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Sartorius sets the standards for all others to follow: Cubis, the first series of laboratory balances that feature a completely modular design.  User-configurable and customizable to changing applications.  Cubis from Sartorius offers faster and more accurate weighing results for the lab.  The Cubis MSA8201S-000-D0 offers 8200 grams weighing capacity with 0.1 gram readability.

The Cubis precision balances are controlled by application software with interactive operator guidance. Once you open a menu or select an application, brief instructions shown on the display will guide you through the menu or application step-by-step. At each step along the way, the display shows only those options that are relevant to your process; this helps prevent unnecessary "detours" and enables you to reach your destination more quickly.

The MSA8201S000D0 meets the requirements of protection class IP54. The IP protection only applies to the balance housing and not to the AC adapter.

Since the launch in 2009 of Sartorius Cubis professional lab balances, the Cubis Series has become the benchmark for use in regulated sectors that impose the highest requirements, such as in global pharmaceutical labs. Sartorius has been the innovative leader in developing the latest scientific precision weighing instruments. It all started over 145 years ago in 1870 when Sartorius went into business by setting up his precision mechanical workshop and later pioneering and inventing the short-beam analytical balance that revolutionized work in research labs around the world.

Featuring top weighing technology, Cubis from Sartorius goes far beyond the usual standards of the premium laboratory balance segment.  Cubis is the first custom-configurable lab balance, and meets – and exceeds – Sartorius’ strict requirements for Advanced Pharma Compliance.  Specially tailored to operators’ needs, its application oriented user interface and innovative features make operation of the Cubis uniquely fast and error-free.  Cubis is the new benchmark for accurate weigh results.

Standard Features:

  • MSA Display features a high-contrast TFT touch screen 5.7" graphic display for clear and easy viewing.  Display is tilt able and control unit detachable.
  • Q-Level – The first balance in its class with automatic leveling
  • Q-Pan – Off Center load compensation reduces off-center loading errors, enables
  • Cubis to be designed with an extra-large weighing pan.
  • Q-Comm – provides maximum connectivity. Three standard interface ports (RS-232, USB, Ethernet).
  • Q-Guide – novel, wizard-supported User/Task Management for easiest operation – even when the most complex weighing tasks need to be performed.
  • Advanced Pharma Compliance makes Cubis ideal for use in regulated areas. Alert messages and reminder functions with user-definable action hierarchy for leveling, minimum sample weight, calibration and adjustment.  Fully automatic calibration and adjustment with isoCAL, GLP-compliant, user configurable printouts
  • All Data, such as user base data or tasks can easily be transferred by SD card from one Cubis to another.
  • Applications include mass unit conversion, SQmin function, isoCAL function, Density determination, statistics, calculation, averaging, formulation, percent weighing, time-controlled functions, totalizing, second tare memory, counting and over/under checkweighing.
Looking to weigh under laminar-flow conditions with a lab balance? Consider purchasing the optional weighing pan, called Q-Grid weighing pan (accessory YWP03MS), that features a grid mesh. The optional Q-Grid weighing platform allows the user of the balance with a larger pan with the same laminar flow as safety weighing cabinets, workbenches, or even laboratory hoods without restricting the performance of the balance. Weighing applications often are made easier using the Q-Grid grid pan for pharmaceutical labs weighing procedures.

The Cubis was developed for users who expect the best possible performance from a laboratory balance. Sartorius balances are known all over the world by metrology experts as the measurement instrument of choice for accurate consistent weight readings.

When you are shopping for a new balance we are the pros. Nobody on the World Wide Web is focused more on balances, scales and weighing accessories with a more comprehensive and detailed web site offering customers all the information at a mouse click away. Ever wonder why other companies offer so little details about the balances? It's probably because they never even opened the box and turned on a balance Give us a call with any technical question or need assistance in product selection and we'll be happy to help you and recommend the best balance for the money When you call we'll know you by name, not account name When you ask a question, we can answer the most technical and sophisticated applications.

