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digital scales
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digital scales
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A&D has discontinued the SK-Z Series and there is no remaining stock. We recommend the CAS SW-1-50LB as an alternative for the SK20KZ. The CAS SW-1 is a lot less money and this is why we think A&D Weighing ended sales for the SK-D Series. All information displayed herein is for archival and support purposes only.

Great for soil sampling for environmental consulting companies.  There is practically nothing on the market today that offers an offset stainless steel platform with huge 1 inch LCD.  The SK-20KZ is perfect for weighing buckets of soil for land reclamation studies.  Lb/Oz Version, NSF Certified, but NOT Legal For Trade.

The A&D SK20KZ is also purchased by fishing clubs as their official tournament scale.  Simply place a laundry basket on the platform, press the "tare button" to zero the weight of the basket and throw those fish in to see who is the winner of this weeks big fishing tournament.  The large 9.05" x 7.48" stainless steel platform with the 1 inch LCD display position several inches below the platform makes the SK-Series a breeze to read the winning weight.

You can either scroll completely to the bottom of this web page to see the entire line of A&D SK Series Digital Scales or read all the specs in detail here & view additional pictures of the digital scale.

A&D electronic scales are an excellent retail weighing solutions, but often times our customers call looking for a lower cost digital scale to get the weighing application done for less money.

If you require a Legal For Trade, NTEP Approved, Class III Scale since you are using the scale in a commercial applications where product is sold by weight, we recommend you look at the CAS SW-1-50LB (SW-20) digital scale.  The CAS SW-1-50LB big selling point is the digital scale weighs in Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms or Grams.  Oh, another huge selling point is the CAS SW-1-50LB comes standard with the AC Adapter, while it is a pricey option on the SK20KZ.

A&D Weighing SK-20KZ weighs in ounces

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing SK-20KZ weighs in ounces 20 kg 0.01 kg
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • KiloGrams
  • NSF Approved
Comparable Scales

A&D Weighing SK-20K ntep class 3 scale - $228.75

A&D Weighing SK20KD food services scale - $256.95

Ohaus Legal for Trade Scales - $317.10

Acculab SVI-20B Field Scale - $213.81

Adam Equipment CPWplus35 Digital Scale - $186.00

A&D Weighing SK20KWP Waterproof Scale - $399.99

Ohaus D51XW100HL2 Defender NTEP Scale - $1587.20

Ohaus RA6US Retail Scale LFT - $289.80

Ohaus Farmers Market Produce Scales - $317.10

CAS 50 Lbs Produce Scale - $189.00
MSRP: $295.00
YOU PAY $235.00
NSF Certified General Purpose Weighing Scales
Gram Scales

SK-Z series by A&D are fast, accurate and portable; Ideal for unlimited applications including shipping, checkweighing, filling & mixing, whether in the store, office, at home or even in the field.

All SK models have removable, easy to clean stainless steel weighing pans. The SK-Z models operate in gram, fractional ounce, decimal ounce, and pound modes.
Office Scale

The SK5000Z and SK20KZ are hot sellers for soap makers weigh lye since the scale can display weight in pounds:ounce format.

Shipping Scale Displayed resolution 1/2,000
Checkweighing Scale Large easy to read wide angle LCD display
Digital Electronic Scales Digital Calibration
Digital Kitchen Scales Accurate readings over a wide temperature range
Balances Scales Stability Indicator
Compact Scales Separate keys for Power & Re-Zero

Electronic Shipping Scales NSF Certified - Sanitary for Food Processing & Food service
Portion Control Separate keys for Power & Re-Zero
Counter Scales Low battery indicator which alerts the operator when it is time to change the batteries
Grocery Scales Selectable Auto Power Off preserves battery
Electronic Scales Strong construction (weigh pan tested 200,000 times) assures years of trouble free use

