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digital scales
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digital scales
lab scales

Electronic Precision Balance (EPB-10K) offers 10,000 gram weighing capacity with readability to 0.1 grams at an astonishing affordable price. Yes it is a generic brand direct from Asia, but this is where 99% of the portable electronic scales are made nowadays. Asia has advanced dramatically over the years in technology and quality. We decided to market this generic brand since we believe in the motto "if you can't tell the difference why pay the difference". If you take a closer look at other brands like the Ohaus Scout they are made in China. Sure, Ohaus does a great marketing job of their product and package it fancier, but all that extra costs are passed on to the consumer - a.k.a. YOU.

In today's world, building a strain gauge scale is not rocket science that only a few companies have the skills to engineering and build. Smaller independent Asian companies are building fabulous quality strain gauge scales and even including extra features at no additional cost , while major brands have made some features an option. Case in point, the Ohaus Navigator requires you to purchase the optional RS-232 module if you want to connect your scale to a computer, while it is standard on the EPB-10K.

The EBP-10K is the only model in the entire EBP Series that offers below balance weighing and the underhook is included. You can learn more about weighing beneath the balance HERE, but I'll explain briefly. Some objects that must be weighed below the balance since they are just too big to fit on the weighing platform and would cover the display so you can not read the weighing results or they are extremely hot or cold that would affect the weighing results. In these cases the load can be hung with a hook beneath the digital scale. The underhook is particularly useful in applications such as determining the density of a sample/object. The sample is weighed underneath the balance in air and the weight is recorded. Then the sample is weighed in a tank of distilled water and the weight is recorded. The specific gravity of a material is the ratio of its density to that of water at the same temperature and pressure. The difference between the weight of a solid in air and under water is equal to the weight of water displaced by the volume of the sample. Interested in learning more about density and specific gravity visit this link.

Another feature the EPB-10K offers that few electronic scales on the market offers today in user selectable calibration. Most other brands require you to use a specific calibration mass like 5 kilograms for a scale that weighs up to 6kg. Now, if you have a 3 kilogram calibration weight you can't do nothing with it using the major brand scales. Well, with the EPB-10K you can set the calibration to whatever weight you want. If you have a calibration mass that is 7000g, 7500g, 8010g even 926g grams you can configure any specific calibration weight to perform the calibration. Please note, we always recommend you calibrate any scale with 75% or greater of the weighing capacity of the scale for the best calibration.

Okay now getting back EPB-10K the scale offers 10,000g x 0.1g, die cast aluminum sub-platter, large 6.7" x 7.0" stainless steel weigh platform, Linearity +/- 0.2g, 100,000 divisions with 1,300,000 internal resolution, 24 bit high speed A/D converter and an HBM C3 load cell. Yes it is a lot of technical jargon but if you are a scale expert it all means this is one hell of a scale for an extremely affordable price.

It is also very important to have very good Analog to Digital processors for scales, the 24 bit AD is the fastest and it has over 1.3 million internal resolutions. Many low cost high resolution balances have low internal resolutions of below 500,000 counts. Other than the zero or drift tracking software, the balance will also need to see a very high internal resolution to be able to track the internal weight drift after weight is placed on the balance for 1 minute.

If you are looking for greater weighing capacity be sure to review the My-weigh iBalance 11000 Scale which offers 11,000g x 0.1 grams.

The EPB-10K is truly a value oriented product designed for the school science classroom, hobbyist, or light industrial weighing applications. Choose from over 10 different models in the EPB Series HERE.

