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digital scales
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Ohaus Scout SJX1502N/E is brand new as of May 2016 and in stock ready to ship today. This NTEP Approved 15000d Class II Scale 0.01 grams increments and a maximum capacity of 1500 grams. The "d"(value of scale division) is 0.01 grams and the "e" (value of verification scale division) is 0.1 grams. The scale operates on either AC Adapter or four(4) standard AA batteries (not included) for complete portability. Forget those other scale manufacturer's that designed their legal for trade scales to only operate on their custom designed rechargeable battery that cost over $200. We anticipate the Ohaus Scout SJX1502N/E to be our best selling scale for the pawnshop and precious metals market. Anyone that owned the EK-1200i and looking for a replacement - the Scout SJX1502N/E is our recommendation.

We are unable to advertise a price below $667.80 but when you click the Paypal/Visa/MasterCard button you will see our real selling price.

The Ohaus Scout SJX1502 electronic scale meets the requirements for a legal for trade scale as a Class II weighing device defined in Handbook 44. All this information can be verified by downloading the CofC # 16-015 so you can printout this certificate to check with your Weights & Measurements Inspector if they will allow you to use the SJX1502 for your particular weighing application. Since "e" (value of verification scale division) and "d"(value of scale division) are not equal there are some states like Minnesota that require pawnshops weighing gold and other precious metals that the digital scale must be able to read "e" to 0.01g. Retail marijuana dispensaries that sells less than 1 ounce in California and Oregon Weights & Measures Inspectors will only accept "e" with a division value of 0.01 grams or less which the Scout SJX1502N/E DOES NOT meet these requirements. If you are in one of these states then review the AND FX300iN the division value for "e" is 0.01 grams. (value of verification scale division)is 0.1 grams.

Since May 2016, Colorado Measurement Standards Act for medical marijuana business operators only requires you to have a legal for trade scale that increments in 0.01 grams and they accept scales were "d"(value of scale division) is 0.01 grams and the "e" (value of verification scale division) is 0.1 grams. The SJX1502N/E meets the requirements presently for Colorado marijuana retail stores. Please note the SJX622N/E will not be accepted in Colorado since once the SJX622N/E is placed in LFT mode (security switch placed in the locked position) the SJX622N/E displays to only 0.1g while the Ohaus SJX1502N/E when placed in the locked position displays 0.01g with the last decimal place boxed e.g. 0.0[1]g. Always check with your particular Weights&Measures requirements since State, County and City regulations are evolving in this new era of legalize marijuana. You can learn more about legal for trade HERE.

Beware of any vendor trying to sell you the Ohaus TAJ Series telling you it is a gold scale like the models TAJ203, TAJ202, TAJ402 or TAJ602 since none of these TAJ models are NTEP Approved. How about those other guys telling you to buy the Ohaus SPJ Jewelry Scales like the SPJ202/US, SPJ402/US or SPJ602/US since they have a special and a super deal. Do they tell you none of the SPJ models are at NTEP Approved and also the SPJ is discontinued and what is left for a warranty?? It is not worth playing games if you are using the scale for a commercial weighing application since Weights & Measures Inspectors are not going to let you use an Ohaus TAJ or SPJ and many times you can get a hefty fine for not using the correct scale. Plus when you add the SJX1502N/E to the shopping cart the price will be a lot lower than $364.00 (Ohaus has a MAP preventing us for advertising the true selling price until you add to cart). Finally the SJX1502N/E offers more features, better electronics and a lot more weighing capacity than the TAJ or SPJ.

The scale's low profile dimensions are 8.8 x 8.0 x 3.5 inches and offers a large 6.7 x 5.5 inch trapezoid weighing platform. Easy-to-use four-button operation makes the Ohaus Scout one of the easiest scales to use.

Features include ABS housing, stainless steel pan, weigh below hook, transportation lock, manual calibration lock switch, security slot, adjustable leveling feet, illuminated up-front level indicator. Stability indicator, stackable design with optional stacking & storage cover, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, low battery indicator, auto shut-off and auto tare. Span calibration mass is NOT included but can be purchased separately. We offer a large selection of calibration weights available at an additional cost. The span calibration for the SJX1502N/E requires 1500 grams so you would need to purchase a 1kg and 500g calibration weight.

