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Health O Meter 2600KL offers 1000 pounds weighing capacity in 0.2 lb increments.  The scale also weighs in ¼ lb or 4 oz graduations.  Oversized ramp scale measuring 36 1/4" x 32-3/8" x 2-1/4" (L x W x H) will accommodate extra wide wheelchairs as well as geriatric (recliner) chairs.  The Healthometer Pro Plus line incorporates auto-zero, auto-tare, auto-reweigh, and weight lock-in.  This medical platform scale can be used with geriatric chairs, recliner chairs, wheelchairs, or as a stand-on-scale.  The 2600KL features a ramp which is perfect for patients confined to a wheelchair or geriatric chair.  Lightweight and extremely portable with easy flip-up platform.  This item ships motor freight only.

The Health-O-Meter 2600KL Wheelchair ramp scale is a high capacity platform scale for weighing patients in a hospital or clinic.  This wheel chair scale weigh units are pounds or kilograms displaying fractions, lb/oz, decimals in standard, and decimals in metric.  The weighing capacity was recently increased from 800 pounds to 1000 pounds in 0.2 lb increments and also features an extra large platform.  When the 2600KL is not being used, simply fold it up and move it to a storage location as shown below

Health o meter's 2600KL Pro Plus Electronic Scales use highly sophisticated microprocessor technology.  This precision medical scale is designed to provide accurate, reliable and repeatable weight measurements and features that make the weighing process simple, fast and convenient.  The scale is set up to use motion-sensing weighing technology, to determine the actual weight of a moving patient.  The scale may be changed to measure live weight also.

The weight can be display in pounds (decimals, fractions of a lb or lb/oz) or in kilograms.  The scale features a wrap-around handrail for patient comfort and safety and a 180 degree swivel/pivot head for reading from either side of the scale.  Also included with the Healthometer 2600KL geriatric scale are two wheels for easy mobility.

The digital platform scale can be operated using its AC adapter (included) or by 6-D cell batteries (not included).

This wheelchair scale can also be used as a stand-on scale or chair scale in addition to weighing patients on wheel chairs.   You may also purchase an optional second ramp for wheeling onto the platform from both sides.

Health-o-Meter 2600KL Wheelchair Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Health-o-Meter 2600KL Wheelchair Scale 1000 lb 0.2 lb
Add. Features
  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
  • RS-232c
  • USB
Comparable Scales

Health-o-Meter 2400KL Wheelchair Scale - $1466.00

Health-o-Meter 2500KL Wheelchair Scale - $2365.00

Health-o-Meter 2610KL Digital Wheelchair Scale - Dual Ramp - $2499.00

Health-o-Meter 1600KL electronic wheelchair scale - $2099.00

Seca Medical 664 Wheelchair Scale - $2972.44

Seca Medical 684 wheel chair scale - $4498.16

Health-o-Meter 2700KL Bariatric Scale or Wheelchair Scale - $2023.00

Weigh South WM300R Wheelchair Scale - $995.00
MSRP: $2888.00
YOU PAY $2399.00
Digital Wheelchair Scale
Health-O-Meter 2600KL Digital Wheelchair Scale
Scale comes standard with one ramp which can be placed on
either side of platform for left or right access.  You can also
purchase an OPTIONAL second ramp for access on either side
or purchase the 2610KL since this model comes with 2 ramps.

Healthometer 2600KL Electronic Wheelchair Scale - Single Ramp
S&H fee via Motor Freight $225.00
Capacity x Resolution 1000 lb x 0.2 lb
Capacity x Resolution 454 kg x 0.1 kg
Units Pounds, Pound:Ounce, Kilograms
Interface USB
Display Size 3/4" LCD with 180 degree swivel
Platform Dimensions 32-3/8" x 36 1/4" x 2-1/4" (L x W x H)
Ramp Dimensions 32-3/8" (w) x 9-7/8" (d)
Number of Ramps One - you can purchase a second ramp
or it is cheaper to purchase the 2610KL
Overall Dimensions 42-3/4" x 46-2/5" x 49-2/5"
Wheels Yes - 4 wheels for easy moving
Functions BMI, Manual tare, Zero, Auto off, Auto weight hold, Reweigh, Hold/Release
Features 180 degree swivel head, motion sensing technology, wheels, 3/4” backlit LCD, 270 patient memory, USB, and ramp attaches to either side
Connectivity USB
Power 6 AA batteries (not included) and
120 volt AC adapter (included)
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight 128 lbs
Medical Scales  User Manual
healthclub scale  Manual for indicator
Doctor Scale  Product Brochure
EMR Systems  EMR Systems
Health-O-Meter 2600KL Digital Wheelchair Scale

