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digital scales
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FG-30KBMN Bench Scale is a Legal for Trade Industrial Bench Scale offering 60 lb weighing capacity with 0.02 lb readability.  Additional weigh modes include kilogram (30 kg x 0.01 kg) and ounces (960 oz x 0.5 oz).  This scale will meet weights & measures requirements as a Class III scale.

Large 11.8" x 15" stainless steel platform is perfect for farmers that want to pick and pack their fruits and vegetables in the field.  In today's market the goal is to deliver the perfect product and savvy farmers know the less handling of the product the less chance of bruising.  Whether you're a strawberry, blueberry, or raspberry operation, heirloom tomato grower or mushroom operation the FG-30KBMN is a great packing scale.

The new FG-K is the next generation of the legendary FG Series bench scales.  Over a 100.000 units of the FG Series were sold worldwide for agricultural and industrial weighing applications and now A&D Weighing has made this digital scale even better.  The new loadcell offers one second response time, all new electronics and the sealed keypad protects against dust and spills and incorporates momentary contact buttons.  Locking casters for the new FG-K Series is also available as an optional accessory enabling the bench scale to be easily transporting by rolling the scale throughout the facility.

Field proven ruggedness, compact lightweight construction with economical simplicity.  The FG-K Bench Scales offer removable stainless steel weighing pan design ensuring easy cleanability & long life.  Easy to operate with simple controls assures quick operator training and a minimum of weighing errors.

Additional features include operation on AC Adapter (included) or "C" size batteries.  Automatic power off function saves battery life when not in use and this feature can also be disabled.  Large LCD designed with removable meter head features 5 feet of standard cable adapts to desk top, wall mount or custom applications.  There is also an optional RS-232c interface is available for easily connecting the scale to a PC with WinCT software.

Full digital calibration allows for easy calibration (optional calibration weights required) and with adjustable feet level & sprint bubble indicator facilitates precise leveling to insure accurate readings.

A&D Weighing is the third largest manufacturer in the world for balances and scales and is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  A&D has two facilities logistically positioned on the west coast (Milpitas, CA) and east coast (Norcross, GA) enabling most delivers within 3 business days via UPS ground service. A&D maintains a huge inventory and backs the FG-K Series with a 2 year warranty.  If you every need parts, accessories or warranty the company is ready to meet your needs.

Buying a bench scale in today's flooded marketplace is an extremely tough decision.  We know this since we have never seen so many manufacturers' chasing after a niche market.  Some manufacturer's maintain zero inventory while others play games with their warranty policy where if you have a problem they will send you the parts even though most people can't repair the scales.  Other alleged manufacturers don't even answer their phones or e-mail so if you need any support you are on your own.

Precision Weighing Balances feels A&D is the best brand of bench scales when you take in consideration performance, design, support and warranty if it ever arises.  A&D offers a thoroughly documented and outlined user manual which you can download by scroll down this web page. A&D offers fabulous technical support and technicians that truly know the product.

Buying an industrial bench scale online can save your company a ton of money.  These products are simple to setup and targeted for the "out of box market".  All scales are not created equally and you might spend a few dollar extras today for quality, design and support, but for many the cost of ownership over the life of the product is much lower when you select the A&D FG-K Series over other brands.

Please scroll completely down this web page since we have an abundance of information to answer just about any question you might have.  If we left something out either give us a call or call A&D Weighing directly at 408-263-5333.

The FG-K Series includes 9 NTEP versions and 9 non-NTEP high resolutions models offering varying weighing capacity and readability and you can review the models here.