Select from a large choice of weight units including grams, pennyweight, ounce, troy ounce and several other weigh modes. There are also addition weighing functions when the scale is set in Non-NTEP mode that includes Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing, Totalization, Density Determination, Display Hold.

After decades of manufacturing the Scout Series Ohaus has finally introduced a Legal-for-Trade Ohaus Scout model that the jewelry industry is going to love. Over 20 years ago Ohaus created the Ohaus C305 which was the hallmark scale found in just about every jewelry store across the USA. Then the C305 was retired and replaced with the Scout, then Scout II, then Scout Pro, but none of these scales were Legal for Trade for commercial weighing application. We can now say it took decades but Ohaus has finally got a NTEP Approved Scout digital scale that is approved for general purpose weighing, retail jewelry weighing/precious metal weighing, weighing of grain in commercial and USDA/GIPSA applications.

The Scout SJX Series is equipped with superior overload protection, large backlit display, fast stabilization time, multiple weighing units, application modes and connectivity options, these slim balances offer a truly user-friendly weighing experience.

If you downloading the CofC # 16-015 and look in the "Standard Features and Options" section you will see the Ohaus Scout SJX1502 uses a Mettler Toledo 30254252 strain gauge load cell. Equipped with superior weighing technology from this Mettler load cell it delivers fast repeatable, reliable weighing results with a stabilization time as fast as 1 second resulting in quick results and increased efficiency.

The superior mechanical overload protection system of the Scout is comprised of a high-strength stainless steel pan and an impact-resistant plastic pan support. This enables the balance to safely withstand loads up to 10 times its rated capacity.

Select from multiple connectivity options available for data logging and communication. Ohaus offers expanded connectivity options including RS232, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet and Bluetooth module making the Ohaus Scout SJX the most versatile portable digital scale on the market today for data logging and communications.

See the entire line of Ohaus Scout SPX (NON-NTEP) and SJX (NTEP Approved) Scale Models HERE.

Ohaus SJX1502N/E NTEP Class II

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Ohaus SJX1502N/E NTEP Class II 1500 g 0.01 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Grains
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • KiloGrams
  • Legal For Trade
  • Parts Counting
  • NTEP Class II
  • Below Weighing
Comparable Scales

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Ohaus SJX622N/E Class III Scale - $574.00

Mettler Toledo JL6001-GE Class II Approved Scale - $599.00

Ohaus Class II AX2202N/E Scale - $1712.75

A&D Weighing EK-600i Class III digital scale - $353.60

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Ohaus AX1502N/E Class II Balance - $1481.55

Mettler Toledo JL602-GE Class II NTEP Scale - $599.00

Mettler Toledo JS6002G/A gold weighing balance - $1799.00

Mettler Toledo JS3002G/A LFT Scale - $1549.00

Mettler Toledo JS4002G/A Class II balance - $1674.00

A&D Weighing FX120iN NTEP Class 2 approved scale - $795.90

A&D Weighing FX200iN NTEP Approved Legal For Trade - $821.10

A&D Weighing FX300iN NTEP approved class 2 scale - $863.80

A&D Weighing FX1200iN NTEP type approved scale - $821.10

A&D Weighing FX2000iN NTEP medical marijuana dispensary - $856.80

A&D Weighing FX3000iN weigh medical marijuana - $884.80
MSRP: $954.00
YOU PAY $667.80
Ohaus Scout SJX1502N/E Legal for trade Scale
Bright backlit LCD & 4 button keypad enables efficient operation and ease of use. The sprint leveling bubble located to the right of the display allows you to know whether your scale is level to deliver the most accurate weighing results. The Scout's large backlit display increases readability in low light working conditions, and is easier to view from a distance. The large 6.7 x 5.5 inch trapezoid shaped weighing platform provides ample room for just about any samples you will be weighing.
Learn how to calibration the Ohaus Scout digital scale. In the YouTube video above we perform a span calibration that uses two weight values: zero and a weight value at or near the digital scale's capacity. We don't stop here we also walk you step by step how through the procedure for linearity calibration, which minimizes deviation between actual and displayed weights within the scale's weighing range. Three weight values are used: zero, a weight value within the scale's weighing range which is set to 1000g, and a weight value at or near the balance's specified capacity which is preset at 1500g for the SJX1502. The steps to perform calibration for the SJX1502N/E are similar for the various Ohaus Scout SPX, SKX or SJX models except the value of calibration weight used for calibration is different. Calibration weights are NOT included with most Ohaus Scout models but can be purchased at

