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This Mettler-Toledo AX-204 analytical lab balance was a demo unit and is in immaculate condition.  We categorize the balance as a "demo unit" but it is more like an open box because of the condition of the balance and we have all the original packing material and manuals.  The balance is so spotless you would swear it was brand new from Mettler Toledo, but it isn't.  Mettler-Toledo Inc.phased out the AX204 in 2005 according to the official Mettler Toledo web site at and replaced the AX204 with the Mettler XP204. 

The new Mettler Toledo XP204 uses the SmartGrid system which does not offer you the standard flat weighing pan, but instead a grid or we like to call it a grill.  This grid/grill one might think resemble something like on a outdoor gas grill so samples could fall through the grill.  Mettler claim with the SmartGrid lessens air turbulence in the weighing chamber, provides faster stabilization time, but many people tell us the grid is a pain since samples can fall through or get stuck in the grid.

Some Mettler laboratory balance users prefer the old design of the Mettler Toledo AX-204 since it offers a solid 3.1" x 3.1" stainless steel platform.and they don't ever want the XP204 because of the SmartGrid system.

This Mettler AX-204 is like new and you'll save $1000's over the new Mettler Toledo replacement for the AX-204, which is the Mettler XP204.  Mettler  

The METTLER TOLEDO AX was originally marketed as an innovative analytical balance offering good weighing performance and user friendliness design.  The Mettler AX analytical balance features a brilliant touch screen display, intelligent user guidance, and hands-free infrared draft shield control make this highly-precise balance faster, easier and more fun to use than ever before.

Review the pictures below and the images tell all the stories on the condition of this demo Mettler AX-204 balance.  If you are a big Mettler laboratory balance user this this just might be your best buy in 2006 for your laboratory.  If you have any additional questions give us a call.  This open box / demo Mettler Toledo AX-204 analytical laboratory balance is in stock and would ship from of Bradford, Massachusetts facility.

Before purchasing any analytical balance, be sure you review the Sartorius GD503. Nothing compares in price, quality, and value. We keep the GD503 (100g x 0.1mg) in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Only GD503 analytical balance offers legal for trade, RS232 interface, 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty, and even includes 100 gram external calibration weight. In addition to these great features, we even have an exclusive offer allowing you to purchase a Sartorius data printer or WinWedge Software at a special price when you buy a Sartorius GD503 analytical balance.

We understand purchasing an analytical balance is a major capital expense and if you have any questions give us a call and one of our weighing experts can discuss your weighing application and get you the most affordable balance for your weighing needs.

Mettler Toledo AX-204 Analytical Balance

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Mettler Toledo AX-204 Analytical Balance 220 g 0.0001 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Grains
  • Milligrams
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • Parts Counting
  • RS-232c
  • Internal Calibration
Comparable Scales

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A&D Weighing lab balance GH-200 - $3208.00

Scientech ZSA120 analytical lab balance - $1524.00

Sartorius MSA324P cubis balance - $7506.00

Sartorius Entris224i-1S Internal Cal Balance - $2134.40

Sartorius Secura224-1S lab balance - $2829.95

Sartorius ENTRIS64-1S Analytical Balance - $1235.20

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A&D Weighing HR250AZ pharma balance - $1967.00

Sartorius MSU224S-100-DU analytical - $6984.00

Ohaus EX224 analytical balance - $3795.25

Scientech ZSA210 Chemistry Balance - $1559.00

Sartorius Analytical Balance ENTRIS224-1S - $1616.00

A&D Weighing HR-250A analytical lab - $1605.00

Sartorius Practum 224-1S lab balance - $1794.50

Ohaus AX224N Class I NTEP - $3367.70

Sartorius Quintix 224-1S lab balance - $2821.26

Sartorius Cal-pak calibration weight set 100g, 10g, 2g - $346.00
MSRP: $6657.00
YOU PAY $4999.95
lab scale
Demo / Used Mettler AX-204 Lab Balance


