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digital scales
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digital scales
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Low cost 400 lb x 0.1 lb platform scale is perfect for general weighing applications when high readability isn't critical, but instead the cost of the scale is the critical factor. This bench scale has a large 14 x 16 inch stainless steel platform. Many competitor models like the A&D JM Series has a much smaller 12 x 12 inch platform or the Ohaus SD200 shipping scale only has a base size of 12.4 x 11 inches. Both the Ohaus SD200 and the A&D JM Series have a painted steel platform while the Precision 400LB bench scale has a ABS housing and fixed stainless steel weighing pan.

The Precision 400LB platform scale has a remote display with backlit for easy viewing. The 5 button keypad on the remote indicator includes On/Off, Hold, Unit, Zero and Tare buttons.

We dare you to compare the competition's specs against the Precision 400LB. We don't offer online the Ohaus SD Shipping Scale nor the A&D JM Shipping Scales since customer's visiting are looking for the best way the stretch their dollars and they sure aren't interested in paying more money for less scale. Larger capacity, better accuracy, larger platform, larger display + ANYCal software (variable weight calibration software).

ANYCal software works like this. If the scale is generally used to weigh boxes between 30-130 lb and if the end user finds that the accuracy is off at 110 lb, he/she can calibrate this at zero and 110 lb so that the error is reduced.

Other Brands 400 Pound Digital Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Other Brands 400 Pound Digital Scale 400 lb 0.1 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
Comparable Scales

Healthometer ELEVATE-C EMRscale - $1012.00

A&D Weighing foor scale FG150KBM - $532.00

Weigh South Floor Scale WS300R10S - $799.55

Ohaus floor scale ES200L - $711.20

A&D Weighing FG-200KALN CofC Scale - $756.00

Adam Equipment CPWplus200 Shipping Scale - $210.00

Acculab SVI-200F Industrial Scale - $294.81

Used PS60 Scale with USB - $676.00

Used PS60 -USB and ABS platter - $586.00

Ohaus Defender 5000 D51P250QX5 digital scale - $1751.20

VMC VW-320A-150 Portable - $799.00

Weigh South VS-2501 Vet Scale - $375.00
MSRP: $169.00
YOU PAY $99.95
precision balance

Digital Shipping Scale


Precision 400LB Digital Platform Scale
PWB Discount Price Electronic Bench Scale $99.95
S&H via UPS ground $35.00
Capacity x Readability (lb) 400 lb x 0.1 lb
Capacity x Readability (kg) 180 kg x 0.05 kg
Linearity (lb) ± 5 divisions (0.5 lb / 0.25 kg)
Weighing Modes lbs or kg ONLY
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Maximum Overload 200 %
Function On/Off, Hold, Zero, Unit, Tare
Features Backlit display, Wall Mount Bracket, ABS Plastic Housing, Stainless Steel Platter
Weigh Sensor 4 load cells
Display 7 segment LCD, Character height 1.0".
The overall size of indicator is 8.5" width x 3.25" height
Display Cord Length 7 foot fixed indicator cord. You can not disconnect the indicator from the base since it is a molded connection.
Backlit Yes - Green Backlit selectable: Auto (backlit turns on when weight applied to platform) , when nothing is on platform backlit turns off
Legal for Trade
(NTEP Approval)
NO - If you need LFT we recommend you review the A&D FG-200KALN
RS-232 Interface NO - If you require an RS232 to connect the scale to a PC we recommend you review the AND Weighing HV-200KGL
USB Interface NO - If you require an USB to connect the scale to a PC we recommend you review the Health-o-Meter 753KL
Calibration ANYCal - External Auto calibration user selectable. Recommended calibration weight, to full capacity will be ideal.
(calibration mass - NOT INCLUDED)
Power AC adapter (included) or
6 AA batteries (not included)
Platform Size Extra large 14 x 16 inch stainless steel
Overall Dimensions 16 (W) x 14 (D) x 2 (H) inches
Standard Accessories Mounting bracket, AC adapter
Optional Accessories Calibration mass purchase separately
Weight (approx.) 8.2 lbs
Shipping Weight 11.0 lbs
Warranty 2 years limited manufacturer warranty

digital weigh indicator

The Precision 400LB platform scale has a remote display with backlit for easy viewing.  The 5 button keypad on the remote indicator includes On/Off, Hold, Unit, Zero and Tare buttons.

The HOLD key is to HOLD the weight when you take the product off the scale.

The Auto ON backlit works as follows - whenever weight is applied to the scale, the backlit turns ON.  The backlit turns OFF when the scale returns to ZERO.

digital weighing scale

The mounting bracket on the indicator can be placed on a desk or mounted on the wall.  Many other manufacturers charge upward of $70 for a simple bracket, but the Precision 400LB comes with the bracket and the screws as an standard accessory.

weigh scale

The back side of the weigh indicator is easily accessible to place 6 AA batteries if you choose not to run on the AC Adapter.  All precision 400LB shipping scales come standard with AC Adapter, batteries are not included.
freight scale
The bottom of the platform features 4 large fixed feet.  Since the feet are not adjustable you will need to find a level surface to install the scale on.

The base of the scale is ABS plastic, and the top is stainless steel but not removable.

ANYCal software allows you to calibrate the scale with whatever known weight you have on hand.  We always recommend people calibrate scales with real calibration weigh, but with a 50 LB Iron Grip Weight cost almost $150 it isn't always feasible.  With ANYcal if you have a known weight like a 35 pound bag of dog food you can use it to calibrate the scale.  Say you just came back from the grocery store and bought a pumpkin and the grocery store's price tag states the pumpkin weighs 35.25 lbs you can use the pumpkin as the calibration weight.  Again Anycal enables you to do a poor man's calibration when absolute precision is not needed.

Platform Scales

1 LB Class 7 (± 210 mg) cal mass $55.00
2 LB Class 7 (± 300 mg) cal mass $60.00
5 LB Class F (± 230 mg) cal mass $56.00
10 LB Class F (± 450 mg) cal mass $71.00
25 LB Class F (± 1.1 g) cal mass $110.00
50 LB Class F (± 2.3 g) cal mass $147.00
1kg ASTM Class 6 (± 100 mg) cal mass $52.00
2kg ASTM Class 6 (± 200 mg) cal mass $60.00
5kg ASTM Class 6 (± 500 mg) cal mass $145.00

Additional bench scale models to choose from

Cap x Read (lb)

Pan Size Features Price
Precision 400LB

400 x 0.1

14” x 16” NOT Legal for Trade, NO RS-232 $99.95
Precision 200LB

200 x 0.05

14” x 16” NOT Legal for Trade, NO RS-232 $98.95

500 x 0.1

14” x 16” Legal for Trade, RS-232 $399.95

500 x 0.1

24” x 24” Legal for Trade, RS-232 $669.95

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