Select the optional accessories then the "BUY NOW" image
Optional Accessories:

Secondary Ramp 2600RAMP
You can save money by purchasing the 2610KL since this model comes with 2 ramps
Health O Meter Medical

ProPlus™ Wheelchair Ramp Scales
Compensating for movement is critical to weighing patients in wheelchairs. That’s why this scale has the exclusive technology to do just that. Extremely durable, with state-of-the-art technology, these wheelchair scales are a “must-have” for any long term and acute-care facility.

Features include:
  • 180° swivel head for side read
  • Configurable readout
  • Keypad entry
  • Large platforms can be used with chairs, wheelchairs or a stand on scale
  • Computer interface with 270 patient memory
Platform Scale Indicator Health O Meter's 2600KL electronic wheelchair scale comes with a 3/4 inch backlit LCD digital display and easy-to-use keypad.

Electronic Wheelchair Scale
Don't worry about your oversized wheelchair scale taking up too much room in the doctor's office.  The Health-O-Meter 2600KL digital wheelchair scale folds up for easy storage.

When the electronic wheel chair scale is not being used, you can fold it up and roll it to its storage destination.
Mobile Medical Weighing Scale
Above we show the Health O Meter 2600KL Digital Fold-up Wheelchair Scale demonstrating how a doctor can easily weigh a patient.  Notice below how both the physician and patient can read the display and see the weighing results.
Wheel Chair Scale
Electronic Fold-up Wheelchair Scale's Features:
  • 180° Swivel Head for Side Read
  • Motion-sensing weighing technology
  • Configurable 3/4" back light LCD display
  • Displays fractions, lb/oz, decimals in standard; decimals in metric
  • User-friendly menu screen
  • Platform with wheels for mobility, 2600KL folds up for easy storage
  • Keypad entry, BMI, Manual Tare, Zero, Auto-Off, Auto-Hold, Reweigh, Hold/Release
  • USB and Serial Ports (2) for computer interface with 270 patient memory
  • EMR Connectivity
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • 6 D-cell batteries (6 month battery life) & 120V AC adapter
  • Ramp attaches to either side for left/right access. Second ramp available
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology is supported by 2600KL medical wheelchair scales from Healthometer, but the EMR software itself is not included, and requires a specialist to configure.  Precision Weighing Balances cannot offer these setup services.  It is the responsibility of your own facility to hire a 3rd party consultant, or have an in-house professional perform the installation.  Software setup is too complicated for the average computer user to install.

Transferring the weight of the patient to a computer requires serial communications software that needs to be installed on a computer and does not come with the scale.  If you don't have EMR you could purchase WinWedge 32 Standard RS232 software allowing you to export patient's weight into an Excel spreadsheet for ease of documentation.

Digital Medical Scales

  • 180 Swivel/Pivot Display can be read from either side of the scale. Head swivels 180 degrees and also pivots up and down, adjusting to any operator's need.
  • Large 3/4" backlit LCD screen is easy to read under any lighting conditions.
  • Well-spaced, easy-touch keypad improves data entry accuracy.
  • 270 Patient memory
  • Multiple data ports for communication with computer.
  • Exclusive 3-Way Tare. Innovative option allows tare to be entered using the keypad accounting for wheelchair, assisted walking device or second healthcare professional, so that only the patient's weight is displayed.
  • Configurable, four-way weight display option:
    • Pounds/Ounces
    • Pounds/Fractions of a Pound
    • Pounds/Decimal
    • Metric/Decimal
  • User-friendly entry screens are easy to understand and use.
  • Motion-sensing technology. Scale compensates for patient movement to give stable readings.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Troubleshooting diagnostics/single load cell replacement.
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • US Patent #D50865

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