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AND Weighing has been discontinued the entire SG & SF price computing scales and we have no remaining stock. Please do not order the SF-30KC scale since your order will not be processed. AND just notified us in July 2014 that they have decided to exit this market and it is probably because the realize the CAS 2000JR is a better scale for less money. We are recommend all customers to review the CAS 2000JR as an alternative. All information displayed herein is for archival and support purposes only.

Large removable 11.81" x 11.02" stainless steel weighing pan for easy cleaning makes the SF price computing scale. 60 lbs x .05 lb, VFD Tower Display, operates on AC or optional Rechargeable Battery Pack.

Read more about this Legal For Trade, NTEP Class III digital scale HERE and the complete specifications in detail with additional pictures of the scale.

Everyone understands the economy is tough and our phone is non-stop with requests for better prices.  Our prices online are the absolute lowest we go whether you are the government or large retail chain store like Walmart.  We offer just one low price to everyone and it is the one you see online.

You may want to consider our newest price computing scale, the CAS S-2000 Junior with LCD 60LB WITHOUT POST.  Priced under $260 delivered you can't beat the CAS S-2000 Junior with LCD 60LB WITHOUT POST.

A&D Weighing Poduce Scale SF-30KC

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing Poduce Scale SF-30KC 60 lb 0.02 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • Legal For Trade
  • Dual Display
  • NTEP Class III
Comparable Scales

CAS S2JR15P LCD 15LB with post - $339.00

Ohaus Legal for Trade Scales - $301.70

Chatillon 0724TG NTEP Scale - $264.00

A&D Weighing SK10KWP Class III Scale - $333.75

Ohaus Farmers Market Produce Scales - $299.60

CAS S2000 Junior LCD 30LB without post - $299.00

Ohaus NTEP Approved CofC Scales - $340.90

CAS AP-1 30 LB Scale - $375.00

CAS CAS S2000 NTEP Scale - $349.50

CAS 50 Lbs Produce Scale - $157.50

Ohaus Class III NTEP Approved Scale - $340.90

CAS S-2000 Junior LCD 60LB with post - $339.00

CAS S-2000 Junior LCD 60LB without post - $299.00

CAS EB-60 Price Computing LFT Scale - $609.00
MSRP: $495.00
YOU PAY $397.95
A&D Digital Retail Scales
Retail Electronic ScalesThe SF Series is the perfect solution for businesses selling produce and other goods by weight.  A&D is one of the very few scale manufacturers with a 60 pound capacity Legal-For-Trade Price Computing Scale.  Perfect for weighing those heavier pieces of produce like pumpkins, potatoes or even watermelons. 

All SF series come standard with tower displays and offer your choice of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display - monochrome, black and white display) or VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display - blue color.)  Battery operation is available with the KB & KC Series making them completely portable for roadside stands, carnivals and trade shows when AC power is not readily available (note the KB uses regular alkaline batteries while the KC requires you to purchase A&D's special NiCD rechargeable battery @ $165.00).  The transaction accumulator (provides customer with total for multiple items) is a unique feature typically not found in price computing scales, but is available with the SF/SG Series.  Every SF Scale can store up to 30 PLU's(Price Look-up Unit) and programming couldn't be easier.

Storing A Unit Price in Memory:

  • Enter the desired unit price using the 10 key pad
  • Press 1 of the 30 unique PLU keys within 3 seconds of entering the unit price from the 10 key pad
  • That's it!  Your unit cost is programmed
  • To recall the unit price from memory just price the desired PLU key.  It's so simple to use you can let your kids run the register

The SF/SG Series by A&D offer outstanding Price/Performance value for all types of products in retail stores such as Fruit, Produce, Meat, Bakery, Candy, Ice Cream, or Coffee.  They're just about the only price computing on the market today with a 60 pound capacity version ideal for weighing pumpkins at a farmer's market.  All SF/SG are Legal For Trade in both the USA NTEP CC#99-076) and Canada (AM 5329).  The SF Series all come standard with the display tower, and store prices for up to 30 items and offer a choice of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display - monochrome, black and white display) or VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display - blue color.)  All SF/SG weigh in pounds only.

