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digital scales
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PWB-V700 Veterinary Scale is the affordable large platform vet scale perfect for weighing dogs and other animals.  This high capacity scale can weigh loads up to 700 pounds and increments in 0.2 pounds graduations.  Press the unit key on the weigh indicator and you can switch the weigh mode to kilograms (300 kg x 0.1 kg).  The ability to weigh in kilograms is a feature many veterinarians like since medication is typically prescribed based on weight.  The metric system is so much easier to calculate the correct medication dosage since many drugs are typically dispensed in grams or milligrams.

The scale base can be positioned up to 7.5 feet away from the display and the cable can be disconnect from the base.  The indicator features an adjustable mounting bracket for either desk or wall mount convenience.  The scale and display are battery powered and have a power-saving automatic sleep mode.  The PWB-V700 also operates on AC Adapter and the 120V adapter is included.  Automatic zero tracking maintains the scale at zero while the hold feature retains the displayed weight after the animal is removed.

The large weighing platform is constructed with a welded carbon steel frame with six(6) cross members for added strength.  The platform frame is covered with a 304 stainless steel top making cleanup fast and easy.  Although this digital scale is built strong the platform only weighs 34 pounds so it is lightweight to say this is a portable scale.  Sometimes trucker drivers purchase this platform scale to weigh furniture or barrels they are transporting and since the digital scale is lightweight they pull the scale from the cab of their truck making this a portable weighing machine.

Included at no additional cost is a removable non-skid rubber mat ensures extra grip for animals from slipping.  The mat is heavy duty and 1/8" thin rubber weighing over 4 pounds and ribbed for extra grip.  If you don't want to use the rubber mat you don't need to use it with the scale.

This veterinarian scales offers oversized 1" display with back light enabling you to read the weight in poorly lit areas.  Many times farmers might use this veterinary scale to weigh small animal and livestock in their barn where lighting is not always the best.  The green backlight display makes reading the weight really easy.  This large platform scale and is lightweight and portable for a multitude of weighing jobs on the farm weighing small animals or feed like grain and hay.  This small animal vet scale fits easily into alleyways for weighing market hogs, nursery pigs, alpacas, sheep, goats or other livestock.

Compare all the features this large platform scale offers by scrolling down on this web page and we think you will agree it offers unparalleled weighing performance, with the advantages of low profile and affordability.  View all the additional photos demonstrating this top quality design making this one of our most affordable scales for weighing four-legged patients.  Perfect scale for veterinarians, kennels, zoos, or anyone handling medium to large size animals.  There are many other applications for this digital scale like weighing turtles at a zoo, weigh bariatric patients weighing up to 700 pounds, a freight scale for weighing large boxes, a low cost alternative floor scale for weighing crates and I am sure you can think of other uses.

Other Brands PWB-V700 Veterinary Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Other Brands PWB-V700 Veterinary Scale 700 lb 0.2 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

