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digital scales
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digital scales
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WeighSouth WBT-602 delivers powerful weighing performance at an affordable price. The WBT602 weigh up to 600 grams and increments in 0.01 gram graduations. Science school teachers attempting to outfit their science classroom with new digital scales on a limited budget select WeighSouth WBT602 since it provides exceptional value without sacrificing weighing performance.

WeighSouth is a leading provider of digital scales since 1990 and is located in Asheville, North Carolina. WeighSouth noticed over the years most of the brand name scale companies outsourced or moved production of their digital scales to China, yet the never passed along the cost savings to the end user. As use of the internet exploded and consumers shop online looking for the best value for their money we have experienced a dramatic decrease in sales of electronic scales like the Ohaus SP602 and those sales moving to the WeighSouth WBT-602. Both scales are produced in China yet the WeighSouth WBT-602 is substantially less than the Ohaus SP602.

WeighSouth has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of affordable weighing devices that meet virtually any weighing application. WeighSouth backs the WBT digital scales with a 12 months limited manufacturer warranty.

WeighSouth WBT-602 digital scale performance and features are impressive. This compact hundredth of a gram digital scale feature a large backlit LCD display, rugged ABS housing, small footprint and simple to use with its 5 keypad design.

Additional features include four (4) leveling feet to allow easy leveling of the scale to ensure accurate weighing, removable 5" round stainless steel weigh platform for easy cleaning, multiple weighing modes that are simple to change by pressing the mode key, AC power supply or AA battery power, parts counting function and simple calibration. The calibration weight is included with the WBT602.

Weigh South WBT digital scales provide great value for the high school science classroom. Often, school science chemistry labs need to purchase weighing instruments to meet their budget and with the WBT-602 electronic scale, more students still get to operate a digital balance since it is affordable. Students can learn better in most science classroom lab experiment working in smaller groups verses having just one digital scale for the entire classroom. Schools are able to outfit a chemistry classroom without going over budget thanks to WeighSouth WBT economiically priced digital scales. No one does more to bring the power of weighing to your science classroom than Weigh South.

Weigh South WBT-602 digital scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Weigh South WBT-602 digital scale 600 g 0.01 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Grains
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • Parts Counting
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

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Sartorius Practum 612-1S precise weighing - $854.70

Sartorius Quintix 612-1S school scale - $1538.50

A&D Weighing EK610-J NTEP Class II Scale - $620.00

My Weigh iM01 electronic scale - $279.99

Other Brands EPB-602 Digital 0.01 Gram Scale - $302.95

Other Brands EPB-1002L Digital Scale - $298.95

Adam Equipment HCB602H USB scale - $420.00

My Weigh i601 My Weigh Scale - $236.50

A&D Weighing EK610i digital scale - $517.50

A&D Weighing EJ610 gram scale - $431.25

Mettler Toledo JL602-GE Class II NTEP Scale - $599.00
MSRP: $285.00
YOU PAY $159.25
precision balance

digital scale


Weigh South WBT-602 Digital Scale 600g x 0.01g
PWB Discount Price $159.25
S&H via UPS ground $15.00
Capacity x Readability (g) 600 g x 0.01 g
Capacity x Readability (oz) 21.2 oz x 0.0001 oz
Capacity x Readability (ct) 3000 ct x 0.05 ct
Capacity x Readability (ozt) 19.3 ozt x 0.0001 ozt
Capacity x Readability (lb) 1.3 lb x 0.00001 lb
Capacity x Readability (dwt) 385.8 dwt x 0.01 dwt
Capacity x Readability (gn) 9259.4 gn x 0.1 gn
Linearity ± 0.04 g (4 divisions)
Repeatability ± 0.02 g (2 divisions)
Tare range Tare full capacity
Weigh modes Grams (g), Ounces (oz), Pounds (lb), Pennyweight (dwt), Troy Ounce (ozt), Carat (ct), Grain (gn)
Application Programs Parts Counting sample size 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 & 500 pieces
Operation temperature 64°F-77°F / 18°C-25°C
Stabilization ~ 2.5 seconds
Display 7 segment LCD 3/4" in Height
Calibration External Auto calibration
(calibration mass - 500g INCLUDED)
Scale Dimensions (HxWxL) 3.0" x 7.5" x 10.5"
Weighing Platform 5.0" diameter
Power AC Adapter (included) or
8 AA batteries (NOT included)
Below scale weighing NO - not available
Legal for Trade NO - this scale is NOT NTEP Approved
Included Accessories AC Adapter, 500g cal mass, User Manual
Optional Accessories Traceable Calibration mass, weigh dish can be purchase separately
Net Weight 6 lbs
Shipping Weight 9 lbs
Warranty 1 years limited manufacturer warranty
WeighSouth WBT602 digital scale has a weighing capacity of 600 grams and the scale increments in 0.01 gram divisions.

Scale's Features Include:

Weighing Capacity - 600 grams
Readability - 0.01 grams
Parts Counting function - Yes
Weighing Modes - Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Pennyweight, Troy Ounces, Carats, Grains
Pan Size - Large 5.0" diameter
Power - AC Adapter or battery
Low Battery, Stability, Tare and Zero Indicator
Auto Calibration - the 500 gram mass is included
Auto Backlight
Adjustable feet and spirit bubble indictor for easy leveling

digital scale weighing display

The WeighSouth WBT600 delivers quality at an excellent cost. The compact design has a small footprint saves you valuable bench space. Feature a large backlit LCD screen, rugged ABS housing, robust load cell and is easy to use with the 5 button keypad.

During the last decade, the scale industry has changed along with the rest of the world. The internet has really opened the doors to competitively priced digital scales. While we continue to sell high-end digital scales from Sartorius and Mettler Toledo many of today's scale buyers whether a science teacher, hobbyist or new startup company just can not afford the brand name. WBT Series are made in China and offers great value for those clients that can't afford the brand names. We are selling more Weigh South balances for general laboratory, industrial and educational weighing applications in school classrooms because of the value and spectacular support Weigh South delivers.
500g ASTM Class 2 (± 2.5 mg) with NO Cert $109.00
500g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 1.2 mg) $327.00
Specific Gravity Kit $139.95
YWP06G Weigh Pan w/ 3.25" Diameter & 0.75" depth $30.00

Select from these different models to meet your specific weighing needs

Cap x Read (g)

Pan Size Power Price

100 x 0.001

3" Ø AC or battery $279.25

600 x 0.01

5" Ø AC or battery $159.25

5000 x 0.1

7.0" x 6.0” AC or battery $149.25

Are you using a scale for a commercial weighing applications for selling, purchasing, exchanging, custody transfer, or establishing the cost on the based on weight? If you answered "YES" then you are probably going to be required to have an NTEP Approved Legal for Trade Scale. Well the WeighSouth WBT602 is NOT legal for trade and a Weights & Measures Inspector will not allow you to use the Weigh South WBT602 for commercial weighing.

Check out the Ohaus SJX1502N/E since this is a Legal for Trade Class II weighing device. See as we unbox and review all the features of the new Ohaus Scout SJX1502. What comes with the scale, how do you setup the scale, where do the batteries go, found the underhook?? All your questions can be answered by watching this informative YouTube video above.
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