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digital scales
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WeighSouth WS150L10 Bench Scale weighs up to 150 pounds and increments in 0.05 pound graduations.  The weighing platform measures 16.5" x 21" and also weighs in kilograms (75 kg x 0.05 kg) plus counting, checkweighing and accumulating functions.  A true rugged industrial scale that is designed and built to last for years of heavy poundings and yet light on your capital budget.

The scale's weighing platform is engineered with a welded steel painted frame base and stainless steel weighing pan.  The weighing platform stainless steel is a heavy gauge that is able to withstand real industrial knocks and shocks.  The H frame design provides up to 125% overload protection from damaging the load cell sensor in the center of the frame.

Additional features include:

  • Weigh sensor is a high accuracy single point strain gauge aluminum load cell
  • (4) four adjustable feet on the scale base can easily be adjusted to level the scale
  • Sprint bubble indicator makes leveling the bench scale a breeze
  • Hinged bracket at the top of column allows indicator to tilt up or down for optimum viewing angle.
The indicator comes standard with both AC adapter and rechargeable battery (yes, included as standard equipment) which makes this bench scale versatile even when a power receptacle is not available.  The rechargeable battery is a standard sealed lead acid battery 6V/4aH that can be replaced by the end user and purchased at most auto parts stores.

WeighSouth asked their dealer network for the ultimate dream bench scale and they designed the scale for you.  Easy to operate (weighs in pounds and kilograms only), Easy to view weighing results (bright Red LED display for easy veiwing in dimly lit areas like warehouses or stock rooms), & Easy to setup.  WeighSouth's WS Series Bench Scales even offers you the flexibility to remove the indicator from the column and includes the wall mounting bracket at no additional cost.  Yes all the hardware needed (screws, bolts and even the allen wrench needed to remove the column) is included at no additional cost.  When the indicator is removed from the column the indicator cable length offers up to to 48 inches.

WeighSouth gives you value, reliability, quality and satisfaction.  WeighSouth has been in business since 1990 and is ready to stand behind their 12 month limited warranty.  Before you buy any scale be sure you purchase from a reputable manufacturer like WeighSouth since we have experience some manufacturers that can't be found when you need them.  WeighSouth is a top notch company with high ethical standards.

Weigh South WS150L10 Platform Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Weigh South WS150L10 Platform Scale 150 lb 0.05 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • Parts Counting
  • RS-232c
Comparable Scales

A&D Weighing FG60KBMN class III scale - $532.00

A&D Weighing HV-60KGL industrial scale - $865.00

A&D Weighing freight scale HW-60KGL - $1090.00

Ohaus Defender 32XW60VR washdown scale - $1139.20

Weigh South Bench Scale WS100R10S - $649.55

Weigh South Bench Scale WS200R10S - $799.55

Acculab Scale ECL60EDP-LO-US - $321.57

Ohaus digital scale Defender D51XW60HL2 - $1587.20

Acculab SVI-100E Bench Scale - $294.81

Mettler Toledo PS60U-5131-000 UPS Scale - $699.95

Mettler Toledo WS60LVR Large Platform - $944.00

Mettler Toledo USED PS60 Shipping Scale - $499.00

Ohaus D32XW60VL Bench Scale - $1435.20

Salter Brecknell C3255-150 Checkweigher - $695.00
MSRP: $525.00
YOU PAY $419.95
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Electronic Digital Bench Scale
WeighSouth Standard Bench Scales are available in four different size weighing platforms [(12" x 14"), (16.5" x 21"), (20" x 26") or (24" x 24")] and five weighing capacities (60 lb, 150 lb, 300 lb, 600 lb or 1000 lb) with up to 10,000d resolution depending upon the model you select.  These digital electronic bench scales weigh in either pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg) weigh modes plus additional functions include counting, checkweighing and totalization.  See the complete line of WeighSouth Standard Bench Scales HERE

These bench scales operate on AC Adapter or built in rechargeable battery and feature an easy to use Over / Under indication with a rugged, stainless steel weighing pan.  The painted welded steel construction frame is built and designed to offer years of accurate weighing results.

WeighSouth Standard Bench Scale is your ideal weighing solution for applications such as portion control, straight weighing or Over / Under weighing and priced extremely low for the price sensitive buyer.  Nothing matches the features and specifications for what you pay when money matters.


    Food Service Scales Welded Painted Steel frame
    Bench scale Stainless steel platform
    Food Scale Straight weighing in lb or kg
    Electronic Bench Scale Large 1" Red LED
    Weighing Scale Wall Mount included
    Precise Weight RS232 Interface


    Portion Control Food processing
    Shipping Scale Portion control
    Bench Scales Over / Under check weighing
    CheckWeighing Scale Packaging
    Weigh South Scales Agricultural applications

Painted steel frame, stainless weigh pan, WS150L10
150 pound bench scale with 16.5" x 21" weighing platform
S&H via UPS Ground

Industrial Bench Scale

This rugged painted frame design consists of welded steel with overload impact protection.  The rigid structural steel channel frame is equipped with four adjustable feet for easy leveling.

Scale Weigh Indicator The indicator features a large 1" Red LED for easy viewing.  The Red LED performs much better in poor and fluorescent lighting verses a monochrome LCD.  In addition, the Red LED has a much greater viewing angle verses an LCD really needs to be looked at directly straight to view the weighing results.

The 8 membrane touch keypad features a tactile positive feedback.  Many weighing applications require operators to multitask in high-stress situations, and the operators need the positive touch feedback to know they have completed the activation of a function without diverting their attention fully to display.

The indicator can be removed from the column and comes with a wall mount at no additional cost.  The cable length is 48 inches.  The WeighSouth Stainless Steel Bench Scales comes with all the hardware needed (screws, bolts and even the allen wrench needed to remove the column).  When you are comparing bench scales you really need to factor in all the standard equipment that comes with the WeighSouth Scale verses most competitor models everything is an options costing you more $$$.

Select from 7 different Painted Steel Frame & Stainless Steel Top models
Model Cap x Read (g) Weigh Pan Price
WS60R10 60 lb x 0.01 lbs 12.0" X 14.0" $339.95
WS150R10 150 lb x 0.05 lbs 12.0" X 14.0" $339.95
WS150L10 150 lb x 0.05 lbs 16.5" X 21.0" $419.95
WS300L10 300 lb x 0.1 lbs 16.5" X 21.0" $419.95
WS300XL10 300 lb x 0.1 lbs 20.0" X 26.0" $443.95
WS600XL10 600 lb x 0.2 lbs 20.0" X 26.0" $443.95
WS1000XL10 1000 lb x 0.5 lbs 24.0" X 24.0" $539.95

Select from 6 different Stainless Steel Frame & Top models
Model Cap x Read (g) Weigh Pan Price
WS10R10S 10 lb x 0.001 lbs 9.0" X 9.0" $539.55
WS25R10S 25 lb x 0.002 lbs 12.0" X 12.0" $659.55
WS50R10S 50 lb x 0.005 lbs 12.0" X 12.0" $659.55
WS100R10S 100 lb x 0.01 lbs 13.7" X 13.7" $649.55
WS200R10S 200 lb x 0.02 lbs 15.7" X 19.0" $799.55
WS300R10S 300 lb x 0.05 lbs 15.7" X 19.0" $799.55

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