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A&D HL-1000WP full washdown scale for sanitary applications is perfect for any deli or butcher looking for a small portion control waterproof scale.  The water proof scale is versatile and portable making it easy to bring anywhere.  Rough and tough NEMA 4X/IP-65 stainless steel housing is engineered to outlast the typically kitchen scale found in the department stores.  The HL-1000WP has a weighing capacity of 1000 grams and has a resolution of 0.5 grams plus the HL-1000WP weighs in 3 additional weigh modes - [2.2 lb x 0.001 lb] or [2 lb:3.3 oz x 0.1 oz] or [35.28 oz x 0.02 oz].

HL-WP Series scales will handle your most challenging environments such as outdoors, professional kitchens, chemical/food processing plants, recycle centers, fisheries and more.  The HL-WP is as close to a submarine as you can get with a digital electronic scale.  Underneath the rugged exterior NEMA-4X stainless steel body are fully encapsulated load cell, display and mainboard.  The load cell is allowed to "breathe" due to the exclusive Gor-tex ventilation membranesAir can penetrate but moisture can't!  In fact, we've been unsuccessful in trying to destroy the HL-WP in dishwashers, even with the batteries installed.

The HL-1000WP water resistant scale has a tremendously high resolution of 1/2000 making it highly accurate.  The electronic scale is small in size making it extremely versatile and portable.  Four (4) Adjustable feet make leveling the scale quick.  The scale even has a sprint bubble indicator next to the display making leveling the scale a cinch!  The HL-1000WP has 5" x 5" weighing pan is removable.  An easy to read LCD display makes it simple to record your reading efficiently.

A&D is the world leader in quality and reasonably priced food service scales.  Precision Weighing Balances is your authorized A&D Weighing Dealer offering deep discount prices and volume discounts are always available when you buy 12 or more units per order.  We offer seven (7) different models in the HL-WP Series and varying and capacity from 300g/10.58oz up to 3000g/105.8oz and you can see them all here.

A&D Weighing HL1000WP portion scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing HL1000WP portion scale 1000 g 0.5 g
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Grams
  • Washdown
  • NSF Approved
Comparable Scales

Other Brands ECS-6KG electronic scale - $99.88

Other Brands ECS500 digital gram scale - $89.99

A&D Weighing HL-3000WPN LFT approved - $336.00

A&D Weighing washdown food scale HL300WP - $336.00

A&D Weighing food service scale HL-3000LWP - $336.00

A&D Weighing HL-3000WPN waterproof scale - $336.00

My Weigh digital scale i-500 - $114.95

Ohaus BW6TUS Dual display digital scale - $359.20

A&D Weighing SK-1000WP Washdown Scale - $399.99

CAS 5 Pound NTEP Scale - $199.00

Ohaus FD3 NSF Approved Scale - $678.40

A&D Weighing EJ1500 digital scale - $206.25
MSRP: $420.00
YOU PAY $336.00
AND Washdown Scales
A&D Washdown Compact Food Portions Scale - Model HL-1000WP
PWB DISCOUNT PRICE S&H via UPS Ground is $20.00 Washdown Food Scale $336.00
Capacity x Resolution (g) 1000 g x 0.5 g
Capacity x Resolution (oz) 35.28 oz x 0.02 oz
Capacity x Resolution (lb) 2.2 lb x 0.001 lb
Capacity x Resolution (lb:oz) 2 lb, 3.3 oz x 0.1 oz
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Weighing Modes Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Pound:Ounces
Operating Temperature 14°F~104°F (-10°C~40°C)
Linearity ±1 g
Calibration 1000 g calibration weight (Not Included)
Legal For Trade Not NTEP Approved, Not Legal For Trade
Internal Resolution 1/3000
Pan Size (mm) 128 x 128
Pan Size (inch) 5.0 x 5.0
Display 7 segment Liquid Crystal Display
(12 mm height)
Display Updated Approx. 4 times per second
Power 6 AA Batteries ( Not Included ) or 110V AC Adapter ( Not Included )
Washable YES - IP-65 Rated
Weight of Scale Approx. 870 g / 1.9 lb
Dimension (inches) 6.68 (W) x 8.64 (D) x 2.50 (H) inches
Dimension (mm) 170 (W) x 220 (D) x 63 (H) mm
Included Accessories Manual
Optional Accessories AC Adapter, Calibration Weights
food portions scale Data Sheet food weighing Download the brochure loaded with tons of information.
food service scale User Manual restaurant scale Download the user manual .  If you have a question how it works it is in the manual.
See the rest of the HL-WP Series

