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WeighSouth VS-2501 low profile platform scales offers 700 lbs weighing capacity and increments in 0.2 lb graduations. The VS-2501 is a great alternative to costly floor scales that cost $1000's.

You can't beat the quality and construction of the WeighSouth VS-2501 Digital Scale. The large 43" x 20" stainless steel base, low profile weighing platform scale is a mere 2" in height, operates on either AC Adapter or internal rechargeable battery.

The weighing indicator has a 8 foot cable for remote mounting on the wall or tabletop. Every VS2501 scale comes with a wal -mounting bracket with hardware at no additional cost. There is an optional 39 inch stainless steel column available when wall mounting is not possible.

The scale and display are battery powered and has a power-saving automatic sleep mode. Automatic zero tracking maintains the scale at zero.

This durable large platform scale offers unparalleled weighing performance, with the advantages of low profile and affordability. Standard features include lbs and kg weighing modes, checkweighing, stable weight indicator and auto power off to extend battery life.

There are so many uses for the great affordable scale and the weighing applications are almost unlimited.

It is an efficient alternative to a floor scale. Floor scales typically come in either 4' x 4' or 5' x 5' and work great for people that have the space to utilize them properly. Problem is since these floor scales are large and heavy they must ship motor freight since they are too large to since UPS. Taking delivery of a floor scale requires you to have a fork lift to take it off the truck or pay for extremely costly lift gate surcharge that runs about $175 just to use the lift gate. Again since a 4' x 4' floor scale is large and heavy it will take several people to move the scale around when you install the scale or ever need to move it to another location. Finally a good quality floor scale will cost you $1800 - $3000. Many business just don't have all this money for a floor scale and the VS-2501 is a great alternative.

They're accurate, quick and provide the operator with an easy way to weigh products and merchandise. What if your place of business doesn't have enough room for one of these scales though? After all, even the smallest scale of this nature is about 9 square feet. Luckily for small business owners everywhere, there is the bench scale. This unique item usually sits on a bench or table and provides many of the same features that are found in their larger floor bound counterparts.

Travel agencies attempting to distinguish themselves from the competition might put the VS2501 in their lobby allowing patrons to weigh their luggage in advance of going to the airport so the know their bags are below the weight limits. The 2" low profile platform enables you to lift your luggage easily on the platform scale verses many other bench scale are 3-5" in height. Finally an affordable platform scale that your clients can use to avoid paying the exorbitant overweight luggage fees. 

The Textile industry needs to weigh large rolls of Clothing, Fiber and Fabrics and the VS-2501 low profile digital platform scale with its large 43" x 20" weighing platforms can accommodate many of these rolls.

Weigh South VS2501 Floor Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Weigh South VS2501 Floor Scale 700 lb 0.2 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

Weigh South Floor Scale WS300R10S - $799.55

Acculab ECL300GFP-LO-US Platform - $729.57

Mettler Toledo WW250VR Digital Scale - $1485.00

Healthometer 2842KL Veterinary Scale - $785.00

Seca Medical 634 Platform Scale - $2279.00

Seca Medical 674 wheel chair scale - $2599.00

Weigh South WS600XL10 Bench Scale - $443.95

Weigh South WS1000XL10 Floor Scales - $539.95

Weigh South VS-2501 Vet Scale - $375.00

Salter Brecknell PS1000 Livestock Scale - $715.00

Salter Brecknell VD1000 Vet Scale - $1195.00

Salter Brecknell ES2500 Equestrian Scale - $1995.00

Salter Brecknell PS500-22S Vet Clinic - $494.00

Salter Brecknell PS500-36S Vet Scale - $564.00

Salter Brecknell PS500-42S Veterinary - $669.00

Other Brands PWB-V700 Veterinary Scale - $440.00
MSRP: $565.00
YOU PAY $445.00
Untitled Document
Freight Scale
OPTIONAL 39" stainless steel column is available when mounting the indicator on a wall or desk is not possible.


