underhook GP-12K thru 40K $175.00
GP-21 Underhook GP-60K thru 102K $175.00
GP-22 AD-8121B Printer Support $160.00
AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Pack $645.00
AD-8920 Universal Remote Display $250.00
AD-8922 Remote Controller $600.00
AD-100-2 Anti-Theft Device $73.00
07:3004753 Protective In-Use Cover $21.00
TB:137 - AC Adapter (220V) $52.00
AD-8121B Multi-Function Printer $850.00
RS-232 to pc (9 pin connector - DB9) $49.00
RS-232 to pc (25 pin connector - DB25) $50.00
RS-232 to USB converter kit for A&D GP Series $77.00
AD-8526-25 Ethernet Converter $650.00

Download WinCT balance communication software here for FREE.
  External Weights Weighing Mass Mass Weights External Calibration
Calibration Weights

30 kg ASTM Class 2 (± 150 mg) with NO Cert $1485.00
30 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 150 mg) $1800.00
25 kg Cast Iron NIST Class F (± 2.5g) $170.00
25 kg ASTM Class 2 (± 125 mg) with NO Cert $1238.00
25 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 125 mg) $1393.00
20 kg Cast Iron NIST Class F (± 2g) $142.70
20 kg ASTM Class 2 (± 100 mg) with NO Cert $1074.00
20 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 100 mg) $1229.00
10 kg Cast Iron NIST Class F (± 1g) $130.00
10 kg ASTM Class 2 (± 50 mg) with NO Cert $705.00
10 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 50 mg) $850.00
10 kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 25 mg) $1986.00
8000g ASTM Class 2 (± 50 mg) with NO Cert $785.00
5kg ASTM Class 6 (± 500 mg) cal mass $100.00 - no Cal Cert.
5000g ASTM Class 2 (± 25 mg) with NO Cert $344.00
5kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 12 mg) $528.00
4kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 25 mg) $469.00
4000g ASTM Class 2 (± 25 mg) with NO Cert $299.00
3000g ASTM Class 2 (± 15 mg) with NO Cert $239.00
2000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 200 mg) cal mass $60.00 - NO Cal Cert.
2000g ASTM Class 2 (± 10 mg) with NO Cert $164.00
2 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 10 mg) $304.00
2 kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 5 mg) $287.00
1000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 100 mg) cal mass $40.00 - NO Cal Cert.
1000g ASTM Class 2 (± 5.0 mg) with NO Cert $139.00
1000g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 2.5 mg) $232.00
17 pc. Weight Set (10 kg - 1 g) Class 1 with NVLAP $6947.00
1g-1000g 13 piece Class 1 Mass Set with NVLAP Cert $2933.00

Note: See our complete line of certified weights and weight sets here

Select from 14 Industrial Balances to meet your specific weighing needs.
Model Cap (g) x Read (g) Pan Size Remote Indicator Price
GP-12K 12000 x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" No $2625.00
GP-20K 21000 x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" No $2880.00
GP-32K 6100 x 0.1 g
31000 x 1 g
15.1" x 13.5" No $2336.25
GP-30K 31000 x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" No $3435.00
GP-40K 41000 x 0.5 g 15.1" x 13.5" No $3112.50
GP-60K 61000 x 1 g 15.1" x 13.5" No $3825.00
GP-61K 61 kg x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" No $4402.50
GP-100K 101000 x 1 g 15.2" x 13.6" No $4125.00
GP-102K 61000 x 1 g
101000 x 10 g
15.2" x 13.6" No $3705.00
GP-30KS 31000 x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" No $3618.75
GP-32KS 6 kg x 0.1 g
31 kg x 1 g
15.1" x 13.5" No $2610.00
GP-60KS 61 kg x 1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Yes $4012.50
GP-61KS 61 kg x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Yes $4267.50
GP-100KS 101000 x 1 g 15.2" x 13.6" Yes $4368.75
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