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digital scales
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Taltech's WinWedge 32 Standard RS232 software enables support for your electronic weighing scale.  Supported balances are equipped with either a 9 pin serial port or 25 pin parallel port, which is then connected to your computer's 9 pin serial port.  If your PC does not contain a serial port and you need USB support, click here for our USB to Serial Adapter.

WinWedge RS232 serial communications software is easy to install and configure.  Rick in Boston writes "Installation and configuration was so simple, I was logging laboratory data from my digital scale in minutes".  When you purchase WinWedge software wedge for 32 bit Windows systems, you also will receive Taltech's WinWedge user manual, which provides you with all the necessary steps needed for fully customizing your weighing applications.

Automatically send your precision balance's readings to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or any other Windows application of your choice.  Macros can easily be created which allow additional commands to be entered when the scale's reading is sent to your computer.  Below we demonstrate how to automatically log the date and time of each reading using an A&D precision toploader balance.

WinWedge 32 RS232 communications software does not include serial cables.  Purchase serial cables separately right here at Precision Weighing Balances!

Other Brands WinWedge Serial Software

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Brand Model Capacity Readability
Other Brands WinWedge Serial Software
Add. Features
Comparable Scales

A&D Weighing HR300i Analytical Balance - $3348.00

Ohaus Class II AX2202N/E Scale - $1712.75

A&D Weighing FX-500i milligram balance - $973.00

Adam Equipment PW254 Laboratory Balance - $2045.00

Ohaus Adventurer AX523/E Milligram - $1982.20

Sartorius MSA524P laboratory balance - $8167.50

Sartorius MSU524P analytical balance - $7600.50

A&D Weighing GR-300 lab balance - $3240.00
MSRP: $399.00
YOU PAY $349.00
WinWedge 32 Standard Edition Version 3.0
Serial Communications

WinWedge RS232 Serial Communications Software
PWB Price $349.00
S&H UPS Ground $17.50
Applications Simple data input to advanced device control interfaces
System Requirements 32 Bit Windows(95/98, ME, NT, 2000, XP 2003)
Required Hardware 2 Mb of disk space and 16+ Mb of RAM
Interface Primarily used with RS232 but works with many RS422 and RS485 devices
Macros Configure WinWedge to automatically perform commands in addition to outputting serial data
Software Version WinWedge 32 Standard Version 3.0
Hot Keys Control many serial I/O function simply by pressing a key with user-defined hot keys
Serial Ports Supports up to 16 serial ports
Warehouse ScalesBrochure Checkweighing Scales Click here for additional setup & software information

Win Wedge® 3.0 from Taltech - Instrumental Software Solutions provides you with the necessary computer software needed to connect your electronic scale to your computer using a serial port / RS232.  Log weighing data in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document automatically during weighing applications. 

WinWedge software is easy to install on your Microsoft Windows computer.  Simply connect your digital weighing scale to your computer's serial port and then install WinWedge RS232 communications software.

Compare Taltech's WinWedge 3.0 software to WinCT serial communications software developed by A&D Weighing.   WinCT is shareware software developed specifically for A&D Weighing electronic balances.  A&D's WinCT RS232 software consists of 2 programs (RsCom and RsKey) bundled together. 

WinWedge Serial Communications Software

Optional Cables

Acculab RS-232 to PC Cable $97.00
A&D RS-232 to pc (DB9 to DB25 connector) $89.00
A&D RS-232 to pc (25 pin connector - DB25) $89.00

Ohaus RS-232 Cable, IBM 9 pin $167.00
Ohaus RS-232 Cable, IBM 25 pin $167.00
Sartorius RS-232 9 pin - 25 pin interface, $97.00 (see cable pinout)
Scientech (DB9 male to DB9 female) $90.00
Scientech RS-232 to pc (9 pin - 25 pin connector) $90.00
USB to Serial Adapter $159.99

Digital Scale Software

Once WinWedge is installed on your computer, you will need to create a new configuration file.  Open WinWedge, and select File --> New to create a new configuration file for your precision weighing instrument.  Click on Port --> Settings and then enter the configuration pertaining to your specific hardware like our example shown below.

WinWedge RS232

WinWedge software configurations may vary depending on the particular device you are connecting.  The serial port settings' dialog box shown displays my current configuration for connecting a new A&D FX-120i precision toploader balance.  Most likely your COM port will be set at COM1 which is standard for your serial port's assignment.  When using our USB adapter (which is necessary when your computer does not have a serial port) the COM port became COM3.

Serial Port Software

Once your electronic scale is properly connected to your computer and you have entered the configuration as it applies to your weighing device, you must test the incoming data from your digital scale.  The input data field shows what was visible on my precision toploader's digital display when I pressed the 'Print' button.  If you do not see any data after pressing the 'Print' key, go back and make sure your cables are properly connected on both your electronic weighing scale and your computer.  If the data being transferred does not appear correctly in the 'Input Data' field, be sure you are using the proper cables needed to use the RS232 interface.

Win Wedge serial communications software offers several different commands that allow you to customize it to meet your particular needs.  For example, when I connected the A&D FX/i series precision toploader to my computer using WinWedge computer software, I configured it to interact with Microsoft Excel.  Using WinWedge's internal commands, I was able to log my laboratory weighing data in an Excel spreadsheet without needing to enter anything into the spreadsheet manually.  After the print key was pressed on the digital lab balance, WinWedge automatically entered the current weight into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet's cell, and then move down to the next cell needed for displaying the next weight.

Steps for including Date/Time values in Microsoft Excel:
  • Click on 'Define' --> 'Input Data Record Structure' - to pull up 'Start and End of Record Events' Dialog Box
  • Leave the default values ('Any Character Received' and 'Carriage Return or CRLF Received') and click 'Continue'
  • When the 'Input Record Structure' dialog box pops up, leave the default value at 'Each data records contains a single data field' and click 'Continue'
  • Where the 'Field Postamble Keystrokes' textfield is, enter:
  • Click 'OK' and then save your WinWedge configuration file

Serial Data Software

WinWedge has many internal commands like you entered in the 'Field Postamble Keystrokes' textfield.  Along with the computer software, WinWedge comes with an easy to understand operator's manual which lists many other commands in detail.  Fully customize your precision balance's output with WinWedge 32 software.

After customizing WinWedge to control your data the way you want it to, you can specify a program you want WinWedge to interact with.  If the 2 textfields are left blank, serial data is outputted to whatever application is focused in on.  The example displays a configuration choosing Notepad to receive WinWedge serial data.  You can easily browse to any other Windows application you prefer.

RS232 Software

Balance Software

When you have completed configuring WinWedge on your computer,save your configuration file to a location on your computer that you will remember and then you can quickly launch and use it in the future.  Just open WinWedge and load your configuration file.  Then, click on 'Activate' --> 'Normal Mode' to begin.  A dialog box will pop up which you can minimize.  Open Microsoft Excel and begin using your lab balance.  If your configuration was set up successfully, your balance's data will be exported into the Excel spreadsheet.

RS232 Computer Software

TalTech's WinWedge RS232 serial communications software enables macros that make accomplishing tasks faster and easier.  The example above demonstrates the macro created above that outputs the precision scale's reading, and then moves over to the next cell and enters the date and time of entry.  It then conveniently drops down a line ready to output the next scale reading. 

Now you can spend more time analyzing your data and scale readings, and spend less time doing data entry.  Program WinWedge to do what you want it to with its easy list of commands and easy to understand instructions.

Is your computer missing a serial port, but you want to enable RS232 support?  Check out our USB/Serial Adapter that makes serial communications possible without a 9-pin serial port(DB-9).

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