A&D SK-20KZ lb/oz Digital Scale
Your Cost Digital Food Scale $235.00
A&D has discontinued the SK-Z Series and there is no remaining stock. We recommend the CAS SW-1-50LB as an alternative. The CAS SW-1 is a lot less money and this is why we think A&D Weighing ended sales for the SK-Z Series.
Kilograms (kg)
20 x 0.01 kg
Pounds (lb)
44 x 0.02 lb
Lb/oz Decimal Ounce
44 lb x 1 oz
0.02 kg
Repeatability/Std. Dev.
0.01 kg
Tare Range
To capacity by subtraction
Net Weight (Approx.)
1.9 kg/4.19 lb
Pan Size
230 mm (W) x 190 mm (D)
9.05" (W) x 7.48" (D)
25mm / 0.98 inches, 7 segment LCD
244 mm (W) x 232 mm (D) 137 mm (H)
9.61" (W) x 9.13" (D) x 5.39" (H)
6 'D' size batteries (not included) or
110 V AC Adapter (optional $32.00)
Battery Life Approx.
600 hours (manganese type),
1200 hours (alkaline at 20C / 68F)
Operating Temperature
-10C~40C / 14F~104F
RH less than 85%
Calibration Weight(optional)
20 kg ± 2 g
Postal ScalesBrochure Digital Food Scales Click Here To Download For More Info
Electronic Kitchen ScalesData Brief Digital Portion Scales Download For Additional Specifications
Download the Instruction Manual (412KB) now Portion Control Scales 
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

A&D SK Series General Purpose Digital Scales
Download the User Manual (2.0 MB)

(select the model & any of the options below and then click the "BUY HERE" image)
Electronic Food Scales


AC Adapter 110 V (Sold Separately) $49.00

   Digital Food Scales Electronic Food Scales Portable Washdown Scales Electronic Washdown Scales
This is just a partial listing of the cal masses we offer. See the full listing here.

20 kg Cast Iron NIST Class F (± 2g) $142.70
20 kg ASTM Class 2 (± 100 mg) with NO Cert $1074.00
20 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 100 mg) $1229.00
10 kg Cast Iron NIST Class F (± 1g) $130.00
10 kg ASTM Class 2 (± 50 mg) with NO Cert $705.00
10 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 50 mg) $850.00
10 kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 25 mg) $1986.00
8000g ASTM Class 2 (± 50 mg) with NO Cert $785.00
5kg ASTM Class 6 (± 500 mg) cal mass $100.00 - no Cal Cert.
5000g ASTM Class 2 (± 25 mg) with NO Cert $344.00
5kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 12 mg) $528.00
4kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 25 mg) $469.00
4000g ASTM Class 2 (± 25 mg) with NO Cert $299.00
3000g ASTM Class 2 (± 15 mg) with NO Cert $239.00
2000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 200 mg) cal mass $60.00 - NO Cal Cert.
2000g ASTM Class 2 (± 10 mg) with NO Cert $164.00
2 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 10 mg) $304.00
2 kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 5 mg) $287.00
1000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 100 mg) cal mass $40.00 - NO Cal Cert.
1000g ASTM Class 2 (± 5.0 mg) with NO Cert $139.00
1000g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 2.5 mg) $232.00

Precision Weighing BalancesA&D offers several general purpose scale models to choose from.  Whether you want a dual display digital scale, or an electronic scale able to read units in pounds:ounces, A&D offers digital scales to suit your needs.

See the table below for all available models

Select a General Purpose Scale that meets your weighing needs

Capacity x Readability

Certifications Price

1000 g x 0.5 g

NTEP/NSF $228.75

2000 g x 1 g

NTEP/NSF $228.75

5000 g x 2 g

NTEP/NSF $228.75

5000 g x 1 g

NSF $228.75

10 kg x 5 g

NTEP/NSF $228.75
SK-20K 20 kg x 10 g NTEP/NSF $228.75
SK-30K 30 kg x 20 g
NTEP/NSF $259.50
SK-Z Series Electronic Scales Offer lb/oz Capability
SK-2000Z 2000 g x 1 g
4 lb 6 oz x 0.1 oz
NSF $235.00
SK-5000Z 5000 g x 2 g
11 lb x 0.1 oz
NSF $235.00
SK-20KZ 20 kg x 10 g
44 lb x 1 oz
NSF $235.00
SK-D Series Digital Scales Offer Dual Display
SK-1000D 1000 g x 0.5 g NTEP $256.95
SK-2000D 2000 g x 1 g NTEP $256.95
SK-5000D 5000 x 2 g NTEP $256.95
SK-10KD 10 kg x 5 g NTEP $256.95
SK-20KD 20 kg x 10 g NTEP $256.95
SK-30KD 30 kg x 20 g NTEP $299.95
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