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Precision Weighing Balances is proud to be one of the few Authorized Distributors in the USA to offer the AND Weighing EK-610J. Not to be confused with the A&D EK-610i (notice the last character in the model name is "J" verses "i"). The EK-610i is "non-NTEP" while the EK-610J is "NTEP Approved 6000d Class II Scale". The EK-610J DOES NOT have a functional RS-232 serial interface so you can not connect the scale to a computer or printer. For some reason when A&D designed the EK-610J they disabled the serial interface.

The EK-610J is an affordable scale that increments in 0.01 grams increments and a maximum capacity of 600 grams. Here is your replacement for a broken Sartorius AY612, Ohaus Scout SP602, Acculab VIC612 or Mettler PL602 scale. Although we talk alot of the scale being legal for trade you can use it in the science classroom or laboratory for general weighing.

EK610J NTEP approved Class II Legal For Trade scale from AND Weighing has a maximum weighing capacity of 600g with 0.01 gram readability. The "d"(value of scale division) is 0.01 grams and the "e" (value of verification scale division) is 0.1 grams. The balance meets the requirements as a Class II weighing device defined in Handbook 44. All this information can be verified by downloading the CofC # 06-054 so you can printout this certificate to check with your Weights & Measurements Inspector if they will allow you to use the EK610J for your particular weighing application.

Article 14 of Title 35, C.R.S. A scale used to weigh product being received shall be certified in accordance with measurement standards established in TITLE 35. AGRICULTURE - WEIGHTS AND MEASURES - ARTICLE 14.MEASUREMENT STANDARDS - 35-14-127. Licenses - fees - rules - stickers - certificates.

The EK-610J scale will NOT works with BioTrackTHC marijuana business software for processors and point of scale systems for dispensaries inventory management requiring a scale for cannabis sales tracking to communicate with the Bio TrackTHC software since THERE IS NO WAY TO TRANSMIT THE DATA FROM THE SCALE TO THE COMPUTER SINCE THE RS232 INTERFACE IS NOT ACTIVE.

For those Colorado medical marijuana centers (MMC) looking for a scale to communicate with a computer please review the FX1200iN, FX2000iN & FX3000iN which are purchased by many Colorado recreational marijuana dispensaries but, these models cost much more than the EK610J. If you don't need the scale to connect to the computer you can save money with the EK610J.

The EK-610J meets the requirements of Washington State Cannabis Board i-502 (Initiative 502) laws and regulations has specified in their Weights and Measures Program Recreational Marijuana Regulatory Requirements flyer. The flyer states "The products you package and label for retail sale are subject to a net contents regulatory inspection. If you are packaging products in quantities of one ounce or less we recommend you use an NTEP approved Class II scale with 0.1 gram divisions or less". The EK610J is an NTEP Approved Class 2 scale with "e" (value of verification scale division) equal to 0.1 gram division.

For cannabis retail dispensaries in Oregon the Weights & Measures Authorities will NOT allow you to use the EK610J. Instead Oregon requires a more accurate digital scale like the FX300iN. This is because "d"(value of scale division) is NOT the same as "e" (value of verification scale division) for the EK610J. We recently heard California is now following Oregon enforcement rules. Always check with your particular requirements since State, County and City regulations are evolving in this new era of legalize marijuana. Just because your friend owns a dispensary down the street and is using a particular model scale does not mean if you buy the same model they will allow you to use the scale since your friend might fall under a grandfather clause under the old law.

Although Colorado accepts either the value of "d" or "e" reading to 0.01 grams as of March 2016 we believe many states will require you to follow Oregon's requirements since it follows the rules outlined in "NIST Handbook 44: Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices".

When "d" and "e" are not the same value the last division on the scale's display is "boxed". If you placed a bunch of buds on the EK610J the display might read 85.1[2] grams. You can not say the marijuana is 85.12 grams and since "d" and "e" are not equal so the last decimal is uncertain. The clerk should tell the customer - you have 85.1 grams of cannabis.

Weights & Measures Inspectors are suppose to follow the guidelines in Table 8 of section 2.20 Scales in NIST Handbook 44, 2.2 Theory of Tolerances in Appendix A for determining the applicable scale for the weighing application. You can download sections of NIST Handbook 44 - 2012 Edition here.