A&D Weighing FG30KBMN NTEP scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing FG30KBMN NTEP scale 60 lb 0.02 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • KiloGrams
  • Legal For Trade
  • Parts Counting
  • NTEP Class III
Comparable Scales

A&D Weighing SK-30K class III scale - $259.50

A&D Weighing freight scale HW-60KGL - $1090.00

Ohaus D51P25QR5 bench scale - $1115.20

Ohaus Defender Xtreme D32XW30VR - $1139.20

Weigh South Industrial Scale WS50R10S - $659.55

A&D Weighing SW-30KM water resistant scale - $1693.77

A&D Weighing Washdown HV-60KWP - $1084.95

Mettler Toledo PS60U-5131-000 UPS Scale - $699.95

Ohaus D51P60HL5 platform scale - $1185.60

Ohaus D51XW60HR1 Defender NTEP Scale - $1419.20

Ohaus TR30RS industrial scale - $638.40

A&D Weighing FG-30KAMN NTEP Scale - $600.00

Adam Equipment CPWplus35 Digital Scale - $186.00

Adam Equipment CPWplus35M Platform Scale - $323.00

Adam Equipment CPWplus200W Warehouse Scale - $397.00

A&D Weighing SK20KWP Waterproof Scale - $399.99

CAS 50 Lbs Produce Scale - $189.00

Ohaus CKW30L55 NSF Approved Scale - $1688.40

Weigh South WS60R10 Bench Scale - $339.95

VMC VW-320A-60 Portable Scale - $799.00
MSRP: $665.00
YOU PAY $532.00
precision balance

FG-30KBMN BENCH SCALE - Legal for Trade
PWB Discount Price

a&d weighing industrial scales $532.00

S&H via UPS ground


Capacity x Readability

60 lb x 0.02 lb

Capacity x Readability

30 kg x 0.01 kg

Capacity x Readability

960 oz x 0.5 oz

Weigh Modes

User selectable lb, kg or oz

Linearity error

± 0.02 lb / ± 0.01 kg / ± 0.5 oz

(Std. deviation)

± 0.01 lb / ± 0.005 kg / ± 0.2 oz

Sensitivity drift

20 ppm / °C
(10 °C - 30 °C / 50 °F - 86 °F)

Tare Range

To capacity by subtraction

Operating Temp.

-10°C ~ 40°C / -14°F ~ 104°F
less than 85% RH (no condensation)

Legal For Trade

Yes NTEP Approved, Class III,
CofC #05-101

No. of samples

5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 pieces

Max. counts

120,000 pcs

Min. unit weight

0.25 g

Display Update

10 times per second


7 segment LCD display
(Character height 1 inch / 26mm)

Display Update

10 times per second

Auto Shut-OFF

Yes - 3 selections: Disable, Enable for battery use only, Enable for battery or AC Adapter - powers down 5 minutes no activity.


4 C size batteries (not included)
or AC Adapter (included)

Battery operating

Approximately 150 hours with Alkaline batteries

Scale Dimensions

15.0(W) x 18.3(D) x 4.6(H) inch
380(W) x 464(D) x 118(H) mm

Weighing Platform

300 x 380 mm / 11.8 x 15.0 inches
removable stainless steel pan

Weigh Sensor

Load Cell


21.3 lb / 9.7 kg

Calibration weight

Requires optional 30 kg or 60 lb calibration mass

Optional Accessories

FG-23 RS-232C Interface, FG-24 Comparator/Set Point Relay Outputs, FG-26 Carrying Handle, FV-05 AC Adapter (110V), Calibration Weight


24 months limited manufacturer warranty. Warranty return to base - repair facility in California or Georgia

Place of Origin


industrial balance Data Sheet

commerical scale Download the brochure loaded with tons of information.

heavy duty scale User Manual

scale manual Download the user manual.  If you have a question how it works it is in the manual.

Factory setting is for HIGH resolution
Features - click each icons for more information     
Requires FG-23 or FG-24   

FG-30KBMN industrial platform scale
Shown above is the FG-30KBMN industrial platform scale
platform scale
Shown above are the dimensions for the FG-KBMN platform scale.
digital platform scales
Simple easy to use 4 button indicator.
Oversized 1 inch 7 segment LCD display

The comparator function compares the display value with upper limit and lower limit. The display shows the result and the optional FG-24 can output it as a relay signal.

