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Lock out mode eliminates chances of operator deleting or changing set-up configurations.  Simplified Operation Mode disables all but essential keys. Automatic Memory Accumulation Mode totals piece count into memory.  This counting scale has it all. 50 lbs x 0.005 lbs, VFD, powered by AC Adapter or optional NiCd Battery Pack.

This counting scale is designed for counting larger parts, 10 grams or heavier.  If you taped two nickels together from the pile of loose change in your desk draw is very close to 10 grams.  If you're an electrical contractor and trying to control your material cost the FC-20Ki and accurately count out the exact number of power receptacles, circuit beaker or other large components so your employee has enough parts for the job you are paying him to do verses supplying him the extra parts he takes home to do his side work.  The FC20Ki is a high capacity counting scale allowing you to weigh up to 50 pounds of parts on the scale within damaging the weigh sensor.

You must carefully select the correct model counting scale for your specific application.  You also want to select the correct model that can count as many various size/weight parts so you can get maximum usage from your counting scale.  Scale manufacturers make many different models all having varying sensitivity to cover the unlimited different part people want to count.  Just like car manufacturer's don't make just 3 different automobiles to meet all the transportation need of the world, scale manufacturers don't make 3 different counting scale to cover any part a person would ever want to count.  If you're not sure call us at 978-521-7095 and a counting scale specialist will assist you in the proper selection.  We'll ask you immediate "what is the smallest part that you want to count" so we can determine the sensitivity needed..  We recommend whatever the smallest part weighs, you want a counting scale with 5 times the readability.  If your part weighs 10 g (2g, readability of the FC-20Ki multiplied by 5 equals 10 grams) or greater you'll be able to accurately count the parts with the FC-20Ki.

If 70 or 90% of the parts you're counting are in the range of 10 grams then the FC20Ki is probably your best selection.  If you have parts that weigh equal to a standard paperclip (a paperclip weighs about 0.4g) the FC-20Ki won't be sensitive enough to count a handful of paperclips.  To get a better understand how counting scales work read the detailed write-up we did on the AdamLab CBC Series Counting Scales. We also have a few youtube videos showing the HCi counting scale and a great video on how to use a counting scale.

The FC-20Ki features a large 11.8" x 11.0" stainless steel weighing  You'll have 20,000 grams weighing capacity that increments in 2 grams.  Unique VFD displays an abundance of information.

The FC-i Series by A&D combines the latest cutting edge features and a heavy duty design. A&D Weighing has long been a global manufacturer of high quality counting scales.  The result is a truly professional line of scales ideal for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications.  Each scale comes equipped with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement ( ACAI ) for enhanced counting performance.

Additional accessories that can be purchased with the FC20Ki include a bar code scanner to speed up the counting process, a module providing a 2nd and 3rd RS232C interface if you were connecting multiple peripheral devices to the counting scale like the scanner, printer or connecting the parts counting scale to a computer, FC-04i RS-232C/Comparator Relays/Buzzer. You can even purchase the optional FC-05i interface for connecting the FCi counting scale to a remote platform (up to four 350 ohm load cells) creating a 2 pan counting scale.

Read more about the FC-i Series and see all 9 models to select the right choice to best meet your parts counting needs here.

A&D Weighing inventory scale FC-20Ki

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing inventory scale FC-20Ki 50 lb 0.005 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • Parts Counting
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

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A&D Weighing inventory scale FC-20Ki - $989.45

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A&D Weighing Counting Scale FC-50Ki - $989.45

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A&D Weighing HC-15Ki Parts Counting - $499.99

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MSRP: $1285.00
YOU PAY $989.45
A&D Electronic Parts Counting Scales
AND Weighing

The FC-i series by A&D combines the latest cutting edge features and a heavy duty design.  A&D Weighing has long been a global manufacturer of high quality counting scales.  The result is a truly professional line of scales ideal for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications.  Each scale comes equipped with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement ( ACAI ) for enhanced counting performance.

Counting is easy with the FC-i Series Counting Scales.

  • First, press the "SAMPLE" key and place a sample number of items on the weighing pan.
  • Then, press the "ENTER" key
  • Start counting!
  • That's all there is to it!   Read more HERE
  Industrial Counting Scale   Postal Scale   Count Parts   Count Scale   Computerized Counting Scale   Scales Weighing Counting   Inventory-Control
accurate counts A&D Weighing new FC-i Counting Scale, replacing the very popular FC Counting Scale.  The new series provides improved resolution and performance along with additional features at a lower cost.  The FC-i can be used for production counting, inventory control or quality control in industries such as plastics, publishing and mailing services, as well as for counting gaming tokens or “Pull Tab” lottery tickets.  Eliminate the tedious task of counting nuts, bolts, and machined casings with the latest in counting scale technology from A&D Weighing.