Healthometer 2842KL Veterinary Scale - $785.00

Seca Medical 606 Vet Scale - $1348.65

Adam Equipment CPWplus200M Veterinary Scale - $371.00

Adam Equipment CPWplus150L Production Floor Scale - $470.00

Adam Equipment CPWplus200L Vet Scale - $506.00

Acculab SVI-200F Industrial Scale - $294.81

Weigh South VS2501 Floor Scale - $445.00

Weigh South VS-2501 Vet Scale - $375.00

Salter Brecknell PS1000 Livestock Scale - $715.00

Salter Brecknell VD1000 Vet Scale - $1195.00

Salter Brecknell ES2500 Equestrian Scale - $1995.00

Salter Brecknell PS500-22S Vet Clinic - $494.00

Salter Brecknell PS500-36S Vet Scale - $564.00

Salter Brecknell PS500-42S Veterinary - $669.00
MSRP: $540.00
YOU PAY $440.00

Vet Scales

PWB-V700 Veterinary Scale / Bariatric Scale / Freight Scale
PWB Discount Price Digital Vet Scale $440.00
S&H via UPS Ground $85.00
Capacity x Readability 700 lb x 0.2 lb
Capacity x Readability 300 kg x 0.1 kg
Weighing Modes Pounds or Kilograms
Display 7 segment LCD with backlight, Character height 1.0". The overall size of indicator is 8.5" width x 3.25" height
Operating Temperature 41°F - 95°F
Platform Dimensions 37 1/2" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/4" (LxWxH)
Functions On, Off, Hold, Unit,Zero, Print
Tare 50% of capacity (so you can tare up to 350 lbs) Tare allows the ability to Tare the handler in case the animal needs to be held
Construction Welded steel frame with 6 cross members for added strength
Weigh Sensor Four (4) accessible loadcells. This design allows for your scale to be repairable verses most other models on the market can't be repaired.
RS-232 Interface Yes - Standard DB9
Leveling Feet Yes - Four (4) adjustable 2" non skid rubber feet insure level weighing
Wall Mount Wall Mount Bracket with hardware INCLUDED
Indicator Cord 7.5 feet, the indicator cord is detachable from the scale base
Mat Removable Rubber Mat (included)
Wheels two(2) 1" plastic wheels affixed to one end of the platform enable you to move the platform
Indicator Connector 5 pin DIN connector
Platform Stainless Steel Platform (non removable)
Power 6 AA batteries (not included) or AC Adapter (included)
Shipping Weight 45 lb
Warranty 12 months

Rugged, Stainless Steel, High Performance, Easy-to-use, Portable Digital Veterinary Scale

The PWB-V700 Digital Veterinary scale has everything you could ask for in a vet scale.  It is has a large 37.5"x19.75" platform with an included rubber mat making it easy for your animals to get up and stay on this scale.  This digital scale also four large 2" diameter adjustable feet so you can level the weighing platform on most surfaces.  The five(5) pin DIN connector also locks in, so no worrying about a rowdy dog knocking out the cable.

Portability is a key feature of the PWB-V700 Digital Veterinary Scale, it has a large handle as well as two 1" plastic wheels on the other end.  This allows to you easily move the scale all over your office (or wherever you happen to be using this animal scale).

A convenient, compact and portable low profile weighing vet scale measures only 2.75" high allows for easy animal stepping on the weighing platform.  The four (4) adjustable 2" non skid rubber feet insure level weighing.  Standard features include lbs and kg weighing modes, weight hold feature, zero / tare, stable weight indication and auto power off to extend battery life.  Operates on six AAA batteries or AC adapter.

The scale also has animal weighing technology which is best described as the weigh indicator collects the weight reading on the weighing platform and then averages out the weight shown on the LCD indicator.  The continuous weight average offers an easier way of reading the weight of the specimen on the weighing platform if the object is moving.  Press the "hold" key and the indicator stores the weight value on the display.  To erase the reading on the weigh indicator remove the object on the weighing platform and press the "hold" key again and you are ready to weigh once again.

PWB-V700 Vet Scale offers variable weight calibration.  You can calibrate the scale with any known weight from 150 lbs to 700 pounds.  This is a unique feature any other brand vet scales on the market don't offer.  The remote LCD display comes with a bracket for wall-mount or table-top installation.

digital veterinary scale
This Digital Vet Scale has some impressive features.
Click any of the images below to get a closer view.
Dog Scale   Large Digital Vet Scale
This scale has 4 adjustable rubber feet to ensure a level platform   The PWB-V700 Digital Vet Scale features a removable rubber mat
Digital Vet Scale   Portable Animal Scale
Welded steel frame with 6 cross members for added strength   Stainless steel platform that is not removable (unless you remove the 2 screws on each side of platform)
Large veterinarian Scale   Large Freight Scale
1" display with one piece indicator dust cover   This scale is also a great freight shipping scale for large parcels
Scale indicator connector
5 pin din connector will stay put even with moving animals

weigh indicator
The mounting bracket on the indicator can be placed on a desk or mounted on the wall.  Many other manufacturers charge upward of $50 for a simple bracket, but the PWB-V700 Vet Scale comes with the bracket and the screws as an standard accessory.
digital animal weighing Indicator
The back side of the weigh indicator is easily accessible to place 6 AA batteries if you choose not to run on the AC Adapter.  All PWB-V700 Veterinary Scale / Bariatric Scale / Freight Scale come standard with AC Adapter, batteries are not included.

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