SF-KA Models - Dual Display VFD Tower, 120V Direct Power Cord (not an AC Adapter)
SF-KB Models - Dual Display LCD Tower, 120V AC Adapter or 6 "D" batteries
SF-KC Models - Dual Display VFD Tower, 120V AC Adapter or optional SF-09 NiCd Rechargeable Battery Pack (cost $165 for SF-09)

SF-30KC: Dual Display Tower Type, VFD, AC Adapter or Rechargeable Batteries
Your Cost $397.95
The A&D SF-30KC has been discontinued and no longer in production. Supplies are very limited, so best to call prior to placing order to see if stock is still available. A&D Weighing has discontinued production of all the SG & SF price computing scales Please consider the CAS 2000JR or Ohaus A71P15DTNUS as an alternative models.
S&H via UPS Ground $22.50
Capacity 60 lbs
Non-linearity ± 0.02 lb
Standard Deviation
0.02 lb
Legal For Trade NTEP Approval #99-076 NTEP Approved Class III Scale.
Weighing Modes Pounds ONLY
Scale Dimensions 465(W) x 425(D) x 460 (H) (mm)
18.31 (W) x 16.73(D) x 18.11(H) (inches)
Display Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Display Indicators Weight-5 digits, Price-7 digits, Unit Price-6 digits
Platform Dimensions 300(W) x 280(D) (mm)
11.81(W) x 11.02(D) (inches)
Platform Material Removable Stainless Steel
Power AC adapter, NiCd rechargeable battery (OP-09)
This a custom NiCd battery pack and must be purchased from A&D since you can't find these in a store.
Battery Life A&D estimates the battery life when fully charged at 8 hours of continuous use.
-10C~40C (14F~104F) RH less than 85%

24 months

Standard Accessories Operating Manual, AC Adapter
Optional Accessories Serial RS-232C Interface-$85.00
NiCd Rechargeable Battery Pack $165.00
Warranty 24 months
Weight (Approx.) 9.9 lb
A&D Price ComputingBrochure A&D Weighing Click Here To Download For More Info
A&D Business ScalesData Brief Electronic Produce Scales Download For Additional Specifications
Download the Instruction Manual (580 KB) now Price Computing Scales 
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

A&D SF/SG Series Price Computing Scales
Download the User Manual (2.0 MB)

(select the model & any of the options below and then click the "BUY HERE" image)


SFG-03 RS-232C for SF & SG Series $89.00
SF-09 NiCd Rechargeable Battery Pack for SF-KC Model $165.00
SF-10 Stainless Steel Weighing Pan for SF Series $53.00
07:SF In-use Covers (5 per pack) $99.00

A&D offers several different configurations for Price Computing Scales
Model Capacity Display Type AC Type Battery Type PLU Price
SF-6KA 15 x 0.005 lb VFD Tower AC hardwired Not Available 30 $397.95
SF-15KA 30 x 0.01 lb VFD Tower AC hardwired Not Available 30 N/A
SF-30KA 60 x 0.02 lb VFD Tower AC hardwired Not Available 30 N/A
SF-6KB 15 x 0.005 lb LCD Tower AC adapter 6 D size 30 $367.95
SF-15KB 30 x 0.01 lb LCD Tower AC adapter 6 D size 30 $367.95
SF-30KB 60 x 0.02 lb LCD Tower AC adapter 6 D size 30 N/A
SF-6KC 15 x 0.005 lb VFD Tower AC adapter Rechargeable 30 $397.95
SF-15KC 30 x 0.01 lb VFD Tower AC adapter Rechargeable 30 $397.95
SF-30KC 60 x 0.02 lb VFD Tower AC adapter Rechargeable 30 $397.95
SG-6KA 15 x 0.005 lb LCD Table top AC adapter 6 D size 12 $367.95
SG-15KA 30 x 0.01 lb LCD Table top AC adapter 6 D size 12 N/A
SG-30KA 60 x 0.02 lb LCD Table top AC adapter 6 D size 12 N/A
Note: Custom Rechargeable battery pack sold as an option for $165 for SF-6/15/30KC
Standard D size batteries are not included with SF-6/15/30KB, SG-6/30KA.

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