The new FC-i offers a remarkable 1 million parts internal resolution, while the FC-Si offers a unprecedented 5 million parts internal resolution.  With a bright, four line, alphanumeric Vacuum Fluorescent Display, the FCi provides simple and easy-to-read operation.  In addition, 500 unit or tare weights can be stored into memory.

The standard RS-232C makes it straightforward to connect a computer, printer or bar code reader as well as to use the programmable printer format function. 
(Please note at the present time A&D designed the FC-i with the capabilities of using the FC-i counting scale with a bar code reader, scanner or printer but don't actually offer these components as accessories allowing you to purchase everything from an A&D Authorized Dealer like us.  Please contact John Means, Marketing Manager for A&D Weighing at 408-263-5333 prior to placing an order if you anticipate integrating the counting scale with a bar code reader, scanner or printer.  John Means can supply you with a list of products that will integrate seamlessly with the FC-i Series, but require you to purchase these items separately.)

The rugged FC-i retains all of the standard features of the original FC including comparator and accumulator functions as well as ACAI, A&D’s exclusive Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement.  ACAI continuously improves counting accuracy by recalculating average unit weight.  The remote scale option extends the functionality and capacity up to 100,000 pounds and is available with a Ni-MH rechargeable battery for portability.
Precision Counting Internal resolution FC-Si 1/5,000,000    FC-i 1/1,000,000
Accurate Counting Displayed resolution FC-Si 1/25,000   FC-i 1/10,000
Commercial Counting Scale FC-Si models incorporate A&D's unique Super Hybrid Sensor ( SHS ) technology enabling a remarkable internal resolution of FIVE million parts.  Get the accuracy and resolution of precision lab balance in a counting scale.
Precision Weighing Balances Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement ( ACAI ) function ensures quick, high count accuracy with minimal hand sample count.
Digital Counting Scales Large memory stores & retrieves up to 500 ID 6 Digit ID stores unit weight, tare weight, comparator limits, accumulator and 12 digit alphanumeric ID code/name.
Digital Counting Scale Large bright vacuum fluorescent displays simultaneously displays Piece Count, Unit Weight and Count Weight, comparator result, ID #, and item code. (up to 12 alphanumeric characters)
Piece Count Four simple modes for determining Average Piece Weight; Sample Count (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, random), 10-key Input, ID Recall or Computer Input.
Inventory Control Standard RS-232C, enables you to connect FCi to PC or printer. Optional 2nd & 3rd RS-232C Interface provides interface bar code printers or bar code readers and computers.
Parts Counting Scales Remote platform - Second weighing platform connectable for counting heavier samples, or for bulk weighing.  Optional remote scale OP-05-FC-i/ 0.5kg - 5,000kg capacity for an economical two-scale system
Money Counting Scales Comparator function which triggers an alarm HI - OK or LO settings. Makes kitting and checkweighing easy. Displayed status is standard, optional buzzer and relay outputs are available.
Digital Parts Counting Scale Navigation System with LED increases ease & efficiency.  LED Prompting Navigation System for intuitive operator use virtually eliminates operator training time.
Counting Scales Universal Flex Coms (UFC) Setup Software allows user to format printer output data
Digital Count Scale Automatic Memory Accumulation Mode totals piece count into memory
Money Counting Scale Large platform sizes accommodate a wide variety of packages, cartons & boxes
A&D Counting Scale Totaling, Comparator, Key-disabling, and Tare functions are available
Electronic Counting Scale Rugged design with Splash Proof Display and Keyboard.
Scale Count Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack Option
A&D Model FC-20Ki Counting Scale
Your Cost a&d weighing distributor $989.45
Capacity (kilograms)
20 kg
Resolution (grams)
2 g
Capacity (pounds)
50 lb
Resolution (pounds)
0.005 lb
Sample Size
10 pieces normal - 5, 25, 50, 100 or random number, user selectable
Min. Sample Unit Weight
0.02 g
Weight Sensor
Pan Size (millimeters)
300 x 280 mm
Pan Size (inches)
11.8" x 11.0"
Internal Resolution
1 million
Sensitivity Drift 20 ppm/ °C (5°C ~ 35°C)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C / 85% RH
7 segment / 5 x 7 dot Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD)
100, 120, 220, 240 VAC 50/60Hz (AC Adapter) or optional NiCd Battery Pack - Operating time approx. 10 hours (main scale only)
Weight Sensor
Load Cell
Max. Count pieces
Up to 999,999 pieces (accumulated)
Dimension (millimeters)
330 (W) x 462 (D) x 106 (H) mm
Dimension (inches)
13.0" (W) x 18.2" (D) x 4.6" (H)
Standard Accessories
120V AC Adapter, Instruction Manual
Weight of Scale
6.7 kg / 14.8 lb
Optional Accessories
FC-02i NiCd Battery Pack, FC-03i Second & Third RS-232C, FC-04i RS232C/Comparator Relays/Buzzer, FC-05i Remote Scale Connection, FC-09i Protective In-use Cover, CC:110 Carrying Case, RS-232 Cable, Printer, Remote SB Platform
Scale CountBrochure A&D Counting Click Here To Download For More Info
Inventory CountingData Brief A&D Parts Counting Download For Additional Specifications

