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digital scales
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Fast, Accurate Results - Fast piece counts -- accurate down to the last part.  No lost inventory or time wasted by inefficiently hand counting.  Three displays simultaneously show the piece count, unit piece weight and the weight readout in kilograms or pounds.

The HC-3Ki Counting Scale can pay for itself in weeks and eliminate wasting time on hand counting forever.  Counting scale are your answer to bad counts and customer complaints about shortages.  Use this counting scale to verify inventory for your company's annual audit to keep the accountants happy while control labor costs.

We all hate the boring task of counting and this counting scale is a tremendous time saver and makes your job so much easier.  You can weigh up to 6 lbs (3kg) and the scale increments in 0.001 lb (0.0005kg) graduations.  We like to tell customers if you want to count parts that weigh greater than the weights of a standard paper clip you'll have no problem finding an accurate piece count.

Unlike some other counting scales on the market the HC-i Electronic Counting Scales offers an accumulator function enabling you to track all pieces counted for those larger jobs.  Another feature is the Count Pre-Setting that can be programmed to cause an alarm to sound when the number of items counted on the scale meets or exceeds the number stored in memory.

Try to avoid purchasing a counting scale with more capacity than you typically will be needing.  If 90% of the time you will be counting no more than 3000 grams of parts then a 3000 gram capacity counting scales is a better choice than a 15,000 capacity scale since you may be sacrificing resolution which is critical to the accuracy of your counts.  In those situations where the items being counting will weigh greater than the capacity of the scale, you simply count half the items and then the second half.  A&D recommends the average piece weight (APW) must be greater than or equal to the readability of the scale.  We offer 4 different models of the HC-i digital counting scale and you can view a comparative table here.

The A&D HC-3KI has a lot of nice feature, but the price may be too expensive for your budget.  If money is tight and you want a simple basic counting scale then we would recommend you take a look at the ECS 7LB Counting Scale here.

Never heard of A&D? A&D is currently the world's third largest manufacturer of laboratory and industrial balances with 20% of the world market share. Established in 1977, A&D Company, Ltd. has grown from developing digital-to-analog converters for companies such as Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, to becoming a world class producer of advanced measuring equipment for medicine, science and industry. A&D established itself as a multinational corporation, with offices in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Korea, Taiwan and Russia, and as a world leader in measurement equipment. The company's competitive edge is the direct result of its ability to leverage strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities, while incorporating highly accurate analog and digital technologies into broad product lines focused to provide customers with the greatest value.

The best selling point is AND Weighing fabulous product support. A&D Weighing has a dedicated product support line by calling 1-800-726-4940 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST. Finally the A&D is simply to use and configure. The product manual is written for the average person to configure their scale verses having to spend $100's calling for scale company help you figure out how to use the weighing device.

Precision Weighing Balances has been an Authorized AND Weighing Distributor for over a decade.

A&D Weighing HC-3Ki Counting Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing HC-3Ki Counting Scale 6 lb 0.001 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • Parts Counting
Comparable Scales

Other Brands Counting Scale ECS 3LB - $279.95

Adam Equipment Counting Scale CBC8a - $525.00

Ohaus RC3RS Inventory Scale - $1147.00

A&D Weighing FC-5000Si Counting Scale - $1348.00

Sartorius Piece Count CB3CCXN - $596.97

Sartorius Parts Scale CB6CCXN - $596.97

Ohaus EC3 Inventory Counting - $443.25

A&D Weighing HC-6Ki Paper Counter - $499.99

My Weigh CTS6000 Parts Counter - $249.95

VMC VW330A-C-3000 Counting - $599.00

Other Brands ECS 7LB Counting Scale - $279.95

CAS SC-05P Digital Counting - $495.00
MSRP: $700.00
YOU PAY $499.99
counting scale
counting scale
The indicator separates from the base up to 30 inches.