The optional FG-23 (RS-232C serial interface) and FG-24 (RS-232C serial interface and comparator relay output) has an RS-232 interface and can output the weighing data to connect with a printer, computer and so on.  The interface is a DIN 8 pin connector (JA+TCP0586) and we highly recommend you purchase the optional RS-232 cable since this is not an off the shelf cable you'll find in a typical computer store.
industrial platform scales
There are 2 sizes of weighing pans.  The FG-KALN has a larger pan (15.4 x 20.9 inches) and the FG-KAMN/KBMN offers a smaller pan (11.8 x 15.0 inch).  The FG-KALN/KAMN has a display column and the FG-KBMN is a without column model.  You can select a model that suits your own application.

Select from 9 different Legal For Trade models.  These NTEP models offer only a single weighing resolution while the non-NTEP modes offer 3 weighing ranges.  NTEP models have their part number ending in the prefix "N".  Without a question A&D products require a degree in engineering to understand their scales and what each model does. 


Platform Size Column Price

60 x 0.02 lb

11.8" x 15" NO $532.00

150 x 0.05 lb

11.8" x 15" NO $532.00

300 x 0.1 lb

11.8" x 15" NO $532.00

60 x 0.02 lb

11.8" x 15" YES $600.00

150 x 0.05 lb

11.8" x 15" YES $600.00

300 x 0.1 lb

11.8" x 15" YES $600.00

150 x 0.05 lb

15.4" x 20.9" YES $668.00

300 x 0.1 lb

15.4" x 20.9" YES $668.00

400 x 0.1 lb

15.4" x 20.9" YES $756.00

Select from 9 different non-NTEP models that offer 3 weighing ranges.  Shown below are the specs in the highest resolution.


Platform Size Column Price

60 x 0.005 lb

11.8" x 15" NO $532.00

150 x 0.01 lb

11.8" x 15" NO $532.00

300 x 0.02 lb

11.8" x 15" NO $532.00

60 x 0.005 lb

11.8" x 15" YES $600.00

150 x 0.01 lb

11.8" x 15" YES $600.00

300 x 0.02 lb

11.8" x 15" YES $600.00

150 x 0.01 lb

15.4" x 20.9" YES $668.00

300 x 0.02 lb

15.4" x 20.9" YES $668.00

400 x 0.02 lb

15.4" x 20.9" YES $756.00

A&D FG-K Series Platform Scales
Download the FG-K Series User Manual

(select the model & any of the options and then the "BUY HERE" image)

Industrial Scales and Weighing Systems
A&D Weighing Options

FG-26 Carrying Handle $93.00
Four (4) HV/W-17LSC Swivel/Lock Caster, fits all the FG-K $200.00
HV/W-17LSC Replacement Swivel/Lock Caster $55.00 ea.
FG-23 RS-232C Interface $72.00
RS-232 to USB converter kit for FG-K Series Balances $64.00
FG-24 Comparator/Set Point Relay Outputs $95.00
KO:WW25/7 RS-232 Cable to D-Sub 25 pin computer $47.00
KO:WW9/7 RS-232C Cable to D-Sub 9 pin computer $49.00
AD-8127 Impact Dot Matrix Printer $867.00
10 kg calibration weight Class F (± 1.0g) $130.00
20 kg calibration weight Class F (± 2.0g) $142.70
25 kg calibration weight Class F (± 2.5g) $170.00
30 kg calibration weight Class F (± 3.0g) $390.00
50 kg calibration weight Class F (± 5.0g) $540.00
10 kg Grip Weight, Class 2 (± 50mg) $705.00
20 kg grip weight Class 2 (± 100mg) $1074.00
30 kg grip weight Class 2 (± 150mg) $1485.00

         Wall Mount Bracket                Carrying Handle

Top view of weighing platform frame with weigh pan removed.   Four (4) adjustable feet make leveling the scale a breeze.

digital floor scale
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