PWB Discount Price

Ohaus Scout SJX1502NE $667.80

We are unable to advertise a price below $667.80 for the SCOUT SJX1502N/E since we must comply with Ohaus Corporation Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP") Policy, when you add to cart you will see the actual selling price.
S&H via UPS ground FREE UPS Ground in the lower 48 states
Grams 1500 x 0.01 g
Kilogram 1.5 x 0.00001 kg
Carats 7500 x 0.5 ct
Pounds 3.30700 x 0.0005 lb
Ounces 52.9100 x 0.005 oz
Troy Ounces 48.2250 x 0.005 ozt
Pennyweight 964.52 x 0.01 dwt
Grains 23148.0 x 2 GN
Repeatability std (g) ±0.02
Linearity (g) ±0.03
Stabilization Time ≤1.5 seconds
Legal for Trade YES Class II -  CofC 16-015
Verification scale division (e) gram (0.1g), kilogram (0.0001kg), carat (0.5 ct), pound (0.0005 lb),ounce (0.005 oz), ounce troy (0.005 ozt), pennyweight (0.1 dwt), & grain (2 GN)
Displayed scale division (d) gram (0.01g), kilogram (0.00001kg), carat (0.5 ct), pound (0.0005 lb), ounce (0.005 oz), ounce troy (0.005 ozt), pennyweight (0.01 dwt), & grain (2 GN)
Span Calibration Requires 1 kg or 1.5 kg (CAL Weights NOT Included)
Linearity Calibration Requires 1 kg & 1.5 kg (CAL Weights NOT Included)
Construction ABS housing & stainless steel pan
Weigh Sensor Strain Gauge
Weighing Units gram, kilogram, carat, pound,ounce, ounce troy, pennyweight, & grain
Weighing Applications Weighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing, Totalization, Density Determination, Display Hold
Tare Range Full capacity by subtraction
Pan Size 6.7 × 5.5 inch trapezoid shaped platform
Power Requirements AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)
Typical Battery Life 80 hours
Communication OPTIONAL modules available are RS232, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet or Bluetooth (available as an accessory, compatible only with Android OS device)
Display Type Liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight
Display Size 20 mm digits
Overload Capacity 10 times rated capacity
Operating Temperature Range 10°C to 40°C at 10% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Temperature Range 50°F to 86°F/10°C to 30°C
Storage Conditions -20°C to 55°C at 10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Scale Dimensions
(W × D × H)
8 × 8.8 × 2.1 inches
202mm × 224mm × 54mm
Shipping Dimensions 11.8 × 9.8 × 3.4 in / 300 × 250 × 86 mm
Net Weight 2.2 lb / 1 kg
Shipping Weight 4.4 lb / 2.0 kg
Ohaus Scout SJX Scale Brochure Ohaus Scout Electronic Scales Download this color brochure showing additional features of the Ohaus Scout SJX Jewelry Scales
Ohaus Scout operation manual Manual Ohaus Adventurer user manual Download the Instruction Manual for the Scout SJX loaded with tons of information.

Ohaus scale with optional second display
OHAUS SCOUT SJX1502N/E with optional Ohaus 30269019 Auxiliary Display Kit includes the PAD7 remote display, two(2) mounting brackets and the Ohaus 30268982 RS232 Interface module. The remote display allows 2 people to have their our display.

