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GL Force Gauge measures compression and tension, weight and force.  Rugged metal die cast enclosure, backlit LCD display, and serial output.  Dillon force gauges are powered by an internal rechargeable battery or directly by its 120 VAC charger.  The included carrying case stores 6 popular grips/fittings and the charger.

Dillon GL Force gauges are affordable digital force measurement devices which include a full set of handy accessories that assist you in compression testing applications.  Standard accessories include hook, plate, cone point, chisel, inverted chisel, extension rod, carry case, batteries, charger, user's manual, and calibration card.  Dillon's CT Manual Test Stand is sold separately, but is a nice compliment to the GL Force Gauge.

Dillon's digital force gauges provide 120% overload protection and a die cast metal enclosure.  Choose from 6 Dillon GL Series tension gauges, each offering different maximum capacities in newtons, pounds, and kilograms.

Dillon Force Gauges GL010

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Dillon Force Gauges GL010 10 N 0.005 N
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • Newtons
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

Dillon GL025 Tension Gauge - $499.00

Dillon GL050 Compression Gauge - $499.00

Dillon GL100 Tension Gauge - $508.00

Dillon GL250 Force Measurement - $509.00

Dillon GL500 Force Gauge - $540.00

Dillon CT Force Gauge Test Stand - $510.00
MSRP: $545.00
YOU PAY $499.00
Force Gauge

Dillon GL010 Force Gauge - Digital Force Measurement
Your Cost $499.00
S&H UPS Ground $20.00
Capacity x Readability (newtons) 10 N x 0.005 N
Capacity x Readability
2.2 lb x 0.001 lb
Capacity x Readability
1 kg x 0.0005 kg
Accuracy ±0.4% of capacity
Tension/Compression Testing Both
Overload Protection 120% minimum
Enclosure Die Cast Metal
Power Rechargeable Battery or AC Charger
Display Type 7 Segment LCD, 4.5 Digit with Backlight
Data Output RS232 Interface
Operating Temperature 60° - 90°F (15°C - 35°C)
Standard Accessories

Hook, Plate, Cone Point, Chisel, Inverted Chisel, Extension Rod, Carry Case, Batteries, Charger, User's Manual, Calibration Card

Battery Charge 20 Hour Operation from Full Charge
Shipping Weight 3.5 pounds
Compression GaugeBrochure Tension Gauge Click here for additional information

Dillon Model GL Electronic Force Gauge
Dillon GL Force Gauge is the best equipped tension gauge found in its price range, including features such as rechargeable battery, serial output, backlight, die-cast enclosure, carry case and more. GL electronic force gauge is available in a wide assortment of capacities to fit nearly any testing need. CT Test Stand (sold separately) is an ideal complement to the GL Tension Gauge to improve testing results. Dillon also offers a range of grips and accessories to expand testing possibilities.

GL Force Gauge Features:

  • Measures tension (pull) and compression (push) forces
  • Die cast metal enclosure
  • Handheld use or mount using four threaded holes provided
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Backlit display for all light levels
  • Serial data output to PC
  • Includes everything needed to perform most common tests

Dillon's GL Series force gauge is an economical solution for low budget tension and compression testing. Dillon previously sold Mecmesin's CFG compact digital force gauges under the Dillon brand name, but found that these tension gauges were more appealing to the the European market. Dillon came out with GL Series force gauges to stay competitive in the US market. Compare Dillon GL's 6 different models, with Mecmesin CFG's 3 models. 

GL Compression Gauges were designed for low usage (testing once per week) production testing where cost matters. Force gauges were not designed for speed, and really serve more as a "mickey mouse" tension gauge, where more precise testing is done in a laboratory using $3000 force gauges that offer statistical analysis software which is not included in the GL series. GL tension gauges can be used in between those precision tests by less experienced individuals conducting tension tests. If your tension testing only requires a 0.4% tolerance, consider Dillon's GL field gauge.

Force gauges were designed to measure forces inline with its load cell stem. Dillon's Model GL force gauge may be used handheld, attached to a test stand, or mounted to a fixture in order to measure force reactions and/or weight.

Compression gauges are equipped with an RS232 interface allowing you to connect the GL force gauge to a computer using Wedgelink software. Wedgelink software is not sold by Precision Weighing Balances, but can be purchased at

Dillon Force Gauges Force Gauge Kit Contents:
  • Model GL Electronic Force Gauge
  • AC Power adapter/charger
  • Five popular grip style attachments: hook, plate, notch, inverted notch, cone point
  • Extension od
  • Plastic carry case
  • User manual
  • Calibration Sheet

Portable force gauges operate by an internal rechargeable battery. Before using the Dillon GL tension gauge for the first time, it must be charged for 12 hours. GL Series Force Gauge's estimated working time is 10 hours when being operated at room temperature, and requires 6 hours of battery charging in between use.

Tension gauges may also operate while connected to the power adapter/charger. If you are operating the compression gauge and see the low battery indicator appear, simply connect it to the adapter and you can continue operating the force gauge. 

Overload protection can protect force gauge's load cell from damage up to 120% of the maximum force/weighing capacity. Tension gauge operators must keep in mind the load that is zeroed off when determining how close they may be getting to the maximum capacity. You also must avoid dropping force gauge directly on its load stem, which can result in overload, damaging the digital force gauge. If the applied force (either push or pull) exceeds rates tension gauge capacity, an alarm will sound, alerting you to unload the force gauge in order to protect its delicate load cell.

Dillon Force Measurement

Dillon GL Series Force Gauges - Digital Force Measurement

(select the model & any of the options below and then click the "BUY HERE" image)


Dillon Model CT Force Gauge Mechanical Test Stand $599.00
Tension Alignment Accessory $85.00
Force Gauge with Test Stand
GL force gauge shown with optional test stand

Select from 6 Dillon Force Gauges to meet your tension measurement needs.
Model Capacity x Divisions (N) Capacity x Divisions (lb) Price
GL010 10 N x 0.005 N 2.2 lb x 0.001 lb $499.00
GL025 25 N x 0.01 N 5.5 lb x 0.002 lb $499.00
GL050 50 N x 0.02 N 11 lb x 0.005 lb $499.00
GL100 100 N x 0.05 N 22 lb x 0.01 lb $508.00
GL250 250 N x 0.1 N 55 lb x 0.02 lb $509.00
GL500 500 N x 0.2 N 110 lb x 0.05 lb $540.00

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