The Sartorius MSA8201S-000-D0 precision lab balance is made in Germany and one of the pre configured Cubis models Sartorius USA tries to keep in stock. To check availability give us a call because if the MSA8201S000D0 is not in stock then there is a typical lead time of 5-6 weeks to have Sartorius AG build another unit. Another alternative model to consider would be the Sartorius ENTRIS8201-1S. Call us at 978-521-7095 and we can verify availability and discuss your weighing application and requirements just to make sure you are purchasing the correct laboratory balance for your weighing needs.

Precision Weighing Balances is your authorized Sartorius Distributor. We offer the full line of Sartorius Cubis laboratory balances and you can see the full offering HERE.

We understand purchasing a precision balance is a major capital expense and if you have any questions give us a call and one of our weighing experts can discuss your weighing application and get you the most affordable balance for your weighing needs. You can see the entire selection of precision balances we offer HERE.

Sartorius cubis balance MSA8201S

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Sartorius cubis balance MSA8201S 8200 g 0.1 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Grains
  • Milligrams
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • KiloGrams
  • Parts Counting
  • RS-232c
  • Internal Calibration
  • USB
  • Ethernet
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Sartorius Cubis MSU12201S-000-D0 - $4855.50

Other Brands 5kg Class 1 Weight - $728.90

Sartorius Cubis MSE12201S-000-D0 - $3838.50

Sartorius Signum SIWADCP-V3 - $2160.00

Sartorius Cubis MSA12201S with Ethernet - $5422.50

Other Brands EPB-20001L Digital Scale - $402.95

Other Brands EPB-10001L Digital Scale - $390.95

Mettler Toledo JP32001G/A Troy Ounce Weighing - $4895.00

Sartorius Cal-pak calibration weight set 5kg, 500g, 20g - $1362.60
MSRP: $5590.00
YOU PAY $5031.00
Sartorius Cubis
sartorius precision balance
  Sartorius Cubis MSA8201S Sartorius Cubis MSU8201S Sartorius Cubis MSE8201S
Model MSA8201S-000-D0 MSU8201S-000-D0 MSE8201S-000-D0
Your Price $5031.00
S&H via UPS Ground Free shipping in the continuous 48 states of USA via UPS Ground Service
Capacity x Readability 8200 g x 0.1 g
Repeatability ± 0.05 g
Linearity ± 0.1 g
Corner Load (g)*
(Test Load [g])
± 0.2 g
(5000 g)
Minimum Sample Weight** (g) 100 g
Tare Range FULL to Capacity
Stabilization Time (avg) < 0.8 second
Response Time (avg) < 1 second
Sensitivity Drift
± 4 ppm / °C
Selectable Weight Units g, kg, ct, lb, oz, ozt, tlh, tls, tlt, GN, dwt, mg, /lb, tlc, mom, K, tol, bat, MS and parts per pound
Display Update 0.1-0.4 seconds
(Depends on The Filter Level Selected)
Display High Resolution color TFT, 5.7" graphic display High Resolution black and white 5.7" graphic display Liquid-Crystal display, black and white
Operation Touch Screen, Keys for main basic functions Keys Keys
Adjustment of the display and control unit Display tilts; Control unit detachable Control unit detachable
8 Selectable Application Programs Mass unit conversion by toggling, SQmin function for minimum sample weigh according to the USP, isoCAL automatic calibration/adjustment function, Density determination, Averaging (weigh averaging), Formulation,Weighing in percent, Counting,
7 Additional Selectable Application Programs Customized identification, Statistics, Calculation, Time-Controlled Functions, Totalizing, Second tare memory, Over/ under check weighing Not Available
Allowable Ambient Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F),
85% RH or less
Motorized Internal Calibration Yes
External Calibration 5,000 g Class 1 (not included)
Weighing Pan Size 8.1" x 8.1" / 206 mm x 206 mm
Draft Shield No draft shield. For weighing modules with pan sizes of 8.1" x 8.1"
Protection Degree of protection against dust and water
Standard interface ports USB (built into weighing module), RS-232C port for connecting accessories - 25-pin (built into weighing module)
Ethernet port Yes - built into display and control unit Not Available
SD Card Reader Yes - Built into display and control unit Not Available
Dimensions (entire balance)WxDxH 9.9" x 20.9" x 11.5"
252 x 533 x 292 mm
Power Source AC Adapter 120 VAC included with scale
Standard Equipment 120V AC Adapter, level indicator, adjustable feet, RS-232 and USB interface, hanger for weigh below, dust cover for display, manual
Optional Accessories Printer, Carrying case, Rechargeable external battery pack, Density Determination Kit, Interface Bluetooth, Additional RS232, SartoConnect data transfer software, external calibration mass
Warranty 2 years manufacturer's warranty
Sartorius Cubis  Brochure Digital Lab Balance Download this brochure for a complete overview
Cubix lab balances  Brochure Cubis Electronic Scales Download this brochure to see available accessories
sartorius cubis laboratory balances  User Manual Lab balance Download Laboratory balance Download Sartorius Lab balances Download
Cubix lab balances  Brochure Cubis Electronic Scales Download this brochure to see all models & dimensions