Table 8 says that the smallest item weighed on a class II scale with a verification scale division size of 0.1g should weigh at least 5 grams (50 divisions) - the EK610J meets this description. The smallest item weighed on a class II scale with a verification scale division size of 0.01 gram should weigh at least 0.2 grams (20 divisions) - the FX300iN meets this description. If a cannabis retailer is going to weigh under 5 grams of marijuana to comply with the NIST Handbook 44 you should be purchasing the FX-300iN.

The Theory of Tolerances states that the tolerance allowed on a commercial device should not cause economic injury to either the buyer or the seller. A class II scale with a verification scale division size 0.1 gram is allowed 1 division (0.1 g) maintenance tolerance for weights between 0 and 500 grams. So if you had a known weight and we'll say a 300g calibration weight weighed on the EK610J LFT NTEP scale with a verification scale division of 0.1 gram the NTEP scale could read 299.9g, 300.0g or 300.1g and be within tolerance.

If medical marijuana shops are selling cannabis for $20 a gram to medical cannabis patients and the average purchase amount at dispensaries is less than 5 grams let us demonstrate economic damage. If a client wants to purchase 1 gram weighed on the EK610J Class II scale with a verification scale division size 0.1 gram it is allowed 1 division (0.1 g) of error. So that is either $2.00 you are shorting the customer(buyer) or dispensary(seller) if weighing on the EK-610J.

Now if the same the medical marijuana dispensary is weighing on the FX-300iN that has a verification scale division size 0.01 gram it is allowed 1 division (0.01 g) of error resulting is either 20 cents you are shorting the customer(buyer) or dispensary(seller). Now you can see why we always recommend buying a more accurate weighing device since although you may think the scale always weighs to benefit the seller you just might be short changing yourself. You could be giving away $2.00 for each customer leaving your store when you buy the wrong scale.

This is why retail marijuana dispensary store that sells less than 1 ounce in Oregon that Weights & Measures Inspectors will only accept "e" with a division value of 0.01 grams or less. The FX-300iN meets the requirements to comply with the medical marijuana dispensary requirements for a weighing device in Oregon, but again the EK610J does not.

When the EK-610J digital balance is first installed it should be calibrated to ensure accurate weighing results. We offer a full line of calibration weights including the recommended 500g calibration weight for the EK610J. Every location in the world is positioned differently to "magnetic north" and therefore the acceleration of gravity is slightly different. Some Weights & Measures Inspectors will calibrate your EK610J when they come and inspect the balance and put it into service. Other states required only a licensed certified scale technician to perform calibration and they charge up to $225 just to place the calibration weight on the weighing platform. Other states will allow you to calibrate your own balance.

Again you should check with your Weights & Measures Division about calibration especially since calibration weights are not returnable.
Other states that have legalized medical cannabis have specific testing guidelines for scales used by medical-marijuana dispensaries to ensure that what's being sold actually measures up and you should check with the regulatory authorities to verify exactly what you need.

Typically the Department of Agriculture or Weights & Measures for your state have laws requiring them to checking the accuracy of all scales used for any item or commodity bought or sold by weight and one of the first requirements is the scale must be legal for trade.

Additional applications for the EK610J would be for precious metal buyers requiring a legal for trade scale at an affordable price. If you watch the popular Discovery Channel "Gold Rush" in Season 6 you'll see Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets team using an A&D EK Series digital scale to weigh their gold after many clean outs on the show.

Precision Weighing Balances has been an Authorized AND Weighing Distributor for over a decade. See the full line of A&D EK Scales at the bottom of this web page or click here.

A&D Weighing EK610-J NTEP Class II Scale

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
A&D Weighing EK610-J NTEP Class II Scale 600 g 0.01 g
Add. Features
  • Carats
  • Grains
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Pennyweight
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • Legal For Trade
  • Parts Counting
  • NTEP Class II
Comparable Scales

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Sartorius Secura612-1S Lab Balance - $1484.51

Sartorius Practum 612-1S precise weighing - $775.33

Ohaus Scale Class II AX8201N/E - $1317.50

Sartorius Quintix 612-1S school scale - $1290.61

Ohaus SJX622N/E Class III Scale - $595.00

Sartorius Entris822i-1S Internal Calibration - $1120.00

Ohaus Scout SPX622 Digital Scale - $571.90

A&D Weighing EJ410 Digital Scale - $326.25

Ohaus Class II AX2202N/E Scale - $1712.75

Other Brands EPB-602 Digital 0.01 Gram Scale - $255.88

Other Brands EPB-1002L Digital Scale - $290.88

Sartorius ENTRIS 822-1S Digital Scale - $691.38

Sartorius ENTRIS 2202-1S Digital Scale - $769.60

Adam Equipment HCB602 portable digital scale - $355.00

Ohaus Adventurer AX523/E Milligram - $1982.20

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A&D Weighing GF-1200N Class 2 Scale - $1155.00

