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TBF-410GS Body Composition Analyzer is intended for wellness centers and doctors' offices.  This is Tanita's only model that features an "All-in-One" column-mount design, making it perfect for use in small, dedicated spaces.  It features a 440 lb weight capacity, adult and athlete modes, "weight-only" function, printer, and port for computer interface.  Prints fat mass, fat %, total body water, BMR, and desirable ranges.  The TBF410GS also includes Goal Setter feature.

The Tanita® TBF-410GS has a built in printer allow you to print fat mass, fat-free mass, fat %, total body water, raw impedance, BMR, and desirable ranges. 

Buyer beware many claim to be Authorized Tanita® Dealer, but few companies on the internet actually are an Authorized Tanita® Distributor since Tanita Corporation has changed their guidelines for Dealers/Distributors that resulted is many companies getting dropped.  If you don't buy from an Authorized Dealer/Distributor you may be jeopardizing your manufacturer's warranty and product support.  There have been cases of unscrupulous online vendors selling gray market units and we recommend that you call Tanita® to verify who is an authorized and who is not so you don't get possibly ripped off.  Effective February 27, 2006, Tanita® changed their policy and allow pricing online so don't believe any stories that prices can't be displayed online.

Precision Weighing Balances was one of the first companies to market the Tanita® line on the internet.  We are an Authorized Tanita® Distributor.

WARNING: Do not use the Tanita® TBF-410GS body composition analyzer if you wear a pacemaker or other electronic medical device.

Tanita body analyzer TBF-410GS

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Tanita body analyzer TBF-410GS 440 lb 0.2 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • RS-232c
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MSRP: $2995.00
YOU PAY $2995.00
tbf410 scale
tbf-410gs scale
Tanita® TBF-410-GS
Graduation: 440 lb. x 0.2 lb. / 200 kg. x 0.1 kg.
Platform: 12" x 12.75" x 3"
Adult, Athlete & Wrestler modes
1% to 75% body fat range
1 kJ unit (1 kcal unit) B.M.R
2.44" x 300" paper
Weight-Only Function
Compact, column-mount design
440 lb weight capacity 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) weight graduation
150-900 (1 unit) impedance 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) fat mass/fat free mass
0.1% body fat graduation 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) total body water
LCD display Thermal printer and keypad
AC adapter included 38 lb (14.2kg) shipping weight
Single point load cell RS-232 port for computer
3-year limited warranty NEW Goal Setter feature

The Tanita® TBF-410GS is intended for wellness centers and doctors' offices.  Tanita's only model that features an "All-in-One" column-mount design, making it perfect for use in small, dedicated spaces.  It features a 440 lb weight capacity, adult and athlete modes, "weight-only" function, printer, and port for computer interface.  Prints fat mass, fat %, total body water, BMR, and desirable ranges. Also includes Goal Setter feature.

Many chiropractors have supplemented their income, and have chosen wellness/weightloss as the tool to do this.  There is some linkage between spinal dysfunction's and obesity, however most chiro physicians are more interested in the overall wellness of the patient-physical ailments and body composition.  The TBF-410GS is a popular choice for chiropractors for monitor their patient's health.

Tanita's TBF-410GS utilizes patented “foot-to foot” BioElectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to make determining internal body composition a fast and accurate procedure.  The BIA technique is based on the principle that lean muscular structure which contains virtually all water (and conducting electrolytes), provides a good electrical pathway.  By inducing a low energy, high frequency electrical signal (50 kHz @ 800 microamps), a measurement of the baseline resistance to the flow of electrical current can be made.  The resistance measurement relates directly to the volume of the conductor which is used to determine total body water, fat free mass, and total fat.  Impedance, as calculated by Tanita, is a highly researched proprietary formula combining both resistance and interactive measurements.

Tanita's body composition analyzers are used independently, or they can be interfaced with a computer running Tanita's Health Management Software.  Tactical push button sealed keypad makes the TBF Series a truly high quality body fat measurement instrument to provide many years of use for the doctor's office or health club.

loadcellSingle Point Load Cell
While most other professional scales rely on inexpensive mechanical levers and springs that may wear out quickly, Tanita’s weighing system consists of a “motionless” block of solid metal known as a “Single-Point Load Cell.”  To you, this means better accuracy and durability for years to come. 