Cubis is the most advanced laboratory balance we offer at Precision Weighing Balances.  Click the video above and learn about this state of the art weighing machine.

sartarius cubis balances

The new Sartorius Cubis has been designed for users who always need the best, but who want to invest only in what is necessary.

Cubis: The most sophisticated weigh to focus on what is necessary

With Cubis, you will always stay at the cutting edge without having to invest in completely new equipment.  This is what makes the Cubis modular design so special, with a number of unique advantages:

  1. Optimal interchangeability or extension of modules
  2. Shorter innovation cycles for individual modules
  3. Faster development of additional modules

Apart from aspects strictly involving metrological specifications, preparing for and performing a weighing procedure and meeting the relevant regulatory standards are gaining ever-increasing importance.

The ratio between the steps of the actual measurement procedure and the accompanying steps are decisive criteria for the efficiency of work sequences, especially for complex and frequently recurrent applications.  In designing Cubis, Sartorius Mechatronics focused on this major aspect.

The new Q-Guide enables tasks and individual work sequences to be quickly configured for error-free performance.  The Cubis software and user interface eliminate the detours so you can get down to business.

Once you have defined a task, you are interactively guided straight to the settings needed for your application.  Irrelevant information is hidden.  Only the application mode you select is displayed, making navigation even easier.  Just touch the USER key to gain access to User|Password Management.  TASK enables you to select defined tasks directly.

sartorius MSA display
Q-Guide user interface: The reference for fast and targeted navigation

All Cubis controls are easy to use, clearly designed and logically structured.  Their user guidance features prevent time-consuming and cost-intensive operating errors.

The MSA display and control unit shown above features a high-contrast TFT touch screen for clear and easy viewing, even of complex work sequences.  Different sets of colors enable you to customize the screen to your individual needs.  Clearly identified touch keys featuring positive click action let you effortlessly control the main basic functions of the balance.  This ensures fast and error-free operation.

You can adjust the tilting angle of the display and control unit to ensure optimal viewing at all times.
sartorius advanced weighing technology

In a choice of three display and control units, Cubis meets the requirements of different operating concepts. It covers the entire range of laboratory applications from simple weighing right up to management of complex work sequences by means of defined tasks and the User | Password Management Menu.

MSA - the non plus ultra Top-of-the-line technology and information design.  Touch screen featuring high-resolution color TFT for high-contrast display of texts and graphics.  Outstanding operating convenience and display quality, especially for complex applications that require substantial text input.  The optimal features and equipment to meet the very highest requirements, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry.

MSU - classic and universal High-resolution, generously sized, monochrome graphic display and keys that feature positive click action and precise activation of functions.  For users who prefer to combine classic key-operated control with the widest range of performance features.

MSE - pure and simple weighing Large, high-contrast liquid-crystal display, easy-to-understand menu guidance with short text prompts; clearly structured keys for precise activation of functions.  It offers the optimal basis for users who need to weigh with the highest accuracy, but have lower needs in terms of complexity of a weighing process and in data management.


The quality, reliability and precision of a Sartorius balance are legendary.

And Cubis lives up to the legend: it sets new benchmarks in accuracy, response time and repeatability.