    Freight scales 700 lb x 0.2 lb
    Shipping Scales 43" x 20" Stainless Base
    Cargo scales Straight weighing in lb or kg
    Luggage Scale Large 1" LED Display
    Floor Scales AC Adapter or Battery Powered
    Platform Scale Auto Tare Function


    VS-2501 WeighSouth Scale Large Parcel Scale
    Veterinary Scale Luggage Scale
    Digital Floor Scale Weigh Furniture
    Fabric Scale Clothing, Fiber and Fabrics
    Large Platform Scale Weighing Bale of Hay
    Freight Scales Freight Scale

Weigh South VS-2501 Floor Scale
Price VS-2501 WITH 39" column stand
Price VS-2501 WITHOUT 39" column stand $375.00
S&H via UPS Ground $80.00 scale only / $105.00 with column
Capacity x Readability 700 lb x 0.2 lb
Capacity x Readability 300 kg x 0.1 kg
Weighing Modes Pounds or Kilograms
Display Large LED Display
Operating Temperature 41°F - 95°F
Platform Dimensions 43" x 20" x 2"
Functions On, Off, Unit, Tare, Checkweighing, Print
Tare 100% Tare allows the ability to Tare the handler in case the animal needs to be held
Indicator construction Durable sealed metal display housing
Weigh Sensor Four (4) accessible loadcells connected to a true J-Box.  This design allows for your scale to be repairable verses most other models on the market can't be repaired.
RS-232 Interface Yes - DB9 connector
Leveling Feet Yes - Four (4) adjustable 2" non skid rubber feet insure level weighing
Wall Mount Wall Mount Bracket with hardware INCLUDED
Column Mount OPTIONAL 39" stainless steel column available
Mat Removable Rubber Mat INCLUDED
Calibration User Selectable Calibration Points
Power AC Adaptor (Included) or Rechargeable Battery
Legal for Trade
(NTEP Approval)
NO - this is NOT a Class III scale approved for commerce.  You can read more about Legal for Trade HERE
Warranty 12 months
Shipping Weight 45 lb / dimension weight 75 lb

Weigh South IncThe Weigh South Medical VS-2501 Floor Scale features a large easy to clean stainless platform with four loadcells.  Its remote display with large LED provides easy viewing.  The display can be used on a desk top or wall mounted.

Vet Scale
The image above is the VS-2501 without the OPTIONAL 39" stainless steel column.
Animal weighing scale We include at no additional cost a removable non-skid rubber mat ensures extra grip for animals from slipping. Since the mat is removable it also allows for easy cleanup.
The images to the right is the connector on the back of the indicator.  The military style din connector is a major upgrade since it allows you to disconnect the indicator from the base.  Many other versions of vet scales on the market have a cheap indicator cable that was prone to breakage. weigh dogs

Farm Scale
The digital weighing indicator features 1 inch red LED digits for easy viewing from a distance.  LED (light-emitting diode) are more costly verses LCD (liquid crystal display) and this is why many competitive brands use LCD.  The LED offers a better viewing angle, brighter display and easier to see in animal clinic that use fluorescent lighting.

The weigh indicator is also made of all metal construction verses most of the comparable vet scales on the market today are ABS plastic.  The metal housing lessen the chance of radio frequency interference by shielding the electronics and providing you with more accurate weighing results.  Of course a metal housing cost more and this is why those other brands use a plastic housing.

Stockyard animal Scale
Pictured above is the back side of the weigh indicator.  The back case has a rubber gasket and potting around the connectors.  The VS-2501 is not IP rated, but the quality construction and design sure will lessen the chance of any dust, dirt or water from entering the sensitive electronics.  Also notice how the VS-2501 Vet Scale uses a standard sealed lead acid battery that you can easily replace yourself if the battery ever begins to lose holding a charge.  The battery is a standard off the shelf 6 volt 4aH seal lead acid battery that can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

The weigh indicator is also made of all metal construction verses most of the comparable vet scales on the market today are ABS plastic.  The metal housing lessen the chance of radio frequency interference by shielding the electronics and providing you with more accurate weighing results.  Of course a metal housing cost more and this is why those other brands use a plastic housing.

Weigh South VS-2501 Floor Scale Features
  • Large Stainless Steel Platform
  • Weighing Platform has 4 Loadcells
  • Large LED Display can be mounted to a wall or placed on a table

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