A&D Weighing GF-2000N Class II Balance - $1186.00

A&D Weighing GF-3000N NTEP Scale - $1327.50

Sartorius ENTRIS 3202-1S Precision Scale - $926.40

My Weigh i601 My Weigh Scale - $236.50

Other Brands 500 gram Class 1 NVLAP Cert - $237.00

A&D Weighing EK610i digital scale - $517.50

A&D Weighing EJ610 gram scale - $431.25

Ohaus AX1502N/E Class II Balance - $1481.55

Mettler Toledo JL602-GE Class II NTEP Scale - $599.00

Ohaus SJX323N/E Class II Carat Scale - $499.25

Mettler Toledo JS6002G/A gold weighing balance - $1799.00

Ohaus SJX1502N/E NTEP Class II - $290.99

A&D Weighing FX120iN NTEP Class 2 approved scale - $795.90

A&D Weighing FX200iN NTEP Approved Legal For Trade - $821.10

A&D Weighing FX300iN NTEP approved class 2 scale - $863.80

A&D Weighing FX1200iN NTEP type approved scale - $821.10

A&D Weighing FX2000iN NTEP medical marijuana dispensary - $856.80

A&D Weighing FX3000iN weigh medical marijuana - $884.80
MSRP: $620.00
YOU PAY $620.00
A&D Digital Compact Balances
Weighing equipment - The world runs on weights & measures. Almost everything you see & touch is weighed.

In this video we offer an overview of the A&D Weighing EK6100J and EK610J. The EK-610J is "NTEP Approved 6000d Class II Scale". The EK-610J DOES NOT have a functional RS-232 serial interface so you can not connect the EK-610J scale to a computer or A&D 8121B printer.

 A&D EK-610J CLASS II NTEP Approved Digital Scale
Your Cost a&d weighing distributor$325.77
S&H via UPS Ground $15.00
We are SOLD OUT on the EK-610J but we have a replacement. More weighing capacity and more features for LE$$ money than the EK610J. See the Ohaus SJX1502N/E
Grams 600 x 0.01 g
Decimal Ounce 21.164 x 0.001 oz
Decimal Pound 1.3228 x 0.0001 lb
Troy Ounce 19.290 x 0.001 ozt
Pennyweight 385.81 x 0.01 dwt
Carat 3000.0 x 0.1 ct
Grain Unit 9259.4 x 0.2 gn
Counting Min unit weight 0.01 g
Max. Count 60,000 pcs
# of samples
5. 10, 25, 50 or 100 piece
Percentage Min. Div 0.1%
Linearity ± 0.02 g
Repeat./Std. Div. 0.01 g
Legal for Trade YES -  CofC 06-054
Only the EK-610J, EK-6100J, EW-1500i, EW-12Ki, EK-600i, EK1200i, EK6000i and the EK-12Ki are Legal For Trade.
Verification scale division (e) gram (0.1g), ounce (0.01 OZ), ounce troy (0.01 ozt), pound (0.001 lb), pennyweight (0.1 dwt), carat (1 ct), and grain (2 GN)
Displayed scale division (d) gram (0.01g), ounce (0.001 OZ), ounce troy (0.001 ozt), pound (0.0001 lb), pennyweight (0.01 dwt), carat (0.1 ct), and grain (0.2 GN)


YES - 6000d, Class II

Zero Range

± 18 grams

Pan Size ø 110 mm / 4.3 inches
Tare Range 300 grams
Stabilization Time 2 Seconds (typically)
Sensitivity Drift ± 20 ppm / °C (10°C~ 30°C / 50°F ~ 86°F)
Display 7 segment LCD display with backlit
(Character height 16 mm)
Display Refresh 10 times per second
Physical Dimensions 7.5 (W) x 8.6 (D) x 2.6 (H) inches
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C
14°F~ 104°F RH less than 85%
Power AC Adapter, 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC 50/60Hz
9 hours continuous operation (backlit off) with rechargeable battery pack (optional)
Standard Accessories Manual, AC Adapter
Optional Accessories Comparator/Relay Output, Rechargeable NiMH Battery pack, Calibration mass, Carrying Case
Weight (Approx.) 1.3 kg / 2.9 lb
Cal. Mass (optional) User selectable 600g, 500g, 400g, 300g, 200g
electronic scalesBrochure digital gram scales Click Here To Download For More Info
Digital ScaleData Brief Digital Gram Scale Download For Additional Specifications
Download the Instruction Manual for the EK- Series (1.01 MB) now Electronic Gram Scales  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features, information regarding optional accessories and keypad functions.