What is the difference between professional use scales and consumer scales?
Professional products have a greater weight capacity (up to 440 pounds and the TBF-310GS offers 600 pounds capacity) and are constructed to withstand heavy usage in high volume, multi-user environments such as doctors' offices, fitness centers, wellness centers, and nutrition stores.  Consumer products are designed to be used by individuals and families.  Medical analyzers can compute and printout individual reports and can be interfaced via the standard RS-232 port with computer and using the optional Tanita's Health Management Software.


Why do I need to enter different modes for different people?  Isn't fat just fat?

Answer:  The "Mode" choice refers to "Adult", "Athlete" and "Wrestler" modes.  Any body composition method relies on prediction equations to garner the best results.  These equations are based on very specific population studies, and correlated to the "gold standards" of body composition testing (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) and Hydrostatic Weighing.)  Research has shown that the more population specific an equation is, the smaller error ratio. 

For example, athletic individuals have more muscle structure and water in their bodies than sedentary adults.  Similarly, men generally have more of a developed muscle structure than females.  Therefore, separate studies must be conducted, and corresponding separate equations must be developed to ensure the best possible results.  Tanita's hallmark has been maintaining the simplicity of population groups (Adult, Athlete & Wrestler), while at the same time, maintaining a high level of accuracy.


 Adult Mode 
For adults aged 18 and older who have moderately active to inactive lifestyles.

Athlete Mode 
Special calibration for very fit adults. 

Tanita's "athlete" is someone who gets about 10 hours a week of intense physical activity (this can be exercise, work or leisure related).  "Athletes" also have a resting heart rate of about 60 beats per minute or less. 

The mode includes people who have been very fit for years, but currently exercise less than 10 hours per week. 

It does not include "enthusiastic beginners" who recently started making a real commitment to exercising 10 hours per week, but whose bodies have not yet changed enough to qualify for the Athlete mode. 

Wrestler Mode 
Special mode for wrestlers, available on the TBF-300W.

Nearly all wrestlers 'cut weight" at one time or another.  Some do so with little if any risk to their health, while others put themselves at much higher risk by reducing their muscle mass, fat mass and hydration levels to dangerously low levels.  Due to health risks and lack of guidelines necessary to help coaches monitor each athlete's weight loss, the NCAA established recommendation.

The 1996 ACSM Position Stand "Weight Loss in Wrestlers," as adopted by the NCAA, recommends the following minimum body fat percentages: 5% for Collegiate Athletes and 7% for High School Athletes.

Athletes whose body fat percent falls below these standards may not be permitted to wrestle.  Since individual state wrestling associations may have standards that differ from the NCAA, we recommend you check with your association for their specific guidelines.

When activated, wrestler mode calculates the "Minimum Wrestling Weight" at a predetermined body fat percentage.  These results can be printed out. 

Goal Setter:
A powerful educational and motivational tool that helps focus weight management efforts on reducing unhealthy fat instead of just weight.  Goal Setter feature to calculate the fat mass that should be lost or gained to achieve a pre-selected target body fat percentage.  Simply enter a target body fat percentage and the Goal Setter feature will instantly quantify the exact amount of fat mass that must be gained or lost to reach the specified goal.  By helping to set realistic goals, build enthusiasm and increase compliance, the in-depth body composition information on the printouts provides professionals with a powerful tool to guide weigh management programs.  There is simply no better way to incorporate such important health-related information and guidance for physicians, coaches and professional trainers. 

Weight Only:
You can use any of the Professional Composition Analyzers as a regular scale to determine your weight only.  The TBF-Series also offers the ability to automatically subtract a chosen amount for the weight of clothes.  Simply enter the weight by pressing the [0] - [9] keys.  Clothes weight can be entered by 0.1kg / 0.2 lb increments for the TBF-300W, TBF-410GS and TBF-215GS and by 0.2kg / 0.5 lb increments for the TBF-310GS

The Body Fat readings on all models may not be as absolutely accurate for individuals with extremely low body fat, like some professional athletes or body-builders.  But, even in these cases, the measurements can still be used effectively to track body-fat trends since the accuracy is consistent from measurement to measurement

Key functions

paper print out discription
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