AND Washdown Compact Scales
( select the model & any of the options to the right and then the "BUY HERE" image )
A&D Food Scales
AC Adapter (Non-Washdown) $49.00
100 g ASTM Class 6 + 200 g ASTM Class 6 cal mass $30.00
1kg ASTM Class 6 cal mass $52.00
1kg ASTM Class 6 + 2kg ASTM Class 6 cal mass $112.00

Select from 6 different Washable Scales to suit your food weighing needs.
Model Weighing Modes Pan Dimensions Legal For Trade Your Price
HL-300WP g & oz 5" x 5" NO $336.00
HL-1000WP g, oz, lb, lb:oz 5" x 5" NO $336.00
HL-3000WP g, oz, lb, lb:oz 5" x 5" NO $336.00
HL-3000WPN g, oz, lb 5" x 5" YES $336.00
HL-3000LWP g, oz, lb, lb:oz 5.4" x 6.8" NO $336.00
HL-3000LWPN g, oz, lb 5.4" x 6.8" YES $336.00

portable washdown scale

food service scale
A&D Weighing has introduced their latest addition to the popular TITAN waterproof digital scales with the HL-WP Series.  In addition to the small foot print and high resolution (1/3000) the HL-WP comes standard with stainless steel body making it both dust and waterproof.  The HL-WP is even "Dishwasher Safe"!!!
restaurant scale
Portable, stainless steel washdown scale that is economical price.  The HL-3000WP-EX is a landmark in product design.  The HL-3000WP-EX weighs in two modes (Grams and Pound:Ounces) and has a 5" x 5" weighing pan. 

A&D Weighing's engineers exercised cutting edge technology and manufacturing to make this waterproof scales reality.  Never before could anyone bring to the market washable scales at an reasonable price.  It was perceived if one designed a digital washdown scale all the innovative cost saving in the electronic designs was washed away by additional costs of metals and old-fashioned metal bending and welding labor costs.  To all those that believe it was impossible to put high quality electronic components in a stainless steel metal housing priced affordably - it is here today. 

Looking back A&D Weighing realized they created waterproof cases for their indicators and splash-proof scales , but it was apparent they made them as if they were necessary evils.  The food market is extremely diversified and the food and fishing industries weighing applications demand "washable and corrosion free" digital scales and the A&D HL-WP , SK-WP or HV/HW-WP   meet the challenge. 
dishwasher scale
A&D Weighing called their washdown series scales TITAN .  TITAN scales are stainless steel, and truly washable scales at a price less than a price of a typical portion scale of non-washable type.  These stainless steel, IP65 scales can replace still popular, hard-to-die mechanical scales in performance and endurance in wet environment. 

TITAN Compact or SK-WP
is a break-through in design in all aspects.  Best of all it looks great and stylish.  It can sit comfortably next to stainless steel kitchenware or silverware.  No one would hesitate to use this scale in a fashionable, first class restaurant or coffee shop sitting next to a fancy espresso machine. 

Who is A&D Weighing?? - A&D Weighing is a premier scale and balance manufacturer founded in 1977.  A&D has facilities in California and Georgia to meet the distribution needs for the North American market.  The worldwide headquarters are located in Japan and the company's shares are publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  A&D Weighing is a multi-national manufacturer with factories in Japan, China, Korea and Australia.
food scale
water proof scale water-proof scale
The HL-WP series is constructed of durable rustproof stainless steel. The HL-WP offers a 5" x 5" weighing pan making it perfect for small portions.  Save valuable counter space with it's compact design.
dishwashable scale eletronic food scale
Did you spill something on your scale?  Just throw it in the washing machine because it's completely waterproof and dust proof . The HL-WP Series can be powered by 6 AA Batteries ( Not Included ).  An optional AC Adapter is also available.
stainless steel scale washdown scale
HL-WP Series has a resolution of 1/3000 making it an extremely accurate scale. Plug the HL-WP into any power socket with an OPTIONAL AC Adapter.  Note - A&D will not warranty the scale as waterproof when used with the AC Adapter.
digital food scale meat scale
The HL-WP Series is professionally packaged keeping the product accurate and damage free. The HL-WP Scales are perfect for any butchery, or meat counter.
waterproof scale
Adjustable feet and a level indicator allow you to easily weigh anything accurately even if the setting is uneven.

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