The EK610-j comes standard with an 120V AC Adapter. So you'll need to plug the scale into a power receptacle. What happens if you need to operate the scale and there is no electrical outlet available?

Well there is an answer to your dilemma, but it requires you to purchase the optional EKW-09i rechargeable battery pack. When fully charged you'll have approximately 9 hours of scale operating time. Watch the video above to see how to install the optional EKW-09i rechargeable battery pack. See the installation in the video above.
Now you can add a layer of protection against accidental spills when mixing inks, dyes or other weighing application when a person's fingers might not always be clean. The optional protective cover (part number is AX:3005824-5S available in the optional accessories section) is chemically-resistant.

This form fitted clear transparent plastic cover in-use cover is easy to install on the EK-610J and other EK models with the 4.3 inches diameter platform. The other EK-j, EW-i and EK-i scales with the 5.2 x 6.7 inches rectangular platform requires you to remove the weighing pan support to install the clear plastic cover and this video shows how this is done.
The optional EJ-12 hard shell transport case features die cut foam specifically designed for holding AND Weighing EK-610J digital scale. This carrying scale is convenient for transporting the digital scale or just storing your scale when not in use to lessen the chance of damage to the precision measurement weigh sensor. Whether the scale is turned On or Off if one applies an excessive load or shocks the platform you can permanently damage any scale. The optional EJ-12 case is a low cost scale insurance policy to protect your scale.
Portion Control
Simply to use keypad with tactile push buttons
Don't get caught off guard by weights and measurement because you don't have a Legal-For-Trade balance for your jewelry, tobacco, coffee or candy store resulting in a cease and decease order.  Stay in business and become compliant for your state/county weighing requirements with a Legal-For-Trade balance.  The EK-610J, EK-6100J, EK-600i, EK1200i, EK6000i, EK12Ki, EW-1500i & EW-12Ki are Legal-For-Trade and found to comply with the applicable technical requirements of Handbook 44, "Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices."  You can review the actual CofC 06-054 and Certificate Number 04-019A1 here.
Electronic Weighing ScalesKeypad calibration, parts counting, percent weighing, HI/OK/LO comparator, remote zeroing, full-scale tare, large 5/8" high LCD and stability indicator.

Full display segment check after pressing "ON" button to power up scale. All display segments checked for correct operation to ensure operator is aware of any potential data recording errors.

Weighing units are clearly indicated on the display to ensure correct unit of measurement is recorded.  In addition, user can select the weighing mode(s) needed, and lock out those weighing modes you desire "not to be use."  Other low cost portable toploading scales offer a small little arrow pointing to the weighing mode which is silk-screened on the display face plate.  The A&D EKi-Series displays ounces as "oz", pounds as "lb", etc clearly on the large bright LCD display.  Avoid operator errors in recording data & ensure the correct unit of measure when multiple weighing modes are enabled with the EKi-Series.

AND Weighing Scale
  • Easy to read at any angle large (16mm in height) backlit display

  • 9 built-in weighing units plus counting & percent mode

  • Multiple weighing units and ACAI counting function
  • Fully digital calibration

  • Highly portable
Legal For TradeFor years the EK/EW series have been top selling products.  Now the new EK-J Compact Balances have been designed to carry on their tradition with enhanced capacities and resolutions, and EW-i series comes with attractive triple ranges of weight.  New electronics, wider selection of capacities & resolutions, and remote-zeroing have been included in a low profile rugged housing & RS-232C as standard equipment. Electronic Weighing Scales

All EK-J Series incorporate "ACAI" Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement.  This exclusive A&D software feature enhances your counting ability.

ACAI works automatically when using the counting function.  ACAI redefines the unit weight as you count providing you stay within the ACAI range of 10 to 20 counts.  When the ACAI is activated the "ACAI" font segments on the LCD will blink.  To understand the parts counting mode and ACAI better click here.