Other Brands EPB10K (10000g x 0.1g)

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Other Brands EPB10K (10000g x 0.1g) 10000 g 0.1 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Grains
  • Milligrams
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • KiloGrams
  • Parts Counting
Comparable Scales

Scientech SG12000 digital scale - $2053.95

Ohaus AX8201 Automatic Calibration - $1538.50

Scientech SHC12 electronic scale - $2395.00

My Weigh iBalance 11000 digital scale - $463.99

Adam Equipment PGL10001 digital scale - $1875.00

A&D Weighing GP-12K precision scale - $2625.00

A&D Weighing EW-12Ki NTEP digital scale - $331.50

Sartorius Signum SIWRDCP-V13 - $1889.00

A&D Weighing GF-12K Precision Scale - $2337.00

Sartorius ENTRIS8201-1S Balance - $884.80

Ohaus EX10201 precise scale - $3051.50

My Weigh i5500 Electronic Scale - $209.99

Ohaus Scout SJX6201NE Class III Scale - $612.50

Other Brands EPB-20001L Digital Scale - $402.95

Other Brands EPB-10001L Digital Scale - $390.95

Ohaus Navigator NVT10001/1 precision balance - $538.00
MSRP: $399.00
YOU PAY $252.95
precision balance

digital scale

We decided to weigh our Shrek DVD to help give you a prospective of the size of this amazing affordable digital scale.  Bright backlit display makes viewing fast & easy in any lighting.  You can program the backlit to always be ON, always OFF, or when a weight is applied to the weighing platform the backlit automatically turns ON.
In the YouTube video above we give a general overview of the Electronic Precision Balance EPB10K weighing functions & features.

EPB-10K Electronic Precision Balance 10,000g x 0.1g
PWB Discount Price Electronic Digital Scale $252.95
S&H via FEDEX Ground $30.00
Capacity x Readability (g) 10,000 g x 0.1 g
Capacity x Readability (oz) 352.7 oz x 0.005 oz
Capacity x Readability (dwt) 6430 dwt x 0.1 dwt
Capacity x Readability (ozt) 321.5 ozt x 0.005 ozt
Capacity x Readability (lb) 22.0 lb x 0.0005 lb
Linearity ± 0.2 g
Repeatability ± 0.1 g
Auto Off (menu select) 3, 5 & 10 minutes
Tare range Tare full capacity
Weigh modes 13 Mass unit conversions Grams (g), Ounces (oz), Pounds (lb), Pennyweight (dwt), Troy Ounce (ozt), Carat (ct), Grain (gn), Tael-Taiwan (tl.T), Tael-Hong Kong (tl.H), Hong Kong Jewelry (tl.J), Dram (dr), Momme (mm), Tola-India (ToLA), GSM, TAR, TMR)
Application Programs Counting, Percent Weighing
Operation temperature 50°F -86°F / 10°C-30°C
Stabilization ~ 2 seconds
Display 7 segment LCD 7/8" in Height
Backlit Yes - Green Backlit selectable: always ON; Always OFF; Auto (backlit turns on when weight applied to platform)
Calibration External Auto calibration user selectable 1000g, 2000g, 5000g
(calibration mass - NOT INCLUDED)
Data Communication RS-232 interface 9 pin. Requires purchase of optional RS-232 cable and Data Acquisition Software
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.3" x 10.2" x 3.4"
Weighing Platform 6.7" x 7.0"
Adaptation to ambient conditions By selection of 1 of 7 optimized filter levels; display update: 0.0 - 0.8 (depends on filter level selected)
Power AC Adapter Included or
6 AA batteries (not included)
Below scale weighing YES - hook is included
Included Accessories AC Adapter, User Manual
Optional Accessories Calibration mass purchase separately
Net Weight 3 lbs
Shipping Weight 6 lbs
Warranty 2 years limited manufacturer warranty
digital scale User Manual electronic scale manual Download the user manual.  Learn more about the keypad functions and other additional information.
In the YouTube video above shows you how parts counting works for the Electronic Precision Balance EPB10K. We count paperclips and blister packs using an oversized counter.

digital scale

Four (4) adjustable feet for easy leveling.
Powered by AC Adapter Included or 6 AA batteries (not included)
In the YouTube video below shows you how easy calibration is performed. Calibration weights are NOT included with the scale and must be purchased SEPARATELY.