AND Weighing HC3Ki Piece Counting Scale
S&H via UPS Ground is $37
Electronic Counting Scale $ 499.99
Capacity x Readability (lb) 6 lb x 0.001 lb
Capacity x Readability (kg) 3 kg x 0.0005 kg
Repeatability (std deviation) ± 0.001 lb / ± 0.0005 kg
Linearity ± 0.001 lb / ± 0.0005 kg
Min. Unit Weight 0.1 g
Span Drift 0.002% / °C (5°C ~ 35°C) typical
Internal Resolution 1 / 600,000
Sample Size 10 pieces normal -5, 25, 50, 100, or random number, user selectable
Memory Function Yes - store up to 99 unit weights
Accumulator Function Yes - Press M+ key to accumulate count data and press TOTAL key to view total count
Max. Count Display 600,000
Display 7 segment LCD, Character height: pcs 0.73 in (18.6mm), weight & unit weight 0.45 in (11.4mm)
Display Update Approximately 10 times per second
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F, 85% RH or lower (No condensation)
RS-232 Interface Optional - additional $77 for the module end user can install at any time.  RS-232 used to connect to PC or A&D Printer.
Power AC adapter (included) or (Optional) Sealed Lead Acid Battery - Operating Time: Approx. 80-hour
Platform Size 11.8 x 8.3 inches / 300 x 210mm
Overall Dimensions 12.4(W) x 13(D) x 5(H) inches
315(W) x 331(D) x 126(H) mm
Detachable Indicator Yes the indicator separates from the base up to 30 inches or Option HC-08i extension cable can be purchased for $53 to extend length to 6 feet
Standard Accessories Instruction manual, AC adapter
Optional Accessories RS-232 interface, RS-232 relay output, RS-232 cable, Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Indicator extension cable, AD-8121B printer, Calibration Weight
Weight (approx.) 10.6lb / 4.8kg
External Calibration 3 kg ASTM class 6 (OPTIONAL)
Warranty 24 months
counting scale Data Sheet piece count Download the brochure loaded with tons of information.  We highly recommend you review this brochure since it answer any question you might have.
accurate count User Manual inventory count Download the user manual.  If you have a question how it works it is in the manual.


piece count
The images above an below illustrates how the indicator separates from the base up to 30 inches.  This is a real selling point since most competitor brands are one piece construction counting scales and the weighing display can be obstructed when a container larger than the weighing pan is used.  To extend the length further purchase option HC-08i extension cable for $49 to extend length to 6 feet
digital counting scale
electronic counting scale
HC-i Series Counting Scales have a user friendly function to set and recall the unit weight by Navigation System in the LED using "SAMPLE", "KEY-BOARD" and "ID" keys to use the counting scales with ease and simplicity without error.  You can read more about this simple design which is also featured in A&D's FC-i Series HERE.
(Optional) Sealed Lead Acid Battery.  Recommended battery is Yuasa Battery NP4-6 (4V, 4Ah).  Typical battery operating time is approximately 80-hour when the scale is used without the RS-232 option.  The battery will recharge when the scale is plugged in to a power receptacle.
Additional Features Include:
  • Navigation system with LED for easy and simple operation
  • High internal resolution 1/600,000
  • Weighing display resolution 6000
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
  • Audible Weighing Assist beeping function (AWA)
  • Comparator function with “HI”, “OK”, “LO” display
  • Optional Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable battery
  • Accumulation function
  • Up to 99 unit weights ID memory function
  • Universal Flex Coms function
  • Auto-power OFF function
  • Full Digital Calibration function
  • Large LCD display
  • Simple operation mode
  • Large stainless steel weighing pan 11.8 x 8.3 inches
  • Optional Interface function RS-232C and Relay output
Select from 4 different HC-i Counting Scales

Cap x Read

Min Wgt Count What Your Price

6 b x 0.001 lb

0.1 g Paper clip $499.99

15 lb x 0.002 lb

0.2 g 8 1/2" x 11" paper $499.99

30 lb x 0.005 lb

0.4 g Hardware - 1/2" metal screws $499.99

60 lb x 0.01 lb

1 g Items that weigh greater than a quarter $499.99
A&D HC-i Series Counting Scale
Download the User Manual (2.01 MB)

( select the model & any of the options to the right and then the "BUY HERE" image )
A&D Weighing Counting Scales

HC-03i RS-232C interface $77.00
HC-04i RS-232C relay output interface $97.00
HC-06i Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery (6V, 4Ah) $43.00
HC-08i Extension Cable for remote display to 6 feet $53.00
USB to DIN RS-232 Converter $66.00
RS-232 cable to connect to 25 pin device $49.00
RS-232 cable to connect to 9 pin device $49.00
AD-8127 Impact Dot Matrix Printer $867.00
1000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 100 mg) mass $52.00
2000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 200 mg) mass $60.00
5000 g ASTM Class 6 (± 500 mg) mass $145.00

inventory counting scale
The ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement) is a very useful function to make the unit weight by averaging bigger sample number for the sample weight to be weighed for more accurate counting result.
parts counting scale

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