Download the Instruction Manual for the FC-i Series (1.67MB) Counting Scale Manual 
The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

Specification subject to change. Try to avoid oversizing your scale as you may be sacrificing resolution which is critical to the accuracy of your counts
.  To assist you in trying to correlate the weight of the parts your counting a standard #1 paper clips weighs approximately 0.4 grams or a nickel weighs 5.0 grams .  For weighing larger parts be sure to see the rest of the FC-i Series models .

Most models in stock and are shipped the same business day if placed by 1:00 PM EST

A&D FC-i/Si Series Counting Scales
Download the User Manual (2.0 MB)

(select the model & any of the options below and then click the "BUY HERE" image)
AND Weighing Scales


FC-02i Rechargeable Battery Pack $403.00
FC-03i Second & Third RS-232C interface $220.00
FC-04i RS-232C/Comparator Relays/Buzzer $262.00
FC-05i Interface for Remote Scale (Up to 4 x 350 Loadcells) $138.00
FC-09i Protective In-Use cover $59.00
CC:110 FC-i Demo/Carrying / Storage Case $134.00
2 inch diameter non-skid foot (each) $16.00
AD-2844 Label Printer $995.00
AD-8127 Impact Dot Matrix Printer $867.00
RS232C cable for FC-i Counting Scale (9 pin to 9 pin cable) $40.00
RS-232 cable to 25 pin PC, cable length 6 ft. $47.00
USB to 9 pin RS-232 Converter for FCi Series $55.00
         Note:  FC-03i and FC-04i cannot co-exist


Most models in stock and are shipped the same business day if placed by 1:00 PM EST

Never bought a counting scale before?  How do they work?  What do people buy them for?  Learn here

Ticket Counting Scale Inventory Scale
Top View Side View
Scale Count Parts Piece Counting Scale
Bottom view Stainless steel weigh pan removed to show spider structure
Rear of counting scale Counting Scale
Rear view Optional interfaces (RS-232 or Comparator Relay Outputs) are simple to install.
Digital Electronic Scale Rechargeable NiCd Battery Pack slides into the rear of scales
FC-5000i counts marbles Optional NiCd Battery Pack slides into the rear of scale
Read more about the FC-i Series and see more images highlighting all the features of this high quality counting scale

Select from 9 Counting Scales to meet your specific weighing needs

Capacity x Readability

Min Weight Pan Size Price

500 g x 0.02 g
1 lb x 0.00005 lb

0.0001 g 5" x 5" $1348.00

5 kg x 0.2 g
10 lb x 0.0005 lb

0.001 g 6.5" x 6.5" $1348.00

500 g x 0.05 g
1 lb x 0.0001 lb

0.0005 g 8" x 6" $989.45

1 kg x 0.1 g
2 lb x 0.0002 lb

0.001 g 8" x 6" $989.45

2 kg x 0.2 g
5 lb x 0.0005 lb

0.002 g 11.8" x 11" $989.45
FC-5000i 5 kg x 0.5 g
10 lb x 0.001 lb
0.005 g 11.8" x 11" $989.45
FC-10Ki 10 kg x 1 g
20 lb x 0.002 lb
0.01 g 11.8" x 11" $989.45
FC-20Ki 20 kg x 2 g
50 lb x 0.005 lb
0.02 g 11.8" x 11" $989.45
FC-50Ki 50 kg x 5 g
100 lb x 0.01 lb
0.05 g 11.8" x 11" $989.45
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