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digital scales
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Weigh infants with precision using the Health-O-Meter 522KL electronic baby scale. Similar in design to the older 1522KL except this pediatric scale features a digital display. Weighing units include pound:ounces or kilograms and offers dual range for more precise readings at lower weights. At 0-20 lb the digital baby scale increments 0.2 oz and from 20-50 lb the 522KL increments 0.5 oz.

Health-O-Meter 522KL infant scales come with an easy to clean 24 1/8” (w) x 14 1/2” (d) x 2 5/8” (h) sanitary tray with built in measuring tape capable of reading up to 23" x 1/4" is included with the 522KL scale. You may affix the measuring tape to the bottom or side of the weighing tray.

The Healthometer 522KL has a large 1" LCD, 2 Year Limited Warranty and is powered by 6 AA batteries included or you can purchase the optional ADPT31 120V power adapter. The is a USB interface for connection with a computer, EMR software or other electronic device via various Health o meter® Professional Connectivity Solutions.

Additional features include:

  • HOLD function allows you to read the weight after removing the baby from the scale platform
  • AUTO-OFF - Scale will shut off automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity. You can also deactivate this function
  • Tare Function allows you to place other items on the scale while weighing the baby without affecting the baby's weight reading.
  • KG & LB LOCK OUT - The stable weight show within 2 minutes. If the user does not press any buttons in this 2 minutes, the scale will automatically turn off. (Note: If it is powered by the adaptor, Auto off function is invalid.)

Since 1919 Health o meter® Professional has been the healthcare industry's leading scale brand. Their medical scales set the standard for superior quality, innovation and better patient care. Trust in the Health o meter name inspires physicians all over the world to use Healthometer products everyday in doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, fitness, acute-care and, long-term care facilities.

Healthometer baby scale 522KL

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Healthometer baby scale 522KL 20 lb 0.2 oz
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • USB
Comparable Scales

My Weigh MBSC UltraScale U-2 Baby Scale - $214.95

Healthometer 524KL pediatric scale - $420.00

My Weigh Baby Scale MBS2010 - $269.95

Healthometer 1522KL Baby Scale - $460.00

Healthometer 1524KL Mechanical Baby - $495.00

Healthometer 2210KL Neonatal Scale - $1915.00

Healthometer 386S Mechanical BabyScale - $180.00

Seca Medical 334 baby scale - $415.00

Seca Medical 354 Infant Scale - $249.99

Siltec BS1 Baby Scale - $124.95

Healthometer 8320KL Portable Pediatric Scale - $249.99

Healthometer 553KL Baby Scale - $349.00
MSRP: $450.00
YOU PAY $375.00
Digital Baby Scale
HealthoMeter 522KL Dual Range Digital Baby Scale
$375.00 digital baby scale
S&H fee via Ground $40.00
Capacity x Readability 0-20 lbs x 0.2 oz / 20-50lb x 0.5oz
Capacity x Readabillity 0-9kg x 5g / 9-23kg x 10g
Units Pounds or Kilograms
Interface USB
Power 6AA batteries (included) or
AC Adapter (NOT included)
Measuring Tape 0" - 23" / 0 cm - 58 cm
Features EMR, Zero out/Tare, Hold/Release, Auto Zero, Auto Off,
Features KG/LB, Clear, Enter, Sanitary
Tray w/ Measuring Tape
Display Easy-read 1” high LCD display
Tray Dimensions 24-1/16" x 14 1/8" x 3"
Overall Dimensions 24 1/16" x 21" x 23 1/8"
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight 23 lb
baby scaleUser Manual Click here for manual. Contains operating instructions, assembly steps and parts list
baby weightProduct Brochure Click here for additional information
newborn weightEMR Systems Electronic Medical Record Systems
Healthometer Baby Scales CatalogHOM Scale Catalog Click here to see the complete line of Healthometer Baby Scales

Health-O-Meter 522KL Digital Infant Scale

Check the optional accessories and then the "BUY NOW" image
electronic infant scale
Optional Accessories:

AC Adapter $42.00
2210 Cart $617.00
C-HOMWA-1 Connectivity Kit - to connect Healthometer digital scales to Welch Allyn Connex device $210.00
L-HOMWA-1 Connectivity Kit - to connect Healthometer digital scales to Welch Allyn Spot LXi Monitor $210.00
Bluetooth wireless kit enables the transmission of scale data to an EMR system $375.00
Bluetooth wireless kit enables the transmission of scale data to a Welch Allyn CVSM $450.00
Bluetooth wireless kit enables the transmission of scale data to a Welch Allyn Lxi $450.00

For additional information on connectivity for Allscripts, Midmark or Healthometers software development kit visit Healthometer's Connectivity Solutions

Health o Meter Baby Scales

The 522KL from Health-O-Meter is a brand new digital baby scale ideal for professionals requiring a scale capable of weighing infants with precision.  Dual range assures you are getting the most precise readings possible without exceeding your budget.  When weighing infants up to 20 pounds the display will increment in graduations of 0.2 ounces.  Once the weight in the weighing platform exceeds 20 pounds the display will increment in 0.5 ounce divisions.

For baby weighing the stable weight show within 2 minutes.  If the user does not press any buttons in this 2 minutes, the scale will automatically turn off.  (Note: If it is powered by the adaptor, Auto off function is invalid.)

Some professional scales for weighing babies cost over a thousand dollars.  Health-O-Meter pediatric scales are much more reasonably priced, and even offer EMR connectivity via USB port.  Please keep in mind that these baby scales can be connected to an existing electronic medical record system, however the EMR software and configuration is your own responsibility.  Precision Weighing Balances does not provide this software or service, and must be done either in-house, or by a company specializing in EMR services.

Transferring the weight of the baby to a computer requires communications software that needs to be installed on a computer and does not come with the scale. 

For more information we recommend before you purchase the scale that you visit Healthometer's Connectivity Solutions for additional info on the available software development kit offered by Healthometer.

Health o meter® Professional is the industry leader in medical scales providing advanced innovations and the highest level of quality and accuracy since 1919.
  • Hold/Release, Zero/Tare, KG/LB, Clear, Enter Functions
  • Strong Aluminum Pillar
  • Sanitary tray with built-in measuring tape provides safety, reads up to 23" x 1/4" or 58 cm x 1 cm. Tray made from easy-to-clean ABS plastic
  • Easy-read 1” high LCD display
  • AC Adapter (Sold Separately)
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

522KL 524KL 553KL 549KL 2210KL
Healthometer baby scale 522KL infant scale 524KL Health-o-Meter 553KL Baby Scale HealthoMeter 549KL Baby Scale HealthoMeter 2210KL Neonatal Scale
WEIGHT CAPACITY 50 lb/23 kg 50 lb/23 kg 44 lb/20 kg 44 lb/20 kg 45 lb/20 kg
RESOLUTION 0-20 lb x 0.2 oz / 20-50 lb x 0.5 oz
0-9 kg x 5 g / 9-23 kg/ 10 g

0-44 lbs x 0.5 oz
0-20 kg x 10 g

0-44 lbs x 0.5 oz
0-20 kg x 10 g
0 - 11300g x 1g
11300g - 20000g x 5g
(L x W x H)
24-1/16" x 14 1/8" x 3" n/a 25" x 13 7/8" x 2" 19 3/8" x 12 1/8" x 2" 24 1/16" x 15 1/16" x 3 1/2"
(L x W x H)
18" x 14 1/8" x 18 1/2" n/a n/a n/a
MEASURING TAPE 0" - 23" / 0 cm - 58 cm n/a 0" - 24" / 0 cm - 58 cm n/a 0" - 23 3/4" / 0 cm - 60 cm
DISPLAY 1" LCD 1" LCD 0.6" LCD 7/8? LCD
BATTERIES 6 AA batteries (included) 6 AA batteries (included) 9V battery (included) 6 C-cell batteries (included)
120V ADAPTER Optional AC Adapter (ADPT31) Optional AC Adapter (ADPT30) n/a n/a
LB / KG LOCK OUT Yes Yes Yes Yes (g, kg, and lb)
MAINTENANCE Plastic, easy to clean
CARRYING CASE n/a Optional (553CASE) Optional (64769) n/a
WARRANTY 2 years 3 years
AUTO OFF Yes Yes Yes Yes
AUTO ZERO Yes Yes Yes Yes
ZERO OUT / TARE Yes Yes Yes Yes

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