The optional auxiliary display kit is an affordable solution when Weights & Measures Inspectors require a secondary display so the customer can see in real time. Typical this is referred to as "Direct Sales" - both buyer & seller are present and the scale needs to be positioned in such a way that the scale is in full view and the scale display can easily be read by both parties. Always check with your local Weights & Measures Inspectors for exactly all the requirements you must meet since some inspectors follow the rule exactly while other inspectors are very lenient.
See as we unbox and review all the features of the new Ohaus Scout. What comes with the scale, how do you setup the scale, where do the batteries go, found the underhook?? All your questions can be answered by watching this informative YouTube video above. We use the Ohaus SJX1502N/E but most of the topics reviewed are similar to the other Ohaus Scout Models.
Ohaus Jewelry Scales
Rear view of scale with PS/2 connector (left side of scale) for optional communication modules (USB, RS232, Ethernet or Bluetooth). Next is connection for the AC Power connection and to the far right is Kensington lock port.
Ohaus USB Scale Interface
The optional Ohaus 30268984 USB Interface module plugs into PS/2 connector on back of the Ohaus Scout Scale. The OHAUS USB Interface Kit is a unique solution to the problem of connecting a Scout Balance to a computer using a Universal Serial Bus (USB). The USB Interface kit includes a CD with the software drivers to create the required virtual port on the computer. Works with PC running Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 7. The USB Interface module and DOES NOT include any data acquisition software.
Ohaus Scout digital scales weigh below hook
The Ohaus Scout Scale is equipped with a weigh below hook for weighing below the balance. Before turning the balance over remove the weighing pan and platform support, place the transportation lock in the locked position to prevent damage. To use this feature remove the protective cover for the weigh below opening. The digital scale can be supported using lab jacks or any other convenient method. Ensure the scale is level and secure. Power on the Scout Scale, then use a string or wire to attach items to be weighed. Below weighing is used for weighing magnetic materials, large samples that won't fix on the weighing platform or extremely hot or cold sample that would effect the scale's electronics if placed directly on the weighing platform due to thermal heat/cold transfer. Additional applications would be specific gravity determination.
Ohaus digital scale bottom side
The Ohaus Scout operates on AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included). There are four(4) adjustable feet to assist in leveling your Ohaus Scout digital scale.
NTEP Scale lockout switch for legal for trade commericial weighing applications
The lockout switch can be used to lock out the Scout Scale to prevent configuration changes. This is required if the scale is used for a commercial weighing application. Your Weights & Measures Inspector will use a wire with lead crimp to prevent unlocking the scale.
Purchasing a Legal for Trade NTEP Approved digital scale can be confusing with so many different models on the market. Just visit and you'll see we offer over 200 different Legal For Trade Scales. Watch the YouTube video above as we compare the A&D Weighing EK1200i, Ohaus Scout SJX1502N/E and Citizen CZ1200. These 3 models are Class II weighing devices with a verification scale division (e) equal to 0.1 grams.
Scale weighing platform lockout
The Ohaus Scout Scales have a red transportation lock on sub platform of the balance that needs to be disengaged before you start your weighing. Simply turn the red pointer 90° counter-clockwise.

The impact-resistant pan support safeguard against shock and overloading the balance in rugged and demanding environments. The Scout engineered with superior overload protection rated at 10 times the capacity of the digital scale.

Ohaus Scout SJX Digital Scale
Download the User Manual to understand all the functions & features

(select the model & any of the options and then the "BUY HERE" image)

Ohaus Scout

Ohaus balances Options (S&H additional for accessories)

Auxiliary Display Kit Call for availability
Ohaus 30268984 USB Interface module $105.00
Ohaus 30268982 RS232 Interface module $151.00
Ohaus 30268985 Bluetooth Interface Kit $252.00
Ohaus 30268986 Ethernet Interface Kit $164.00
Ohaus 30268983 USB Host Interface Kit $173.00
WinWedge Std Software Wedge for Windows $349.00
Ohaus SF40A Portable Dot-Matrix Impact Printer $902.00
5 rolls of paper for SF40A $76.00
Ink Ribbon for SF40A $54.00
Ohaus 30268988 Scout Stacking & Storage Cover, set (1) $20.00
Ohaus 30268987 Scout Stacking & Storage Cover, set (6) $60.00
Anti-Theft Security Lock (Kensington Slot Type) $211.00

  External Weights Weighing Mass Mass Weights External Calibration

Optional Calibration weight and weight sets.

