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Purchasing by mail order couldn't be easier and this web page will dynamically create your our personal mail order form.

The product you last viewed is listed above.  You can modify your selection at anytime.  Once you selected the correct model, quantity and/or balances then click the "Generate Mail Order" button and your custom mail order form will be generated.  Simply print the form, enclose your money order, mail to us and within no time you parcel will be delivery to your door.

This mail order form is for parcels shipped in the continuous 48 states of the USA.  We do NOT ship outside the USA, AK, HI or any of the islands.

Need help using this page?

To modify the "quantity field" simply place your mouse cursor in the "quantity field" and edit the number by typing the new quantity from your keyboard.  Change the value from 1 to 2,3,5,10 or whatever the quantity you desire.  We have 1000's of scales in stock so don't be afraid to purchase a few extra.

To change to a different manufacturer simply select the dropdown arrow and you can view all the manufactures we offer.  All of the balances we offer for the particular manufacturer will then be listed under the "balance" dropdown box.  (Please note that if you change the selection in the "manufacturer column", then the "balance column" displays all the available balances sold under that manufacturer in the "balance" dropdown box.)

The "Details" box offers a quick review of the specification for that particular balance selected.  At anytime time mouse click the "Click for More Info" button and a second browser window will open with the complete detailed product specifications.

To select another scale click the "Add Another Scale" button and a second row will be generated and you can repeat the above steps to select a second model scale.  You can repeat clicking the "Add Another Scale" button for as many different models you desire.

At any time if you added multiple models of scales and want to delete one of your selection just click the corresponding "Remove Scale" button the web page will update and that selection will be removed.

That covers it all so make your selections.  Then finally press the "Generator Mail Order" button and your custom mail order form will be created listing the quantity, model scale, unit price, S&H and total price your money order should be made out for, along with our mail to address. All orders ship to a Massachusetts address require us to collect sales tax and the mail order form will calculate the correct sales tax if you select Massachusetts.

You're only a few mouse clicks away from saving huge money with our deep discount prices.

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