$ 6,657.00 when new

Your Cost
S&H via UPS ground: $65.00


Capacity x Readability

220 g x 0.1 mg

(Std. Deviation)

0.07 mg


0.2 mg

Stabilization Time

5 Seconds

Sensitivity Drift

1 ppm / C
(10 C - 30 C/50 F - 86 F)

Taring Range

To Capacity - 220 g

Weighing Modes

Normal weighing's, piece counting, percent weighing, and density determination

Weighing units and modes

g, mg, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn, mm, TL, Ms, t, and percent % and counting PCS

Standard interface

RS-232C Serial standard


Fully automatic adjustment calibration using internal motorized weight

Weighing Pan

80 x 80 mm / 3.1 x 3.1 inch

Physical Dimensions


241 (W) x 505 (D) x 293 (H)


9.5 (W) x 19.9 (D) x 11.5 (H)

Draft Shield Height





AC adapter

120 VAC, 60 Hz


30 days

mettler toledo balance Data Sheet mettler balance Download the Brochure loaded with tons of information.
mettler-toledo balance User Manual mettler scale Download the User Manual.  If you have a question how it works it is in the manual.

Click on ANY image above for a high resolution image

mettler lab balance
This METTLER TOLEDO AX204 is like new.  All pictures shown on this web page is of the actual demo model Mettler AX-204 we are selling.  Mettler-Toledo laboratory analytical balances offer accurate weighing and is user friendly.  The touch screen display, intelligent user guidance, and hands-free infrared draft shield control make this highly-precise balance faster, easier and more fun to use for your weighing application.
mettler-toledo mettler analytical balance
The Mettler display indicator can be separated from the weigh chamber.  The back side of the weigh indicator offers additional cord.
Open the doors with a wave of the hand!  Thanks to SmartSens you can weigh without ever touching the balance: taring, opening and closing the door, weighing – all automatic.
metler balance mettler lab balances
Up to eight personalized operator settings can be configured, saved and retrieved.
Using ProFACT adjusts and linearizes your Mettler AX204 balance fully automatically based on pre-specified criteria.  Calibration is fully automatic using internal calibration.
mettler balance
Shown above is the original packing material.  This Mettler AX-204 is like new and you'll save $1000's over the new Mettler Toledo replacement for the AX-204 which is the Mettler XP204.  Mettler phased out the AX204 in 2005 according to the official Mettler Toledo USA web site.
Standard features:
  • Backlit graphic display with touch screen operation.
  • ProFACT, fully automatic temperature driven calibration and linearization.
  • Built-in RS232 interface; plug-in module available for optional second interface of your choice.
  • Glass draft shield with automatic door opening and flexible configuration options. 
  • SmartSens for hands-off operation.
  • Below-the-balance weighing facility.
  • AC/DC adapter for connection to AC power line primary side: 120V, 50/60 Hz, 0.7A secondary side: 12 VDC ±5%, 2.08 A (electronic overload protection)
  • Country-specific power cable
  • Weighing adapter for optimum adaptation to ambient conditions
  • Replaceable protective cover.
scales balances
The METTLER TOLEDO AX backlit display allows for easy weighing in any light.  The Touch screen
offers unequalled user friendliness.
Have a special weighing unit you want to weigh with?  The AX-204 allows you to create you own custom weighing units so you have the freedom to weigh in any unit.
mettler analytical
analytical scale

We have all the original packing material, manuals, outer and inner shipping carton.  All pictures are of the balance we are offering and as you can see they only way you would know this Mettler AX204 is a demo model is from the tape on the outer shipping carton.
Click on ANY image above for a high resolution image

This site is owned and operated by Precision Weighing Balances and is not sponsored or affiliated with Mettler Toledo nor should be confused with Mettler Toledo Inc.  Mettler® and METTLER TOLEDO® are registered trademarks of Mettler-Toledo, Inc.  Additional information about METTLER TOLEDO can be found on the web-site  For warranty, parts and technical related issues please call Mettler directly at 800 METTLER.


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