Unique monolithic weigh cell

Cubis incorporates the second generation of the world’s only monolithic weigh cell manufactured exclusively by Sartorius.  And these exceptionally rugged weigh cells have become even more compact and precise.

The first five-digit toploading lab balance

Cubis is the first standard toploading semi-microbalance featuring full resolution all the way up to 220 g.  As a result, its footprint takes up to 25% less space compared with conventional lab balances of the same resolution.  Unique worldwide, the Sartorius monolithic weigh cell is what makes this unbeatable combination possible in the first place: compact design, resolution of 0.01 mg and weighing capacity of up to 220 g.

off center weighing
The first lab balance with Q-Pan off-center load compensation

Cubis is the first lab balance that compensates for errors caused when a sample is off-centered on the pan.  The Q-Pan feature offers you two advantages: it significantly reduces off-center loading errors, and thus enables Cubis to be designed with an extra-large weighing pan.

off center weighing

The first balance with automatic leveling: Q-Level

Q-Level combines novel sensors with the most advanced display technology, making it easier and faster to level the balance accurately.  A standard feature of Cubis MSA and MSU display and control units, interactive prompting guides you during manual leveling.  While Q-Level is active, the display shows you all the information you need: the position of the air bubble as well as prompts so you know which leveling foot has to be turned in which direction (MSE only with an alert message).

Q-Level also provides the option of fully automatic, motorized leveling at the touch of a key. Leveling could not be easier or more convenient than this.

Sartorius Cubis: The new benchmark in precision weighing
(select the model & any of the options below and then the "BUY HERE" image)

YDP10-0CE Data Printer with with GLP- and GMP-functions $969.99
YDP20-0CE Data Printer with statistics & time-date function $999.99
5 rolls of paper $51.00
Ink ribbon cassette $54.00
YMW03MA WinWedge 32 Standard, v3.0 $595.00
T-Connector (fits RS-232) $331.00
Remote Display connect via the RS-232 port, cable length 3 ft $495.00
RS232 Cable 9 pin and 25 pin, 5 ft, IBM type $105.00
Rechargeable battery pack $599.00
Additional RS-232, 25-pin connection $200.00
Bluetooth wireless interface $200.00
Additional RS-232C, 9-pin connection with PS/2 port $200.00
Granite Platform with isolators 13 x 15 inch $655.00
Granite Platform with isolators 16 x 21 inch $1175.00
YWP04G Gem Pan w/ 6.75 inch Diameter with 0.8 inch Depth $30.00
   calibration weights mass set traceable weight weights
1000g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 2.5 mg) $252.00
1000g Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 5.0 mg) $239.00
Cal-Paks 1kg, 100g, 2g Class 1 with NVLAP $623.00
2 kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 5 mg) $287.00
2 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 10 mg) $304.00
Cal-Paks 2kg, 200g, 2g Class 1 with NVLAP $910.00
4kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 25 mg) $469.00
5kg Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 12 mg) $528.00
Cal-Paks 5kg, 500g, 20g Class 1 with NVLAP $1325.00
8 kg Calibration Weight Class 2 with NVLAP (± 50 mg) $889.00

