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digital scales
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digital scales
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VOX3000 Talking Scale makes weighing extremely easy. Whether you suffer from poor eyesight or just want an easy to use electronic scale, My Weigh's Vox3000 gets the job done. This digital kitchen scale was designed to be easy to use and easy to understand. It announces the weight in a clear, easy to hear English female voice. Vox 3000 digital scale from My Weigh announce the weight in either grams or pound:ounces as well as displays weight on the large, easy to read display. This audible function is optional and can be turned off when the sound is not needed.

My Weigh Vox3000 kitchen scale weighs up to 3000g (6.6 lb) weighing capacity and increments in graduations of 1 g (0.1 oz). It comes with a stainless steel weighing platform and also a large acrylic bowl. The bowl included with this digital weighing scale can be removed or substituted with any standard household bowl instead.

Use My Weigh Vox 3000 electronic talking kitchen scale in your kitchen, home, or office!

You can only purchase the VOX3000 Talking Scale using PayPal. NO PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED. Using Paypal allows us to process your order quickly enabling us to offer you the deep discount prices internet buyers demand. Ships via US Priority Mail anywhere in the USA for $9.95. No international or purchase orders please.

My Weigh Vox3000 Talking Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
My Weigh Vox3000 Talking Scale 3000 g 1 g
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • Grams
Comparable Scales

A&D Weighing HL-3000WPN LFT approved - $336.00

A&D Weighing food service scale HL-3000LWP - $336.00

A&D Weighing SK-2000 deli scale - $228.75

My Weigh KD7000 kitchen weighing - $89.95

My Weigh 7001DX Office Scale - $49.95

My Weigh 3001P Kitchen Scale - $39.95

A&D Weighing EJ3000 digital scale - $300.00

CAS 5 Pound NTEP Scale - $189.00
MSRP: $89.95
YOU PAY $49.95
My Weigh Electronic Talking Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale
My Weigh Digital Talking Kitchen Scales

My Weigh Electronic ScalesThe VOX is a talking kitchen scale that makes weighing extremely easy.  As you are using the scale it announces the weight.  This makes using the scale a breeze - you don't have to look down at the display to know what the weight of the item is.  It uses strain gauge technology to be incredibly accurate and precise.  The talking feature can be turned on or off (for those times you may not want to hear it).  This scale is perfect for anyone with poor eyesight, or for those mornings when your eyes are a bit fuzzy.

My Weigh Digital Scale Features
Talking Scales
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Pleasant, easy to hear English voice commands
  • Voice feature can be turned on or off
  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Stainless Steel weighing tray
  • Large acrylic bowl (included)
  • Reads & Speaks in Grams or LB:Ounce mode
  • Professional Grade 3000 division Load Cell with 4 strain gauge sensors
  • Last Unit memory
  • Removable Bowl - scale can be operated with or without the bowl, and you can use any standard household bowl instead
  • Full Lifetime/30 year Warranty!
My Weigh VOX3000 Electronic Talking Scale
PWB Price $49.95 Digital Talking Scale
Shipping and Handling
via Priority Mail
Capacity x Readability (pounds/ounces) 6.6 lb : 0.0 oz x 0.1 oz
Capacity x Readability
3000 x 1 g
Linearity ± 1g | 0.1oz
Units Pound:Ounce, Grams
Tare Range Tare Full Capacity
Stabilization Time 3 Seconds
Calibration Digital Auto Calibration - Cal mass is optional
Power Requirements 9V Battery (included)
Platform Material Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature 64 °F - 85 °F
Display Easy To Read 4 Digit LCD Display
Auto Shut-off Automatic Shut Off After 60 Seconds
Bowl Dimensions (inches) 9" x 4" (23 cm x 10 cm)
Platform Dimensions (inches) 6.0" diameter (15.2 cm)
Scale Dimensions
L x W x H (inches)
6.5" x 9.5" (16.5 cm x 24.5 cm)
Audio Function Pleasant, Clear Voice Reporting
Standard Accessories Expansion Bowl
Warranty Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
Electronic Kitchen Scale User Manual Click Here To Download User Manual
Please note WE DO NOT ACCEPT PHONE ORDERS FOR THE LOW COST SCALES.  They must be purchased with PayPal or you need to send a US postal money order in advance.  PayPal works as the processing company to collects the funds and verify the credit card information.  PayPal accepts all major credit cards and you do not need to set up an account to use PayPal.

The VOX speaks with a clear unaccented English female voice.  It is designed to be easy to use and easy to hear.  We feel this is the best designed and best built talking kitchen scale ever created.  The modern design of the VOX allows it to fit seamless into any kitchen, home or office environment.  It comes in a beautiful full color display box and makes a great gift.

The talking feature can be turned on or off (for those times you may not want to hear it).  This scale is perfect for anyone with poor eyesight, or for those mornings when your eyes are a bit fuzzy.

Digital Kitchen Scales

Digital Scales
Letter from Jeff Cooper after receiving a VOX:

Forgive me for not sending this sooner, but I received the Vox 3000 week before last and I love it!  The scale is beautiful, and has all the functionality I need for my food program.  I showed it to my compulsive eaters group and they were amazed (and wanted one!).

Thanks again for the scale,

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All My Weigh Scales are backed by My Weigh Scale Company for a LIFETIME to the original purchaser against defects in materials and/or workmanship.  If the product fails on delivery or to operate to the specifications during this warranty period, when used under normal conditions, My Weigh Scale Company will repair or replace it at their option, without charge.  You CAN NOT return your My Weigh Scale to Precision Weighing Balances, but instead MUST SHIP it directly to My Weigh.  You will be required to pay the shipping and insurance charges to My Weigh's repair facility.  Please send your scale, warranty card, original invoice included when the scale was shipped to you, and a note describing the problem to: My Weigh Warranty Dept, 3401 W Papago Street, Phoenix, AZ 85009.  My Weigh strives for 5-6 day turnaround for repair or replacement (for units under warranty).  My Weigh will return the unit freight prepaid.  Please refer to your Instruction Manual for additional warranty information and shipping instructions.  My Weigh has an extremely low defect rate, but My Weigh Scale Company requires the consumer to return any defect/warranty issue directly to My Weigh Scale Company no matter who you purchase the scale from.  Questions about products specifications, operations or warranty should be directed to My Weigh Customer Service Center Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time at (602) 253-2214. Please review MyWeigh's website for the most current Warranty Instructions
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