1000g ASTM Class 2 (± 5.0 mg) with NO Cert $119.00
1000g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 2.5 mg) $227.00
500g ASTM Class 2 (± 2.5 mg) with NO Cert $98.00
500g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 1.2 mg) $287.00
300g ASTM Class 2 (± 1.5 mg) with NO Cert $82.00
300g ASTM Class 1 (± 0.75 mg) with NVLAP Cert $194.00
200g ASTM Class 2 (± 1.0 mg) with NO Cert $76.00
200g ASTM Class 1 (± 0.50 mg) with NVLAP Cert $230.00
100g ASTM Class 2 (± 0.50 mg) with NO Cert $63.00
100g ASTM Class 1 (± 0.25 mg) with NVLAP Cert $128.00
1g-1000g 13 piece Class 1 Mass Set with NVLAP Cert $2763.00
1g-500g 12 piece Class 1 Mass Set with NVLAP Cert $2063.00
1g-200g 10 piece Class 1 Mass Set with NVLAP Cert $1112.00
9 pc. Weight Set (100 g - 1 g) Class 1 with NVLAP $1042.00
1mg-100g 21 Piece Class 1 Weight Set with NVLAP Cert $1955.00
Cal-Paks 1kg, 100g, 2g Class 1 with NVLAP $623.00
Cal-Paks 1kg, 100g, 20g Class 1 with NVLAP $642.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 20mg Class 1 with NVLAP $473.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 200mg Class 1 with NVLAP $473.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 2g Class 1 with NVLAP $487.00
Weighing Pans
YWP06G Weigh Pan w/ 3.25" Diameter and 0.75" depth $30.00
YWP04G Gem Pan w/ 6.75 inch Diameter with 0.8 inch Depth $30.00

The Ohaus Scout series are all strain gauge weigh sensor. If you want better weighing performance with a Magnetic Force Restoration weigh sensor consider the A&D FX-1200iN, FX-2000iN or FX-3000iN. These A&D Weighing Legal for Trade are backed with a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty which is a lot longer than Ohaus 2 year limited warranty.
The Ohaus SJX1502N/E uses a Mettler Toledo load cell as stated on CofC 16-015 in the "Standard Features and Options" section of the Certificate of Conformance for Weighing and Measuring Devices.

Scale manufacturer build weighing devices with a strain gauge loadcell since they are much lower in cost verses a magnetic force restoration (MFR). You can see the weighing performance difference in this YouTube video "Magnetic force restoration balance verses strain gauge digital scale". If you want the best review either the Mettler Toledo JS3002G/A, JS4002G/A or JS6002G/A since these models use Mettler patented Monobloc magnetic force restoration weigh sensor.
Ohaus Scout SPX123    Ohaus Scout SPX622  Ohaus Scout SJX1502N/E  Ohaus Scout SPX2202  Ohaus Scout SPX8200
Select from these Ohaus Scout Digital Scales
Model Cap x Read (g) Pan Size LFT Price
SJX323N/E 64g x 0.001g 3.7" ø YES 0.01g d $499.25
SPX123 120g x 0.001g 3.7" ø NO $459.20
SPX223 220g x 0.001g 3.7" ø NO $513.80
SPX222 220g x 0.01g 4.7" ø NO $336.70
SPX422 420g x 0.01g 4.7" ø NO $471.80
SPX622 620g x 0.01g 4.7" ø NO $551.60
SJX622N/E 620g x 0.01g 4.7" ø YES 0.1g d $574.00
SPX1202 1200g x 0.01g 6.7" x 5.5" NO $629.30
SJX1502N/E 1500g x 0.01g 6.7" x 5.5" YES 0.1g d $667.80
SPX2202 2200g x 0.01g 6.7" x 5.5" NO $708.40
SPX421 420g x 0.1g 4.7" ø NO $186.20
SPX621 620g x 0.1g 6.7" x 5.5" NO $275.10
SPX2201 2200g x 0.1g 6.7" x 5.5" NO $346.50
SPX6201 6200g x 0.1g 6.7" x 5.5" NO $571.20
SJX6201N/E 6200g x 0.1g 6.7" x 5.5" YES 1g d $592.20
SPX8200 8200g x 1g 6.7" x 5.5" NO $287.70
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