The EPB is one of the few scales on the market that allows you to use any size calibration weight within the weighing range of the digital scale. We always recommend you calibrate the scale with a weight at least 50% of the weighing capacity for accurate weighing results over the full weighing range. So for the EPB10K you should use at least a 5kg weight, for the EPB6K at least 3kg and EPB3K at least 1500g, but if all you have was a 1kg mass you could calibration the EBP scale.

Electronic Scales

10 kg Cast Iron NIST Class F (± 1g) $130.00
10 kg ASTM Class 2 (± 50 mg) with NO Cert $799.00
10 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 50 mg) $929.00
10 kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 25 mg) $2086.00
8000g ASTM Class 2 (± 50 mg) with NO Cert $785.00
5000g ASTM Class 2 (± 25 mg) with NO Cert $344.00
5kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 12 mg) $528.00
3000g ASTM Class 2 (± 15 mg) with NO Cert $270.00
3 kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 7.5 mg) $438.00
2000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 200 mg) cal mass $60.00 - NO Cal Cert.
2000g ASTM Class 2 (± 10 mg) with NO Cert $164.00
2 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 10 mg) $304.00
2 kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 5 mg) $287.00
1000g ASTM Class 2 (± 5.0 mg) with NO Cert $139.00
1000g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 2.5 mg) $252.00

In the YouTube video above shows you how configuring the Electronic Precision Balance EPB10K. We show you how to disable the Auto Shut-Off, the options for the backlight and to turn ON and OFF the annunciator.

electronic scale

Rear View of scale shows AC Adapter connector and RS-232 Interface
gram scale
Side view of digital electronic scale. The scale housing is made from high performance plastic to ensure durability and long life.
digital scales
electronic scale
Large removable stainless steel weigh pan for easy clean up.  The scale design incorporates a 4 post platform for better weighing results especially with corner weighing.  Many other brands are designed with only a single post in the center resulting in greater eccentric weighing errors.  You can determine how much the eccentricity of the load will affect the weighing results on the scale by weighing the same weight at the corners of the weighing platform.  The 4 post design has a greater manufacturing cost and this is why many of the major brands of scale manufacturers cut corners to maximize their profits while diminishing your accurate weighing results.

Select from these different models to meet your specific weighing needs

Cap x Read (g)

Pan Size Features Price

100 x 0.001

3.85" Ø 3 door glass draftshield, 100g weight included, NO parts counting $333.95

200 x 0.001

3.85" Ø 3 door glass draftshield, 200g weight included, NO parts counting $379.95

300 x 0.001

3.85" Ø 3 door glass draftshield, 200g weight included, NO parts counting $413.95

600 x 0.01

4.7” x 5.3” 3 door glass draftshield, NO cal weight, NO parts counting $302.95

1000 x 0.01

4.7” x 5.3” 3 door glass draftshield, NO cal weight, NO parts counting $373.95

1000 x 0.01

4.7” x 5.3” NO draftshield, NO cal weight, NO parts counting $298.95

500 x 0.1

7.0” x 6.2” AC Adapter or battery, 4 weigh modes-g,oz,lb,kg $89.88

1200 x 0.1

7.0” x 6.2” AC Adapter or battery, 4 weigh modes-g,oz,lb,kg $109.88

2500 x 0.1

7.0” x 6.2” AC Adapter or battery, 4 weigh modes-g,oz,lb,kg $119.88

6000 x 1

7.0” x 6.2” AC Adapter or battery, 4 weigh modes-g,oz,lb,kg $99.88

10000 x 1

7.0” x 6.2” AC Adapter or battery, 4 weigh modes-g,oz,lb,kg $114.88

3000 x 0.1

6.7” x 7.0” AC Adapter or battery, 16 weigh modes,counting & percent weighing $218.95

6000 x 0.1

6.7” x 7.0” AC Adapter or battery, 16 weigh modes,counting & percent weighing $241.95

10000 x 0.1

6.7” x 7.0” Only EPB with underhook weighing capabilities & the hook is INCLUDED $252.95

10000 x 0.1

7.8” x 8.5” AC Adapter or
rechargeable battery

20000 x 0.1

7.8” x 8.5” AC Adapter or
rechargeable battery

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