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Scientech SA510 analytical balance was the first 510 gram capacity analytical ever offered in the world.  It has a RS232 data interface, automatic calibration using an external weight, stability indicator, capacity tracker, and real-time temperature compensation software. This professional balance provides 510g capacity with a 0.0001 readability.

Scientech is an innovator of high quality, precision weighing since 1968. Scientech is made in the U.S.A.

These balances are microprocessor controlled with built-in functions to improve performance. Automatic adjustments to temperature changes are accomplished with real time temperature compensation software through Scientech's exclusively designed software algorithms.

This revolutionary internal software corrects every updated weight reading for temperature changes as small as 0.001°C without having to recalibrate the balance, yielding accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrate your balance as the ambient temperature varies. All these complex calculations take place in the background and are totally invisible to the end user. You will never have that nagging doubt again that you should have recalibrated before that last critical weighing.

If you need absolute accuracy for analytical weighing, make sure you buy the Scientech SA-Series.

Analytical weighing demands a high standard of accuracy. The SA Series delivers. Weights from 80 to 510 grams with 0.0001g resolution are displayed promptly, clearly, and reliably.

An outstanding feature which can be added to any SA model is the optional motor driven, built-in, calibration weight (Part No. 9000-INT). In fact you can purchase the balance with the internal calibration already installed (IW models), you can have it custom installed or buy the balance without internal calibration. Optional printer available. This handy accessory gives you the ability to easily recalibrate your SA analytical balance as often as you wish without having to use an external weight. In combination the unique real time temperature compensation software, this quality feature assures you of dependable, accurate results.

Read all the specs in detail here.

View the full list of SA-series analytical balances offering different weighing capacities here.

Scientech SA-510 electronic balance

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Scientech SA-510 electronic balance 510 g 0.0001 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

Scientech SA510IW test equipment - $4899.95

Sartorius MSA524P laboratory balance - $8167.50

Sartorius MSU524P analytical balance - $7600.50

Other Brands 21 Pc Weight Set Class 1 - $2059.00

Other Brands 500 gram Class 1 NVLAP Cert - $237.00

Other Brands WinWedge Serial Software - $349.00

Sartorius MSE524P-100-DU analytical balance - $6583.50

Sartorius MSA524S analytical balance - $9688.50

Sartorius MSE524S laboratory balance - $8104.50

A&D Weighing AD1683 Static Eliminator - $1095.00

Other Brands Weight Set 1g-500g Class 1 NVLAP Cert - $2343.00

Sartorius Cal-pak calibration weight set 500g, 50g, 2g - $487.00
MSRP: $4995.00
YOU PAY $4299.95
lab weighing instrument
The scale image above is the updated version with a new display.


PWB DISCOUNT PRICE S&H via UPS Ground is $50.00 $4299.95






(Std Dev)







Grams, Carats, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight and a custom weight register (programmed when you buy the balance)






Standard RS232C bi-directional interface. Baud rates of 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200


Circular 3.5" Diameter


100-240 VAC (47-63Hz) with 115 volt wall connector linecord


Standard rectangular (7.5W x 8.25D x 9.5H)
Entire draft shield can be removed by simply removing 4 screws.

HOUSING (inches)

7.5W x 11.25D x 3.25H

Standard Accessories

Manual, AC Adapter, Underhook for specific gravity applications, RS-232C data interface

Optional Accessories

External Data Input Keyboard, Rechargeable battery kit, External calibration mass, Printer, Motorized automatic internal calibration weight

External Calibration Mass (optional)


Download the Instruction Manual (408KB) now download manual  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

Scientech SA Analytical Balances

(select the model & any of the options to the right and then the "BUY HERE" image)
cal weights Motorized auto internal cal [factory installed] $600.00
Battery Kit, 115V Rechargeable $395.00
Foot Switch - TARE [factory installed] $250.00
Foot Switch - SEND DATA [factory installed] $250.00
Printer, dot matrix, RS232 with interconnecting cable $695.00
Custom weight register "A" (specify desired unit of measure) $40.00
Cable, 6' null modem, for RS232 serial printers (DB9 to DB25) $50.00
Cable, 6' null modem, for connecting to PC's (DB9 to DB9) $50.00
Below Balance Weighing Hanger $50.00
Dust Cover for SA models $45.00
Low Cost Aftermarket Universal Specific Gravity Kit $139.95
Granite Isolator 13 x 15 inch $590.00
AD-1683 - Static Eliminator $1095.00
WinWedge Std Software Wedge for Windows $259.00

Optional Calibration Weights

5 pc. Weight Set (1 kg - 100 g) Class 1 with NVLAP $811.00
9 pc. Weight Set (100 g - 1 g.) Class 1 with NVLAP $986.00
1mg-100g 21 Piece Class 1 Weight Set with NVLAP Cert $1664.00
500g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 1.2 mg) $271.00
500g Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 2.5 mg) $202.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 20mg Class 1 with NVLAP $425.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 200mg Class 1 with NVLAP $425.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 2g Class 1 with NVLAP $438.00

Weighing Sample Pan

YWP06G Weigh Pan w/ 3.25" Diameter and 0.75" depth $30.00
Select from 16 different Analyticals to meet your specific weighing needs

Cap x Read (g)

Pan Size Internal Calibration Price

80 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter No $1949.95

80 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter Yes $2549.95

120 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter No $2199.95

120 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter Yes $2799.95

210 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter No $2399.95

210 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter Yes $2999.95

310 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter No $2699.95

310 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter Yes $3299.95

410 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter No $3449.95

410 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter Yes $4049.95

510 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter No $4299.95

510 x 0.0001

3.5" diameter Yes $4899.95

100 x 0.0001
200 x 0.001

3.5" diameter No $2299.95

100 x 0.0001
200 x 0.001

3.5" diameter Yes $2899.95

250 x 0.0001
500 x 0.001

3.5" diameter No $4149.95

250 x 0.0001
500 x 0.001

3.5" diameter Yes $4649.95
Precision Weighing Balances is an Authorized Scientech Dealer.  All Scientech Balances are made in Boulder, Colorado.  Support American jobs and buy Scientech.  The beauty of buying Scientech is if you ever have a problem with your balance you can speak with the same people who built your balance.  In the unlikely event you need to repair your balance Scientech offers a Five-day turnaround for factory service.
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