A&D EKi Series Compact Balances
Download the User Manual (2.0 MB)

(select the model & any of the options below and then click the "BUY HERE" image)
AND Weighing Scales


Comparator Output Interface $160.00
Rechargeable Battery $209.00
Carrying Case $65.00
Protective In-Use Cover (each) $15.00
Anti-Theft Lock $73.00

TB:164 - 220V AC $55.00

Weighing Pans
YWP06G Weigh Pan 3.25" Dia. x 0.75" depth $30.00
YWP04G Gem Pan w/ 6.75" Dia. x 0.8" Depth $30.00
  External Weights Weighing Mass Mass Weights External Calibration
Calibration Weights

600g ASTM Class 1 (± 1.85 mg) with NO Cert $142.00
500 g ASTM Class 6 (± 50 mg) cal mass $20.00 - NO Cal Cert.
500g ASTM Class 2 (± 2.5 mg) with NO Cert $109.00
500g Calibration Weight Class 1 with NVLAP (± 1.2 mg) $327.00
300g ASTM Class 2 (± 1.5 mg) with NO Cert $87.00
300g ASTM Class 1 (± 0.75 mg) with NVLAP Cert $204.00
200 g ASTM Class 6 (± 20 mg) cal mass $15.00 - NO Cal Cert.
200g ASTM Class 2 (± 1.0 mg) with NO Cert $87.00
200g ASTM Class 1 (± 0.50 mg) with NVLAP Cert $252.00
100 g ASTM Class 6 (± 10 mg) cal mass $10.00 - NO Cal Cert.
100g ASTM Class 2 (± 0.50 mg) with NO Cert $72.00
100g ASTM Class 1 (± 0.25 mg) with NVLAP Cert $145.00
1g-1000g 13 piece Class 1 Mass Set with NVLAP Cert $2933.00
1g-500g 12 piece Class 1 Mass Set with NVLAP Cert $2063.00
1g-200g 10 piece Class 1 Mass Set with NVLAP Cert $1112.00
9 pc. Weight Set (100 g - 1 g) Class 1 with NVLAP $1095.00
1mg-100g 21 Piece Class 1 Weight Set with NVLAP Cert $2059.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 20mg Class 1 with NVLAP $483.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 200mg Class 1 with NVLAP $483.00
Cal-Paks 500g, 50g, 2g Class 1 with NVLAP $487.00

Note: See our complete line of certified weights and weight sets here

Portion Scales
Back side of scale offers sprint bubble indicator and bracket allowing you to purchase a anti theft cable to lock down the scale.
The 9 pin serial connector on the back of the EK-610J is NOT active so you can never export the weighing data to a printer or computer. The connector is just a dummy connector and A&D Weighing designed it like this so the EK-610J could attain Legal for trade Approval.
Select from 18 Compact Balances to meet your specific weighing needs

Cap (g) x Read (g)

Legal For Trade (e) Price

120 x 0.01 g

No   $358.80
EK-200i 200 x 0.01 g No   $379.50

300 x 0.01 g

No   $396.75

400 x 0.01 g

No   $445.05

600 x 0.01 g

No   $517.50
EK-610j 600 x 0.01 g Yes 0.1 g $325.77
EK-600i 600 x 0.1 g Yes 0.1 g $353.60
EK-1200i 1200 x 0.1 g Yes 0.1 g $367.20
EK-2000i 2000 x 0.1 g No   $389.85
EK-3000i 3000 x 0.1 g No   $417.45
EK-4100i 4000 x 0.1 g No   $500.25
EK-6100i 6000 x 0.1 g No   $610.65
EK-6100j 6000 x 0.1 g Yes 1 g $399.97
EK-6000i 6000 x 1 g Yes 1 g $409.23
EK-12Ki 12000 x 1 g Yes 1 g $503.70
Triple Range EK Series Compact Balances
Model Cap (g) x Read (g) Legal For Trade (e) Price
EW-150i 30 x 0.01 g
60 x 0.02 g
150 x 0.05 g
No   $331.50
300 x 0.1 g
600 x 0.2 g
1500 x 0.5 g
Yes 0.1 g
0.2 g
0.5 g
3000 x 1 g
6000 x 2 g
12000 x 5 g
Yes 1 g
2 g
5 g
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