Select from these Cubis balances that meet your specific weighing needs
Model Capacity x Readability Display Price
Sartorius Cubis Milligram Lab Balances (1 milligrams)
MSA5203S 5200 g x 1 mg TFT touch $9976.50
MSU5203S 5200 g x 1 mg B&W graphical $9409.50
MSE5203S 5200 g x 1 mg LCD $8392.50
MSA5203P 1200/2400/5200 g x 1/2/5 mg TFT touch $9576.00
MSU5203P 1200/2400/5200 g x 1/2/5 mg B&W graphical $9009.00
MSE5203P 1200/2400/5200 g x 1/2/5 mg LCD $7992.00
MSA3203S 3200 g x 1 mg TFT touch $8842.50
MSU3203S 3200 g x 1 mg B&W graphical $8275.50
MSE3203S 3200 g x 1 mg LCD $7258.50
MSA2203S 2200 g x 1 mg TFT touch $8595.00
MSU2203S 2200 g x 1 mg B&W graphical $8028.00
MSE2203S 2200 g x 1 mg LCD $7011.00
MSA2203P 1010 / 2200 g x 1/10 mg TFT touch $8352.00
MSU2203P 1010 / 2200 g x 1/10 mg B&W graphical $7785.00
MSE2203P 1010 / 2200 g x 1/10 mg LCD $6768.00
MSA1203S 1200 g x 1 mg TFT touch $7708.50
MSU1203S 1200 g x 1 mg B&W graphical $7141.50
MSE1203S 1200 g x 1 mg LCD $6124.50
MSA623S 620 g x 1 mg TFT touch $6336.00
MSU623S 620 g x 1 mg B&W graphical $5769.00
MSE623S 620 g x 1 mg LCD $4752.00
MSA623P 150/300/620 g x 1/2/5 mg TFT touch $5742.00
MSU623P 150/300/620 g x 1/2/5 mg B&W graphical $5175.00
MSE623P 150/300/620 g x 1/2/5 mg LCD $4158.00
MSA323S 320 g x 1 mg TFT touch $5647.50
MSU323S 320 g x 1 mg B&W graphical $5080.50
MSE323S 320 g x 1 mg LCD $4063.50

Select from these Cubis balances that meet your specific weighing needs
Model Capacity x Readability Display Price
Sartorius Cubis Series Precision Balances (0.01 grams) Internal Cal
MSA14202S 14200 g x 0.01 g TFT touch $8725.50
MSU14202S 14200 g x 0.01 g B&W graphical $8158.50
MSE14202S 14200 g x 0.01 g LCD $7146.00
MSA14202P 3000/6200/14200g x .01/.02/.05g TFT touch $7713.00
MSU14202P 3000/6200/14200g x .01/.02/.05g B&W graphical $7146.00
MSE14202P 3000/6200/14200g x .01/.02/.05g LCD $6129.00
MSA10202S 10200 g x 0.01 g TFT touch $7357.50
MSU10202S 10200 g x 0.01 g B&W graphical $6790.50
MSE10202S 10200 g x 0.01 g LCD $5773.50
MSA8202S 8200 g x 0.01 g TFT touch $6538.50
MSU8202S 8200 g x 0.01 g B&W graphical $5971.50
MSE8202S 8200 g x 0.01 g LCD $4954.50
MSA6202S 6200 g x 0.01 g TFT touch $5944.50
MSU6202S 6200 g x 0.01 g B&W graphical $5377.50
MSE6202S 6200 g x 0.01 g LCD $4360.50
MSA6202P 1500/6200 g x 0.01/0.05 g TFT touch $5467.50
MSU6202P 1500/6200 g x 0.01/0.05 g B&W graphical $4900.50
MSE6202P 1500/6200 g x 0.01/0.05 g LCD $3883.50
MSA4202S 4200 g x 0.01 g TFT touch $5332.50
MSU4202S 4200 g x 0.01 g B&W graphical $4765.50
MSE4202S 4200 g x 0.01 g LCD $3748.50
MSA2202S 2200 g x 0.01 g TFT touch $4981.50
MSU2202S 2200 g x 0.01 g B&W graphical $4414.50
MSE2202S 2200 g x 0.01 g LCD $3397.50
MSA1202S 1200 g x 0.01 g TFT touch $4621.50
MSU1202S 1200 g x 0.01 g B&W graphical $4054.50
MSE1202S 1200 g x 0.01 g LCD $3037.50
Sartorius Cubis Series Precision Balances (0.1 grams) Internal Cal
MSA12201S 12200 g x 0.1 g TFT touch $5422.50
MSU12201S 12200 g x 0.1 g B&W graphical $4855.50
MSE12201S 12200 g x 0.1 g LCD $3838.50
MSA8201S 8200 g x 0.1 g TFT touch $5031.00
MSU8201S 8200 g x 0.1 g B&W graphical $4464.00
MSE8201S 8200 g x 0.1 g LCD $3447.00
MSA5201S 5200 g x 0.1 g TFT touch $4068.00
MSU5201S 5200 g x 0.1 g B&W graphical $3501.00
MSE5201S 5200 g x 0.1 g LCD $2484.00

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